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How to Choose Your Outfit for an Interview: 10 Tips to Success

Learn the art of how to choose interview outfit, because the appropriate clothes to wear to in a job interview can either make or break your chances of getting hired. Some companies mandate employees wear suits every day. At others, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone wearing an appropriate attire – billionaire CEOs included. Given … read more

How To Prepare For Bank Interviews: 10 Super Tips For Last Minute Preparation

In our society, the job of a banker is treated as a gentlemen’s job. Especially in a middle-class income group where desk jobs are the ultimate cherished desires, bank jobs are on the top of their list. Obviously, the level of competition among the candidates is extremely high. In this … read more

11 Pro Tips to Crack Interviews to Head Start Your Career

After eighteen months since  Avinash passed out of an MBA college, he is seen to be in a cheerful mood. After all, he cracked his first job interview. Previously Avinash failed to crack any on-campus interview and had to try out his luck for the off-campus ones. Despite securing good … read more