Why Traveling Is A More Valuable Learning Experience than Education at School

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Travelling Experience

It is said that school is the most relevant place to learn academic concepts and gain knowledge. Although, real life is different and does not entail academic concepts and deals in practical knowledge. How do you achieve that? It is via traveling because traveling is an experience that is second to none!

It equips you with necessary lessons in life and sets you on the path where you experience life like never before. Experiencing things is far greater learning than merely going through your textbooks at school. In this article, we bring 7 reasons why traveling weighs more than traditional learning.

1. Traveling Allows You to See and Experience New Ways of Living

Traveling is truly an eye-opener of an experience and it changes your perspective on life. When you meet people of different cultures you begin to realize that all this while, I have been living and seeing life through a narrow lens. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you try on cockroaches for your meal but I mean that is how the world is.

You should say gratitude if you live and eat better than most of the people out there. Something which is disgusting to you is the most celebrated thing at some other place. You can hear a lot and see pictures of different places around the world in school but to witness it with your own eyes is remarkable in the least.

2. Traveling Forces You Out of Your Comfort Zone

In our school premises, we usually feel safe as it offers comfortable learning environment. We have familiar faces such as our friends, teachers, our parents are around and the familiar faces of the school staff. All from our neighborhood or city and exhibits similar traits like us.

But when you step out to travel, you try on new foods, diversity in culture, different languages, meet new people and get to explore new places. Thus, driving you out of your comfort zone. It is not a bad thing because once you are driven out, it shapes you into becoming a better version of yourself.

3. Traveling Gives You The Chance to Reinvent Yourself

You are often stereotyped for the way you are. Just because you are into Star Wars you will be labeled as a nerd in your school. But deep down you know that you are not a nerd just because you enjoy Star Wars material instead your personality is that of a rock star!

In school, you may be a misfit but upon traveling you are as plain as a white sheet of paper. You can have a fresh start and can realize your true potential. No one will be around to judge you and you can be the person you always wanted to be.

4. Traveling Helps You Build Confidence

When you travel far away from your country to a foreign, you are bound to ooze with confidence because independent is what you have become. You have begun handle life on your own and the experience has made you strong that you can take any life challenge head-on. See, this is what traveling does to a person.

5. Traveling Makes You A More Interesting Person

Do you want to be the one telling all sorts of adventurous stories? Well, if you have traveled enough, be prepared to dazzle audiences of all age groups because you will have a lot up your sleeves to share with the people.

It could be an interesting story from your safari visit in Africa where you were almost bitten by a lion or that time of the year in Spain where you were almost taken out by a bull in the “Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls” festival. In school, you will have to imagine such stories which again no one would believe since most of the year you are in school so the question of safari or visiting Spain does not seem plausible.

6. Traveling Teaches You Better Time Management Skill

In school, we have a certain deadline to comply with. However, if we don’t meet them, it is not like it becomes a matter of life and death. If you are slightly delayed in your assignment submission, you can simply walk into the teacher’s room and ask for an extension – problem solved.

But what happens when you have paid for an adventurous trip and you miss your flight? Can you ask for an extension from the pilot, meanwhile you get ready to board? What will happen although, is that you will lose money? Therefore, traveling teaches you to better manage your time.

7. Traveling Will Improve Your Planning and Organizing Skills

Planning and organizing skills is an art few have managed to master. When you travel, all you do is a plan and plan with precision because you cannot risk things getting out of hand at any cost. You organize well too, such as where will you be staying, how long will you be staying, is there enough money to get me through my journey, where will I find kosher meat in town and the questions of the sort. Feeling those skills sharpened yet?


Travelling works as a guide and philosopher in our life. The more you travel the more you learn. The reasons given above are not an end of the list, there are many more things that can be explored through traveling experiences. Well, it’s always not possible for everyone to travel around but should try wholeheartedly to pick up time out of busy life and enjoy the diversities of life. Even a short tour can leave you with vast experiences. Even along with learning traveling is a refreshment too.

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