Terms for Publishing

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Your Queries

We regularly receive number of queries regarding publishing guest/sponsored articles on our emails. Often it’s not always possible to answer all the queries by our support team. Hence we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions to mitigate such queries. Nevertheless if anything left unattended you are free to mail us at contact@bihog.com. Please don’t ask something that are already answered in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be given the opportunity to publish an article as a guest post or sponsored post.

At the moment we are only accepting articles on Education/Jobs/Career opportunities. Your content must be 100 per cent original with detailed and comprehensive writings on the topic, a pointwise demonstration and explanation with examples, etc. so that our readers find it valuable.

Before submitting an article, you will have to contact us at  contact@bihog.com. You can also drop us a mail and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can fill-up the form on the contact us page.

Any suitable length is acceptable as long as your article covers all the topics. But a preferable length is between 800- 1000 words having proper formatting.

Normally, we don’t charge any high fee. We take a nominal fee of only $60 to meet the editorial expenses for the purpose of publishing an article.

You can make your payment only through PayPal and the publication fee is communicable through our official email.

Yes, you can use copyrighted images and other media but you must have to give the creator proper credits.

It does not matter how many links you are required to have. However, you will have to provide the links having relevance.

Although there is no definite period, it can stay as long as it is relevant. Generally, it stays more than a year.

No, you can not aggressively promote commercial links, products or ads within your posts. Neither of your guest posts will contain any commercial links rich in the anchor text. However, links or mention of the target website URL will be allowed if it is relevant and goes natural with the content.

Before promoting any product you have to contact our editorial team mentioning all the features of the same. Only after due approval from our editorial team, the promotional content can be published.

The prohibited topics include a post that degrades the SEO performance of the blog, false and dishonest claims in your post, pornography, gambling, narcotics drugs etc.