Use Of Technology In Education: 6 Great Ways To know About

The use of technology in education has revolutionized the entire sector. The incorporation of technology in education is bringing improvement with each and every passing day. With the introduction of several new methodologies, it has now been possible to deliver information and knowledge, both quickly and effectively.

Use Of Technology In Education

Not a while ago, use of technology in education was a debate amongst the society. Each individual had their own views related to the modernization of education and advancing it with technology. Though there were both negatives and positives that ran with the overall concept, gradually the positives clearly outnumbered the negatives and the society has now realized the vital role of technology in education. This is true that the way we acquired education in the past has been transformed for better, owing to the ever-advanced technology. However, we should take prudent measures in the use of technology in education to ensure that education is significantly improving with its usage.

We will discuss the top six ways, how technology is playing a great role in improving education.

1) Improved Teaching Methods

Studies have proved that the subjects taught through illustration rather than mere theory tend to be more effective for teaching students. For instance, we can explain the magnitude and effect of earthquakes far better through advanced visualizations of the movements of plates in a three-dimensional video. Ensuring that the students could understand and remember the whole concept for a long time.

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The concept of teaching and assessment walks side by side. Through technological aid, students could be easily appraised on their understanding of a learned concept in real time. Moreover, teachers could help students who are particularly weak, using the collective information on the techniques that have brought improvements in other students.

2) Enhanced Communication

They key to acquire information is through the right communication mediums. Technology has played a significant role in the effective communication between teachers and students. The enhanced communication mediums have increased the flow of knowledge at every level. Teachers could now easily transfer the useful information towards their students instantly and quickly ask them questions regarding the taught topics. This enhanced communication develops an overall sense of community, where teachers could post assignments, and the students can ask questions for verifications. Meanwhile, communicating with their peers on any raised issues.

Moreover, the advanced communication tools have turned the concept of online education into reality. The advent of eLearning has brought increasing opportunities for students to acquire high-quality education through flexible means. Students could now study through video conferencing, exchanging notes online, get ideas from other student miles away or even buy a degree from an accredited college, merely based on their experience.

3) Use of EBooks

Who could have thought about the use of digital textbooks some decades ago?  Technology has brought the EBooks to our classrooms which have the capacity for interaction with audio and video capabilities for enhanced learning.  EBooks like Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and Apple IPad has now proven to be one of the best methods for grasping a new concept instantly with audio video support.

Students no longer require too heavy books textbooks around in their quest for learning. They can now carry multiple books on one device or write quick notes with just a few clicks. With the introduction of e-books, the convenience in acquiring knowledge has stood to a totally new level.

4) Advanced Research Opportunity

Gone are the days when you do require to search for a single piece of information through textbooks. Technology has brought easy means to research through the help of search engines online. The massive database on millions of topics available online has brought access to piles of information on just a single click. These effective research tools give each individual an opportunity to carry out advanced research on their required topics and industries. Hence, you don’t require numbers of books to find the desired information to acquire the right data for your research purposes.

Furthermore, technology gives us the chance to compare research results with other individuals across the globe. Assisting us to attain exceptionally filtered data for a quicker acquisition of solutions.

5) Learning Becomes Interesting

The use of technology in education has made the whole concept of learning far interesting than ever before. Students who were once hard to get engaged in classrooms for learning are now finding studies interesting through the use of laptops and tablets in classrooms. In fact, students find the live video streaming and documentaries have made education more lively and fun.

6) Studying at Your Own Pace

Each student has a different pace to grasp information. One individual student could be a very fast learner while other could be slow to understand the same concept. Technology has allowed slow learners to stand with all the other students in the class. Each individual student has now the convenience and time to understand the concepts and ask for assistance from their teachers.


No doubt our process of education has been improved since technology has begun to play its role. Use of technologies in education has brought vital improvements to our learning processes, research abilities, communication methods and teaching methodology. At the moment, it’s hard for us to ignore the widespread impact of technology on our education system.

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