Exams like TOEFL and IELTS require complex, lengthy, and consistent preparation. Therefore, it is crucial to follow a step-by-step procedure to effectively prepare for the exams. Many online courses provide in-depth explanations about the tests and offer indispensable study materials. It ensures that you qualify for the exams with great ease.

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First, let us take a look at what TOEFL and IELTS are.

What is the TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL is an English language proficiency test organized by the ETS or Educational Testing Service. Non-native English speaking people must qualify for this test if they are planning to study abroad or move to an English-speaking country. The test is a great way to prove English language skills and abilities.

There are two types of TOEFL: TOEFL IBT, and TOEFL PBT. TOEFL IBT is a computer-based test that covers four sections, which include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is widely accepted in Universities in North America. TOEFL PBT, on the other hand, is a paper-based exam and has a different format and duration.

What is the IELTS Exam?

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test required for study, work, and migration. The test mainly comprises four sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Applicants can take the test either on paper or computer, depending on the convenience. However, if you are applying for the UK, you will have to take the IELTS exam that is approved for UK Visa and Immigration, which is, UKVI.

Websites/Online Services that Provide Courses for TOEFL and IELTS

We have compiled the top 10 best online services that will help you make the best preparation for the TOEFL and IELTS tests. They have the best global faculties online, as well as include both free and paid courses.

1. Udemy

Udemy comes among some of the best online services for TOEFL preparation. It offers a wide range of courses that are highly rated by people across the world. Udemy has a section called “TOEFL IBT Complete Online Preparation Course” that enables the students to acquire strategies and skills in English reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

The questions are well-explained, and the candidate will also get tips on answering specific questions in the test. It has a faculty with over 12 years of experience in the field, making it an ideal choice among those who want to score more than 100 points in the TOEFL IBT.

Key features:

  • Udemy offers 31 hours of video, 26 downloadable resources, seven articles, and lifetime access.
  • Candidates will get advice and tips from past examiners.
  • Candidates can participate in live online courses for free.
  • Candidates can access the updated learning resources.
  • It offers an evaluation of written essays.
  • It is highly rated by the students.

Price: $10.6 (discounted).

2. Kaplan

Kaplan is a Florida-based company that offers various educational services to colleges and universities. Moreover, it was the first company that set the trend of test preparation courses. Kaplan provides offline preparation courses for TOEFL in various cities in America.

However, it also has an option of an online course for people who cannot attend the live course. The length of the course is three months, where students can expect to get a step-by-step guide to prepare for the TOEFL exam. The package includes video lessons, practice exams, and coursebooks.

Key features:

  • Students can have access to over 190 lesson videos.
  • It offers unique approaches to practice problems.
  • It provides different strategies that help to tackle each exam section.
  • Kaplan provides stimulated exams.
  • Students get a smart report to evaluate their performance.
  • Experts evaluate the written essays.
  • Students also receive email support from the experts.

Price: $349.

3. ETS

ETS is the official institution of the TOEFL exam, and hence, inevitably finds its way on the top 10 list of best online services. If offers many preparation resources, and some of them are free too. The Insider’s Guide is one of the free courses.

A team of experts designs the course, and it takes about six weeks to complete. Students will get to learn about the entire process of the exam, and tips for time management are also provided.

Key features:

  • The past test questions are used as examples.
  • It provides a thorough guide on how to register, how to prepare, and how to score well.
  • The course is highly interactive with videos, quizzes, and discussion boards.
  • ETS also includes free resources and discounts for other test preparation courses.

Price: Free


4. 4Tests

4Tests is a forum that offers free online services for preparing for exams such as TOEFL, SAT, and GMAT. It also has a New and Improved Discussion forum that allows the users to discuss questions and exams with those who have already taken the test. They also maintain a blog that provides useful tips and information about TOEFL.

Key features:

  • All the resources are free.
  • It has free access to study tips.
  • It has free access to an online forum.
  • It offers reading, listening, and structured exams.

