Graduate Management Admission Tests, also popularly known as GMAT, is an entrance test that takes place for the purpose of admission to different management programs in various top B-schools and institutes across the world as well as in India.

The test mainly comprises of questions that test the skills of the aspiring candidates and measures their capabilities to grow and prosper in the field of Management. GMAT is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), and there are around 1600 B-schools across the world that acquire students based on the GMAT score.

Therefore, if you are planning to apply for the exam in the near future, you must acquaint yourself with some of the best management institutes that accept the GMAT score as the primary admission criteria. Take a look at the top 20 institutes that accept GMAT score for admission around the world, exclusively based on their rank and specialization:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University covers the MBA program through a range of case method courses, multimedia simulations, and field projects and it is one of the best institutes that accept GMAT score for admission. Students will also get to have a first-hand experience of leadership skills that they will be practising in real business and beyond. The GMAT score is 730.

Specialization: Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Management, Innovation, International Management, Leadership, Marketing, Operational Management, Strategy.

Average Initial Salary: USD 153,830


INSEAD is a private business school that has turned out as one of the leading business universities in Asia. It is particularly famous for its MBA degree program, especially the executive MBA course. The school offers a spectrum of courses so students can customize their course as per their choice and needs. The GMAT score is 709.

Specialization: The PhD offers eight specialized courses that include accounting, decision sciences, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, organizational behaviour, strategy, and technology.

Average Initial Salary: USD 105,700

3. London Business School

The MBA program in London Business School mainly caters to people that work across various industries that include finance, manufacturing, consultancy, healthcare, and even the luxury goods industry. Students acquire a firm grounding in fields such as strategy, finance, marketing, operations, et al. The GMAT score is 708.

Specialization: Finance, Strategy, Microeconomics for managers, Accounting, Marketing, GLAM, Data Analytics for managers, The Science of People in Organization, Operational Management, Macroeconomics for managers, Perspective in Business Education, Understanding General Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 92,938


4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At the end of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MBA program, the students either receive an MBA degree, or there is also an option of an optional thesis. Upon its completion, they will receive the Master of Science in Management (SM). Each semester is divided into halves, separated by the Sloan Innovation Period. The GMAT score is 722.

Specialization: Optional specialized tracks in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Enterprise Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 143,565

5. Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

The MBA program at The Wharton School is 20 months long. It renders a one-on-one executive coaching program to all first-year students. Moreover, the course primarily focuses on an intensive and flexible core in general business education, along with the depth of 19 majors and around 200 electives. The GMAT score is 730.

Specialization: Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business Analytics, Business Economics and Public Policy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Finance, Healthcare Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Multinational Management, Information and Decisions, Organizational Effectiveness, Real Estate, Statistics, Strategic Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 155,058

6. Stanford University

The MBA program at Stanford University is highly dynamic, which includes experiential learning, design thinking, case studies, small group leadership project, and team-based learning. It covers courses and topics like financial accounting, ethics in management, managerial skills, managing groups and teams, and leadership labs. The students-faculty ratio is 6:1. The GMAT score is 737.

Specialization: Accountancy, Brand Management, Entrepreneurship, General Management, Human Resource Management, Information Management, International Management/Business Logistics, Operational Management, Public Administration, etc.

Average Initial Salary: USD 153,553

7. University of Cambridge

The MBA program at Cambridge University has been ranked by the Financial Times and The Economist in the top ten one-year programs. It aims to transform students professionally as well as personally with its course that is specially designed to follow a micro to a macro pathway.

Under the program, students study courses like Entrepreneurship, Organizations in Context, Corporate Finance, Management Science, and Financial Reporting and Analysis. The GMAT score is 690.

Specialization: Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Technology Policy, Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 82,499


8. Said Business School, Oxford University

The MBA program at Said Business School, Oxford, provides a comprehensive, integrated, and analytical study of business and Management. Moreover, it aims to provide a detailed understanding of how different organizations are influenced by the external environment, and the heavy influence of economic, technological, and environmental factors on the strategy, Management and behaviour of organizations. The program offers a wide range of elective courses. The GMAT score is 690.

Specialization: Accounting, Analytics, Business Finance, Firms and Markets, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Technical, and Operational Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 80,453

9. London School of Economics and Politics

London School of Economics provides a master’s in Management, which is a one-year program tailored to develop the intellectual and professional skills of students. The students graduate as insightful, analytical, and strategic management leader ever-ready to take on new and unknown challenges throughout their career. The GMAT score is 709.

Specialization: Marketing, Social Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Organization, Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation, Management and Strategy, Economics and Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 167,000

10. Bocconi University

The total MBA course duration of Bocconi University is one year. Students will take two Concentrations, one for each period. Thus, they will be studying ten courses across two periods. Some of them are finance and financial institutions, product development, execution, private equity, etc. The curriculum is unique and practically designed to cater to the realities of the market place. The GMAT score is 650.

