StudyBay Review: Earn Money Doing Online Assignments

As you know doing online homework or online assignments for others is a very remunerative freelancing job, I thought of doing a review of a popular website for my readers. In one of my previous posts, I reviewed about HomeworkMarket which was appreciated by the readers. In this article, I would like to evaluate the earning opportunities offered by to the freelancers.

Doing online homework has created a new dimension to earn money with freelancing. Those who have a passion for writing and have an applaudable academic career, then online homework jobs are pretty remunerative for them. Hence, I thought of doing a review of the website from earning perspective.

About The Website is a popular name among the homework help seekers and enjoys a good customer base across large geographical areas. In other words, this is an online academic exchange platform where both the help seekers and help providers meet to accomplish homework, assignments etc.

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The site acts as the online marketplace for the students and homework doers in a variety of fields. This includes essay writing, preparing term papers, thesis papers, dissertations and other academic works. The site provides freelance opportunities for experts in a variety of subjects like accountancy to computer science, from aviation papers to social studies everything that a student needs assistance in preparing homework and assignments.

The work process is quite simple. A student places an order on the website. After viewing the order, the writer or assignment helper places his/her price bid to do the homework job on the site. The student goes through the bids and hires the suitable one and the writer gets the job. The best thing about is that students and writers can communicate directly about the assignments without intermediaries.

Earning Opportunities At

The site provides a good opportunity for writers having expertise in different fields. Let’s find out the things that a freelancer can exploit to earn by doing online homework.

Ease of Access (4/5)

Let’s start with writer registration process. The process is pretty simple. Just put your Name and email address to get started. In the next screen, you have to create the UserID and the password along with your contact details.

You will be next landed on a welcome screen through which you have to complete your profile details. Choose the language/s in which you would like to do the assignments. At the moment the supported languages available are English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Garman, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Next, choose the discipline/s in which you would prefer to do the assignments. Then choose the type of assignments you prefer for. All these preferences can be changed at later stages too. Finally, you will be asked to submit your qualification details to complete your profile.

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Write a brief description of yourself for both the students and the site administrators. A student judges you with your description. Make it precise and try to convince the students that you are the perfect choice to complete the assignment he/she is sorting.

On the other hand, a brief introduction of yourself with your academic and writing experience gives the site administrator an opportunity to understand you. A good description has higher chances of getting approved. Remember you can bid for only after getting approved by them.

Moreover, before entering the site’s database of assignments for placing bids, the writer must pass the accreditation. This is a small test which confirms that the writer is familiar with the rules of conduct on StudyBay.

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Authenticity (5/5)

This site is operating in the online assignment domain for a couple of years and has garnered significant popularity among the students and the freelancers. The site maintains a good reputation within the fraternity. Till date, no scam or manipulation has been reported against the site. Though a few delays in payment has been noticed, no non-payment case has yet been reported by the freelancers.

Remuneration & Payout (3/5)

As the Website has a large user base, the opportunity for a freelancer to earn from doing assignments seems quite feasible. Although the site mentions a minimum remuneration of $6 per page of writing, there is no standard rate for remuneration. In fact, the entire remuneration is based on auction system- every writer bids their prices and it’s the prerogative of the students to choose the suitable bid. In most of the cases, a student selects the lowest bided price (keeping apart the other traits). Due to such a price war, the writer gets worst affected.


One important thing that a freelancer should note that the payments are made by the students when they choose a writer. But, the amount is put on hold till the final version of the assignment is uploaded and approved by the student. Between the uploading and the approval, there can be a maximum of 20 days time lag. During this period a student can raise requests for correction, which the writer must comply within the specified time frame. All the payments would be released only after the expiration of 20 days.

You can withdraw funds using one of the methods like PayPal, Payoneer or direct transfer onto the Bankcard. Requests for withdrawal are normally processed after 3 working days. There is no minimum threshold limit for the payment.

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By the way, StudyBay charges commission from the remuneration of the writers. The commission charged by the Site is comparatively higher than other homework or assignment service provider. Heres how the commission is calculated from the writer’s semi-annual income:

  • 0−300: 12% commission;
  • 300−1000, 10% commission;
  • 1000−3000, 8% commission;
  • 3000−7000, 6% commission;
  • 7000−15000, 4% commission;
  • above $15000 – 2% commission.

Tips To Get Better Opportunity At is a good site in terms of usability and earning money out of freelancing opportunity. The site addresses the queries as a package and gives pictorial descriptions of the work process starting from bidding to student review. The FAQ section is fairly built and articulates the site’s policy on quality of service and functioning.

But the competition level among the writers is fiercely high at So, make your profile appealing and address directly to the student’s needs while making a bid. Affix your real profile picture because a study shows that a profile with a real picture has better likability than a profile with no picture.

After every assignment, students put their reviews and star rating to the writer. Try to complete your job flawlessly and as per the requirements of the student. Make a cordial interaction with the students and convince them to give you a five-star rating. Because a writer with high start ratings has better chance to get selected.


There is no doubt that making money by doing online homework or assignment for others, is a credible freelancing opportunity. But rather than depending on a single site for freelance opportunities, register yourself with two or more sites. So that, you don’t have a dearth of work even if you are amidst high competition.

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