Price: Free

5. BestMyTest

BestMyTest has earned quite a reputation for itself as it provides over 1000 practice questions that are very similar to the real questions in the TOEFL test.

It also provides feedback and scores to students for speaking as well as written tests and essays. One of its distinctive features is the TOEFL Tutor. It helps students to set goals and make study plans to achieve the set goal.

Key features:

  • It has an option of 7 days of a free trial.
  • It offers interactive video lessons.
  • Students can improve performance with TOEFL Tutor.
  • 1000+ TOEFL practice questions, 1500+ TOEFL lessons, and vocabulary, 20 practice tests are available.
  • It also has a mobile app.

Price: $38-$177 (depends on the plan).

6. Kaplan

Kaplan is known to offer various IELTS preparation courses in collaboration with Cambridge University. It provides different types of courses and multiple modules, catering to the needs and requirements of the candidates, such as Online Classes, Instructor-led Classes, and Self-paced learning.

Key features:

  • Kaplan offers authentic practice and exclusive score-raising techniques with every course.
  • It provides 18 hours of IELTS teacher-led video lessons with interactive content.
  • There are various authentic mock tests that help the candidates to monitor the performance with personalized score reports.
  • Individuals can have direct access to the instructor via email and have their queries answered.

Price: $60 and $190 (depends upon the plan).

7. British Council

British Council has designed a free course called ‘Understanding IELTS,’ which is available on the Future Learn platform. The course takes the individual to each of the four stages of IELTS: listening, speaking, reading, and writing with video tutorials and led by a team of expert IELTS educators. The total period of the course if six weeks, which requires 2 hours per week. The main faculty member of the course is Allister Widdowson, who possess a teaching experience of 20 years.

Key features:

  • The course provides many useful tips that help the candidate in achieving the IELTS test goals.
  • The course is free for eight weeks.
  • Candidates can have their written and spoken English assessed through help clinics and online forums.

Price: Free


8. Magoosh

Magoosh is a popular name among the online sites for test preparations. It offers various online tutorials and videos pertaining to the IELTS test. Additionally, it also has 90+ lessons, 200 questions, and email assistance. The course is conducted by Molly Keller and Rachel Kapelke-Dale, who have profound experience in English language teaching as well as IELTS.

Key features:

  • The course offers in-depth video lessons that extensively cover concepts, pitfalls, and shortcuts.
  • Students can have direct access to tutors via emails.
  • There is a provision of a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • The price is affordable.

Price: $49-$89 (depends upon the plan).

9. EdX

The online e-learning platform, EdX, offers the IELTS Academic test preparation course that is designed by the professors of the University of Queensland. Individuals not only achieve an insight into the assessment and structure of the test, but also develop a comprehensive understanding regarding listening, writing, speaking, and reading sections.

Key features:

  • Candidates can have access to 80 hours of practice materials and videos.
  • There are interactive forums that are curated by the faculty members themselves.
  • Enrollment is free, and it only charges for the certificate.

Price: Free

10. Mastering IELTS Writing by Udemy

The course on Udemy mainly focuses on achieving the band score one needs in IELTS Writing Task 2. Over 8000 students have taken up this course, and the average rating is 4.6 out of 5.

Key features:

  • The course teaches how to structure the essay according to band 7+ requirements.
  • Candidates can get five hours of on-demand video with lifetime access.
  • The course provides numerous hacks and tips to improve the score in grammatical accuracy.

Price: Rs 750 (discount added).


If you have decided to study abroad, these are the two vital exams that you will have to come across. Therefore, it is crucial to take the ideal preparation with the help of the mentioned websites. Since both of them are language proficiency tests, make sure to brush up the language, understand the subtle nuances, and practice as much as you can- written and verbal.

Hence, no matter if you have lots of time at your disposal; you can never have enough amount of practice. So, start your preparation now.