5 Websites To Offer You Freelance Transcription Jobs Sitting At Home

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Wide-spread technologies and massive internet usage have unveiled a whole new horizon of making money to the freelancer fraternity. In fact, the most legitimate ways to make money. And general transcription jobs through the internet is one of such opportunities that you can hardly dismiss. In this article, I am going to mention some of the websites that provide freelance transcription jobs that you can do even staying at your home.

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Although transcription service is not new to the world, at this conjuncture of digitalization and globalization, freelance services like doing transcription from home have seen a new height. And the good thing is, some of the reputed firms and companies have put their resources into this sector and opening up new earning avenues for the youths.

Transcription Service

Those who are new to the term let me explain things first. Transcription service is a business that converts speech into a written or electronic text document. Such a service is often provided for legal, medical, or other general business purposes. Here what you have to do? You have to capture the audio or spoken-language source and convert them to a text document.

5 Websites That Offer Freelance Transcription Jobs

There are a number of websites engaged in this sector but I decided to pick up the best ones for you. I find them very credible and authentic in delivering their services. Here are the websites that offer online transcription jobs for beginners.

1. TranscribeMe.com

One of the popular names in the transcription service is TranscribeMe.com. The site offers a good opportunity for freelancers to do transcription from home jobs from audio and video files. The best part of the site is you won’t have to be experienced in this field. You simply have to register first to work as a transcriber. You will only be able to get jobs after passing the exam where you have to transcribe a short audio file of 10-15 seconds and primarily focuses on your English language skills.

The rate offered by the Company is fair enough. They give $20 per audio hour for the beginners. If you are experienced, you have good opportunities of getting high paying jobs on specialty teams earning about $50 per audio hour. The Company pays via PayPal for all the works completed on a weekly basis.

2. Scribie.com

Another site that lets you earn through general transcription jobs is Scribie.com. The site is operating in this arena since 2008 and has a great track record of paying to the freelance transcribers. The work involves listening to the audio files and typing or dictating it as accurately as possible. The thing I like most about this site is that they don’t assign any task to you; rather you have to pick the suitable one. The registration process is pretty simple and all you need to do is to go through a test process and get yourself certified as a transcriber.

The site pays at a rate of $5-$20 per audio hour. Most of the audio files are of 6 minutes or less. For each job submission, you get a credit with the appropriate amount, which can be withdrawn to your bank account through your PayPal account. There is also an opportunity for a freelancer to earn a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed.

3. CastingWords.com

CastingWords.com is another reputed site that offers transcription services around the world with an efficient team of freelancers. As mentioned on the site the Company has a good client base which includes NASA, Microsoft, BBC etc. To be eligible to work as a freelancer you have to pass the transcription test which assesses your work accuracy level, correct English usage and how you have read and understood the style basics outlined in the quick start guide. After passing the test you have to read and understand the style guide before working on paid projects. A unique thing about the site is that you may subcontract the projects assigned to you.

For transcription jobs, the site pays to the freelancers in between 8.5 cents and a little over $1 per audio minute. The rate depends on a number of factors like the type of job, the level reached and the grade earned by the freelancers. The site pays its freelances through PayPal.

4. GoTranscript.com

This another website that gives you the opportunity to earn from home-based freelancing jobs. If you are aspiring to start your transcription career then GoTranscript.com is a good opportunity for you. They provide numbers of services like audio transcription, video transcription, translation, subtitles and captions. The site provides two types of opportunities to a freelancer- transcriber and freelance transcription editor. The best thing about the site is before taking up a project for transcription you can hear the audio file and then decide.

The site pays transcription fees of $0.60 per audio or video minute to its freelancers. The freelancers are awarded a grade based on the accuracy level and quality of the work. A higher accuracy level means high payout and there is a chance to become a transcription editor. The payments to the freelancers are made on weekly basis on every Friday through PayPal and Payoneer.

5. Rev.com

Well, your opportunities to work as a freelance transcriber has not exhausted yet. There’s another website called Rev.com that offers freelance transcription job opportunities. They are one of the most popular websites providing transcription services around the globe. The site offers four types of services transcription, subtitles, captions and translation. As a freelancer, you are at liberty to take on jobs from the list cited on the Website. Although the site doesn’t demand experiences in this field, strong mastery of English and the ability to learn and apply transcription skills are solicited out of the freelancers. Hence a test has been devised for the aspiring freelancers during the registration process.

The payout rate for audio and video transcription jobs is $0.40- $0.65 per audio minute. Payments are made on a weekly basis through PayPal for the works completed in the prior week. Payment for a job is made only after approval by the editorial team. A freelancer can work on only one job at a time. After finishing the ongoing job he/she can go for the next one. The best thing about the site is they provide transcription tutorials, practice jobs and constructive feedback from experienced transcriptionists after you complete a job.

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It’s true that these transcription jobs have created new avenues for the tech-savvy community, such a job demands a high level of linguistic competence and skills to meet the deadlines. While taking freelance transcription as a career, it is often necessary for a freelancer to register with more than one website.

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