11 Amazing Career Opportunities For Women To Fly High

Today, there are varieties of career options for women and in the entire world, they are getting out of their houses and making a mark for themselves. As opposed to the past, today women stand shoulder to shoulder to their male counterparts when it comes to career options and growth, and there are plenty of job options for women in all kinds of industries.

Top Career Options For Women

The modern Indian working women have actually graduated from being a housewife to an equal income earner. As the economy flourishes and traditions take a backseat, women have found avenues to leverage their creativity, passions and career goals.

1. Indian Airforce

Indian Air Force is one of the major air arms in the world and can boast of its well-trained men, women and material force, engaging in defense to guard the country’s skies against external forces. Today not only men but women also get equal opportunities to serve their nation, conquering skies.

The entire service mainly revolves around aircraft flying and the pilot is the key person in the force. Cracking AFCAT exam is one the easiest way to enter the Indian Air Force. There may be a ton of other career options for women but this one is the most prestigious among all of them.

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2. Bureaucrats (Civil Services)

The Union Public Service Commission conducts civil service examinations in order to provide jobs as Civil servants. Civil servants are bureaucrats who significantly influence the decision making of the government. The power and status associated with this field are immense.

Many woman Civil Servants are making their mark in this field. Be it the 1st woman IPS Officer of India Dr. Kiran Bedi or be it the 1st woman IPS Officer of North-East India Dr. Sanjukta Parashar, all of them have equally inspired us in contributing towards the betterment of the society.

3. Journalism

Journalism is again one of the most popular job options for women. Not to generalize, but women stand a better chance when it comes to jobs that require communication, multitask and nurture social and corporate relationships.

The number of Indian women in journalism has, in fact, outnumbered their male counterparts and this has also helped businesses reach out better to their audience.

4. Social Entrepreneurship

It’s a fact that, on average, women have better communication skills than men. With the benefit of these skills, women professionals are often better suited to jobs that involve an empathetic approach.

Whether working for an NGO or being a Social Entrepreneur, a woman professional is often preferred in fields that require empathy and interpersonal communication.

[bctt tweet=”In 1914, Madam C.J. Walker became the first female self-made millionaire. Currently, there are 14 female self-made billionaires out of which 7 of them reside in China.” username=”FlyingBihog”]

5. Sports

Gone are the days when sports was the domain of men in India. Thanks to some very promising talent, women are also being encouraged to take up sports as a full-time profession. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Indian women were our saving grace, being the only ones to win medals for the Indian contingent.

PV Sindhu became the youngest Indian ever to win an Olympic medal, while female wrestler, Sakshi Malik, picked up a bronze, becoming the first Indian female wrestler to win an Olympic medal.

6. Medicine/Doctor

Medicine has always been a popular profession for women. In India, the growing acceptance for the education of girls and women professionals has also led to them pursuing higher and more responsible positions in this domain.

Though the initial years may be filled with struggle, women in India can hope to strike a balance between their medical career and household responsibilities. The medical profession also gives women more stability and risk-free employment opportunities.

Careers in pharmacy and diagnostics have seen a steady uptick in women professionals, but we also have a large number of women doctors, surgeons and other professions that require specialized training.

7. Hospitality

Women are joining the hospitality field in growing numbers, as they inherently add an element of glamour to the job. Further, the communication skills that most women seem to possess also help their roles as hospitality professionals, whether the choice is to be an air hostess or hotel management.

8. Banking/Finance

Banking and insurance is a booming sector of the Indian economy. The ideal candidates are expected to have good communication skills, customer handling skills and basic knowledge of the industry. The work in a bank is also respectable and also offers promising career growth.

Through a variety of entrance examinations, women are opting to work in both public and private sector banks. In fact, women like Chanda Kochhar, MD, and CEO of ICICI Bank, are being widely recognized for their role in shaping retail banking in India.

9. Digital Marketing

While more companies are looking to create an online presence, there has been a steady rise in women employment in the digital marketing sector.

The inherent skill of patience and being able to cope with rather monotonous work has also made women a preferable choice when it comes to digital marketing.

Coupled with the fact that digital marketing can often be carried out as a remote working or work-at-home job, and it becomes even more attractive for women looking for that elusive work-life balance.

10. Marketing/Business Administrator

Again, this is a job profile that requires excellent communication skills, an understanding of people, and the ability to multitask. One of the legendary woman currently working in this sector is Indira Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo.

Women seem to find more opportunities in this field and are being hired in a variety of roles, ranging from a sales head to marketing managers to chief executive officers. These jobs also offer a basic fixed salary, another reason for women to pursue them, if only for the sake of security.

11. Designing

True to trends across the globe, creative professions are definitely a woman’s cup of tea. Of course, there are many talented men in this field, but the modern Indian woman now has more exposure to careers like fashion designing, jewelry designing, interior designing, graphic designing and similar creative faculties.

Many Indian women are starting their own boutiques or Interior Designing firms to pursue their designing career goals and creating a difference by making us a bit more stylish and making our homes a bit more beautiful.


Women today want it all, from financial independence to a family, from a progressive career to a great personal and social life, and why not? Your decisions have the potential to get you all that you desire. So, make sure you decide well!

With women making considerable strides in fields that were earlier perceived as predominantly male bastions, the boundaries of career limitations have blurred. There are more choices available and women have been consistently performing as well as their male counterparts.

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