Specialization: MAAC, MAFINRISK, MasterOP, MaGER, MEMIT, MET, MiMeC.

Average Initial Salary: USD 75,423

11. University of California, Berkeley

The curriculum of the University of California, Berkeley MBA program is mainly based on the fundamentals of general management, finance, marketing, strategy, and organizational behaviour. Students are propelled to build leadership skills with the help of the recent courses that focus on leadership and innovation. They can also earn the opportunity to participate in the Haas and Columbia Exchange Program. The GMAT score is 717.

Specialization: Finance, Marketing, Strategy/Consulting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy and Clean Technology, Entrepreneurship, Health Management, Social Sector Leadership, Real Estate, Technology.

Average Initial Salary: USD 188,800


12. HEC Paris School Of Management

The MBA program of HEC Paris is 16 months long. The program is mainly divided into two phases: fundamental and customized. Students have the liberty to tailor the program based on their personal and professional aspirations and objectives. They can also choose a specialization from various options. The GMAT score is 690.

Specialization: Advanced Management, Digital Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Sustainable, and Disruptive Innovation.

Average Initial Salary: USD 99,145

13. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The one year MBA program of the Kellogg School of Management is tailored to sharpen the business fundamentals of students and aid them in the workforce with new knowledge and skills.

Students may skip the core classes and directly start with advanced customized studies. There are seven majors available for the students to select from. Students can pursue a career in consumer products, consulting, energy, and financial service sectors after the successful completion of the course. The GMAT score is 732.

Specialization: The pathways include Asset Management, Data Analytics, Energy and Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Growth and Scaling, Healthcare, Real Estate, Social Impact, Technology Management, Venture Capital, and Private Equity.

Average Initial Salary: USD 170,800

14. University of Melbourne

The duration of the MBA program at Melbourne University is one year where students get to deal with a variety of topics, such as Entrepreneurial Mindset, Business in Asia Project, and the Personal Effectiveness Program. It happens to be Melbourne’s only internationally recognized MBA. The GMAT score is 705.

Specialization: Accounting and Finance, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing.

Average Initial Salary: USD 129,000

15. National University of Singapore

The 17 months MBA program at the National University of Singapore enables students to build a solid foundation in general management. They are required to complete 68 modular credits- 40 universal core credits and 28 elective credits. The course renders a comprehensive knowledge of core management areas and allows students to have industry-specific expertise. The GMAT score is 662.

Specialization: Finance, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Average Initial Salary: USD 167,070


16. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The duration of the MBA program at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is 12-16 months. The course is meant to develop the ability of the students to manage a successful career in the global economy and efficiently operate a business. The GMAT score is 770.

Specialization: Data Analysis, Global Macroeconomics, Management of Organization, Financial Modeling, Programming in Python or R, AI.

Average Initial Salary: USD 104,000

17. Copenhagen Business School

Under the management program at Copenhagen Business School, students will benefit a great deal from real-life corporate engagement and thought leadership. Moreover, an MBA career service is personalized. The curriculum includes the leadership discovery process and action-based learning. The GMAT score is 645.

Specialization: Digital Transformation in Financial Services, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, and Innovation.

Average Initial Salary: USD 99,000

18. Columbia University

The duration of the MBA course at Columbia University in two years. Collaborative learning happens to form an integral part of the course experience. Moreover, the curriculum is exhaustive and comprehensive enough that allows students to gain expertise in a specific business discipline in two years only. The GMAT score is 724.

Specialization: Accounting, Decision, Risk and Operations, Entrepreneurship, Family Business Program, Finance, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management, Leadership and Ethical Management, Marketing, Media and Technology, Private Equity, Real Estate, Retail and Luxury Goods, Social Enterprise, Value Investment.

Average Initial Salary: USD 150,229

19. University of California, Los Angeles

The two years long MBA program at the University of California, Los Angeles helps the students in developing a global perspective on business operations. It exclusively lays emphasis on concepts and applications of quantitative methods and information technology in the business setting. The GMAT score is 719.

Specialization: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Technology Management, Real Estate, Global Management, Leaders in Sustainability, Social Impact, Entertainment Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 140,457


20. University of Chicago

The total duration of the MBA program at the University of Chicago is 21 months. The course is available with various concentrations, such as accounting, analytic finance, economics, finance, etc. The GMAT score is 730.

Specialization: Accounting, Analytic Finance, Behavioral Science, Business Analytics, Econometrics and Statistics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, International Business, Marketing Management, Operational Management, Strategic Management.

Average Initial Salary: USD 147,475


We hope that the above list of the top 20 B-schools around the world will provide you with all the relevant details and information that you are looking for and help you in picking up the best college/university. All the very best!