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Long Term Impacts of Covid-19 on Education in 2020 and Beyond

The world is shattered by the destruction Coronavirus is continuing to do all around us. The virus has impacted and continues to impact every sector of business. The world wasn’t prepared for an incessant wave like this. Education at any level being affected the most. Schools and Colleges were necessary … read more

Impact of Corona Virus on International Exams: An Overview

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has halted the world in an abrupt. From airlines to schools and colleges to daily lifestyle, everything is shut, and according to the WHO, the worst is yet to come. China originated virus struck the world very hard as the U.N. and other organizations, including WHO, … read more

COVID 19 Impact: Will Travel Restrictions Shatter Study Abroad Dreams?

Not just a single but every other student in India dreams of travelling abroad for higher education. The primary reason for many Indian students migrating to different countries is the fact that the number of students competing for admissions to Indian Universities is increasing at a fast rate. The other … read more