The internet exposure has answered a few vital queries: where to find a job, how to find a job, etc. etc. There are a number of freelance websites that offer you online jobs to make money. They have developed an ecosystem for the jobs you can do online.

Freelance Websites Offer Jobs You Can Do Online

Online jobs to make money is no more a myth you dreamt about. Freelance websites have resolved your queries like “where to find a job”, “how to find a job” to a great extent. With the digitalization of the job processes, it has now been easier for freelancers to get online jobs to make money. Especially the student community who are pursuing their studies and have a propensity to earn on leisure time, the online job portals offer them good job opportunities.

Both newcomers and experienced guys can meet a large community of clients to show up their skills and cash out handsome figures. Though there are many sites, here we are citing some of the good websites you can rely upon.


Upwork is among the top freelance websites in the world. It is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. This site allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and agencies through the company’s platform. The platform now includes a real-time chat platform aimed at reducing the time it takes to find and hire freelancers. Upwork is a great source of online jobs to make money.


As claimed by them is the world’s largest freelancing marketplace by the number of users and projects. It offers opportunities both to employers and freelancers on hire basis in the areas of software development, website development, writing, data entry, designing, marketing, accounting, legal services and many more. In a nutshell, the site offers jobs that you can do online. The process is simple- browse the job matching your skills then apply for the work mentioning your quotes and get hired and paid.


iWriter is counted among the top freelance websites. It connects writers with clients all over the world. After opening an account you can pick up any job and work on it. However, you don’t need to be hired by anyone but can do only one job at a time. Payment is made after the client has approved your article. So you should deliver high-quality work to make sure that it meets the clients’ expectations.

People Per Hour

If you are worried about where to find a job. Then can be an answer to your queries. This is an online platform that converges the requirements of the clients and the skills of the freelancers. It provides exposure in a wide range of disciplines ranging from designing logos, web developments to content writing and online marketing jobs you can do online.

Guru is an online clearinghouse for high tech workers seeking short-term contracts for the jobs you can do online. The employer approaches with some technical, creative, or business projects which it passes on to its freelance experts. After due scrutiny, an employer can select a freelancer from the list. But beforehand, they have to deposit the project cost with from where the freelancer would be paid after the completion and approval of the project.


Fiverr is a company built on the model of the Gig Economy or Temporary work, which is driven by buyers of various types of works that are provided by independent freelance professionals, as well as small businesses and mid-sized companies. Participants in the gig economy may provide their products or services working in offices, factories, on the road (i.e.: providing driver and delivery services), or as in the case of online marketplaces for digitally delivered services, they may even work at home. It’s the most versatile freelance website marketplace covering a wide range of services from website testing to creating gifts from recycled products.

99 Designs

99Designs is an online marketplace for graphic design jobs. Freelance designers are at the freedom to take part in the design contest thrown by the customers who have design requirements. Designers submit their designs to contest round the clock. Customers use ratings, comments and private messages to help designers shape their ideas to customers’ needs.

EssayShark is a unique online academic assistance service that allows customers and writers to work together towards a mutually-satisfying final product by communicating directly in a chat with no involvement of a third party or support team. allows writers the freedom to choose projects to work on and set bids for particular types of projects. It also provides opportunities for writers to pick preferred academic areas in which to work.


The freelance websites mentioned above are offering great opportunities for online jobs to earn money. In fact, people are taking freelancing jobs on a full-time basis, based on their positive responses earned from these sites. The list of freelance websites is much bigger than we cited here. But the problem is most of the sites lack credibility. So rather than going for high paying jobs, stick to the secured and reputed ones.

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