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11 Pro Tips to Crack Interviews to Head Start Your Career

By Deep Sikder
Last updated on 6th Nov 2021

After eighteen months since  Avinash passed out of an MBA college, he is seen to be in a cheerful mood. After all, he cracked his first job interview.

Previously Avinash failed to crack any on-campus interview and had to try out his luck for the off-campus ones. Despite securing good grades from a reputed institution he went through a hard battle of chasing job after job for almost one and a half year until he finally cracked the interview of a high paid job in a multinational corporation.

Like Avinash, there are many highly qualified candidates who fail terribly in the interview in their initial years due to lack of proper knowledge and experience. If you are also struggling to crack your first job interview this article might help you out.

1. Knowledge about the Company

An employer always expects an interviewee to have basic knowledge about the company. Do your own research about the employer you are going to face in the interview. There are ample chances the interview board may test your knowledge about the company where you are going to be employed.

A report shows that 47% of interviewers wouldn’t offer a job if the candidate had little knowledge of the company. The more research you conduct, the more you will understand the employer, and better you’ll be able to answer interview questions.

2. Never Be Late

Try to be punctual. Don’t keep your preparations pending for the eleventh hour. Go to the interview venue well ahead of time and be relaxed. That will keep you calm and lessen your nervousness. So, try to reach the place of the interview just 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. When you reach the interview venue early, warm your hands. A dry and warm hand increase confidence.

A study shows that those who are punctual are categorised as type A personality and those who perceive time differently are Type B personality. According to the research, type A perceives a minute passing in 58 seconds and type B individuals estimate that a minute pass in 77 seconds.

So, if you are someone who always gets late then there are possibilities that you belong to a type B personality and it would be better if you manage to reach the venue as per your personality.

3. Wear Proper Dress

A decent outfit always contributes to your success to crack an interview. Plan out a wardrobe that is decent and strive for the most professional appearance you can accomplish. Wear clothes that are clean, bright and properly ironed. Keep accessories and jewellery to a minimum. Avoid the perfumes emitting a strong smell. Make sure that your shoes are clean and shiny.


4. Behave in a Decent Way

Perhaps you have heard the sentence first impression is the last impression. Our body language says much about our personality.  Always be disciplined and decent in your body language at the time of the interview. Be gentle and show etiquette within the interview room. For example- do not take your seat till you are asked to.

It was found from a survey that 33% of hiring managers knew in the first 90 seconds whether they would hire someone or not. It is proved that only about 7% of our communication is represented by verbal language, the remaining 93% is up to our body and tone.

5. Keep Mobile At Bay

Before entering the interview hall, keep your mobile phone switched off. It would be better if you avail the facility to keep your mobile phone outside the interview hall. Otherwise, carry your mobile phone switched off. It is always preferable to keep your phone switched off as keeping it in silent mode will distract your attention to the call and text.

Research shows that having even a switched off smartphone within sight or within easy reach can reduce your ability to focus and perform the task.

We see a linear trend that suggests that as the smartphone becomes more noticeable, participants’ available cognitive capacity decreases, said Adrian Ward, Assistant Professor at McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin in the US.

6. Do Not Use Harsh Words

While giving an interview be particular about the words when you answer. Restrain yourself from using scurrilous languages about your previous employer. It may harm your impression and the chance of getting the job goes dimmer. Never show desperation for the job.

7. Ask Insightful Questions

It is the final chance on the part of the applicant to impress the interviewer by asking some insightful questions. A study reveals that an employer makes a judgement about an applicant’s interest in the job by whether or not the interviewee asks a question. The smart jobseekers prepare questions to ask, days before the interview.

Thus, even if the hiring manager was thorough in his or her discussions about the job opening and what is expected, you must ask a few questions. This shows that you have done your research and that you are curious.


8. Keep Your CV Factual

State each and every fact in your CV that you believe to be true. Even a small falsehood in the CV can leave you embarrassed before the interview board. Do not try to exaggerate your profile with facts that are not true- because the interview board may discuss your CV and examine its genuineness.

A perfect CV includes a Personal Summary, Career History, Academic Qualifications, References and Areas of Experience.

9. Do Not Discuss Personal Stuff

Be Cordial and professional with the interviewers if you really want to crack the interview. But do not try to be over-friendly with them- sharing personal life and problems. This would turn out to be detrimental to your career. Do not be talkative- it may lighten your stature and obviously the chances of getting the job.

10. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact portrays that you are a trustworthy person and shows that you are interested in the conversation. Eye contact does not mean that you have to stare or gaze at the person.

65% of interviewers did not select the candidates who failed to make proper eye contacts. You can read an article to know about some important factors that suggest making good eye contact.

11. Be Confident and Optimistic

Being a confident and optimistic person during the time of the interview is another way that will push you above the ladder of success to crack an interview. There are many ways to portray yourself as calm and confident during the interview. Some of those tips to appear confident is to make eye contact, maintain good posture, practice breathing techniques etc.


Success in job interviews takes research, practice and persistence. Most importantly do not forget to thank everybody in the room before you leave. This will give you the edge in the selection process over the other candidates. The tips suggested here will obviously add some positive vibes to your life and prepare for a better interview. And above all never lose heart; be optimistic- your days will change.

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