SchoolSolver Review: Excellent Way To Earn By Doing Assignments

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Assignment assistant or homework helper has created a genre itself within the freelance writing communities. is one of such dedicated web services that makes the online homework job for freelancers a lucrative opportunity to cash on. As I am exploring money making ideas through freelancing, I took the opportunity to review the site as an earning instrument.

About The Website is one of the major websites that offer online homework doing jobs. Although it is not a very old site yet it stakes a claim on a major portion of the market. The site works as a common platform both for homework help seekers and help providers where their needs converge. On the one hand, a student asks for assistance in completing their assignments and agrees to pay money; on the other, a freelance assignment helper does the job for money. That’s it.

School Solver - Writing Jobs

The work process of the site is pretty simple. For instance, a student puts his/her question on the site and then multiple freelancers posts their step by step explanation to the question. The student is at liberty to choose the best-suited answer within his/her budget.

The site offers assistance in a wide variety of subjects right from accountancy to architecture, general studies to geology. A major difference of with other online homework service providers is that the former is quite straightforward with its service for both the help seekers and the assignment solvers. Everybody knows what value they are reaping out of it, nothing is hidden- the questions, the answers, the price everything.

Earning Opportunities At

The Site provides an opportunity for freelancers to earn through solving academic problems and doing assignments. In this blog, I will be exploring and evaluating the options present on the site from a freelancer’s earning perspective.

Ease of Access (4/5)

The registration and the login button clearly visible in the header menu of the website The registration process on the site is fairly easy. You simply have to type your username, your email address and the login password, that’s it. You can also register yourself with your social account i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google.

After entering the newly created account you have to submit a few details starting with your name and a short description of yourself. It is always advisable to set a real profile photo in the account because students find it comfortable to interact with a tutor having a photo than a tutor without a photo.

In the preference section of your account you have to choose the time zone you are from and the subjects/categories you would like to subscribe for. You should also mention the frequency of notification would like to receive for the queries. Then a vital thing you have to mention that how you would like to be registered? As a tutor or as a student or both? This is the most advantages part of the site as it doesn’t require multiple accounts for asking questions and for answering questions. A single account can have both the utilities.

Now let’s come to the crucial part of the account creation process. If you want to register yourself as a tutor you have to pass through some quizzes. You have to pass at least two quizzes – one the basic rule quiz and a subject quiz that you like to enroll for. The purpose of such quizzes is to evaluate the basic understanding of the subject and the site rules of the person who wishes to be a tutor.

Basically, there are 7 subject quizzes viz. Basic English, physics, statistics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and accounting. The rules of the quizzes are stated therein. The site charges a very nominal fee of $.99 to take on most of the quizzes except accounting where the charge is $9.99. To be eligible as a tutor you have to get 90% and above in most of the cases, while it gives you chances to appear multiple times.

The site also gives you the opportunity to see the questions asked by the students and the prices they are willing to pay. sends the notification to the tutors whenever a student asks a question in a particular subject subscribed for along with their target dates. Such an intimation keeps a tutor well-informed about the available works even without visiting the website.

I personally think the interface of the Site is dull and boring and can be improved a lot, hence I offer a score of 4 out 5 for the ease of access.

Authenticity (4/5) is a new site operating as an online homework service provider. Although I find some positive reviews about the site regarding payment, I personally was not in a position to evaluate the same. But it is true that the site in its budding stages has earned a good amount of reputation and recognition among the freelancer fraternity. It’s worth mentioning that as the site operates under an open bidding mechanism, the freelancers should feel safe regarding their remuneration and payouts. Hence I am giving 4 out of 5 in terms of authenticity of the site.

Remuneration & Payout (3/5)

There are two aspects of remuneration paid by number one it is the tutor who can decide the prices of his/her answers and number two you can earn multiple times from a single answer. These two are the primary advantage of working at For instance, if you answered a question, you are at a liberty to fix the price of the answer. If a student finds your answer suitable and within his budget, he will buy the answer. But unlike other sites, your same answer can also be bought by another person and you will get the same remuneration.

The site charges commission of 20% on the remuneration paid to the freelancers. Comparing to other sites this amount is quite high. Moreover, the site does not offer any slab discount in commission on incremental remuneration payment.

You can withdraw funds from your account via PayPal account or by Bitcoin. They charge 2% withdrawal fees while withdrawing from the account. I find it a bit illogical as you have already paid the commission.

Considering all those factors I would like to give them a score of 3 out of 5 for remuneration and payout to the freelancers.

Tips To Get Better Opportunity At

Since the work process at is founded on open bidding mechanism, the level of competition is quite high among the freelancers. For new entrants to the site, it’s often harder to get a breakthrough, but persistency and offering quality answers at an affordable price would certainly make your things happen.

A user feedback score has a significant impact on the acceptability of the answer. A feedback score ranges from 1 to 5. This is all about how a user rates your answers. More weight is given to questions with larger prices. A tutor with a high feedback score has better acceptability than with a low feedback score. So, as a tutor, it should be your first priority to improvise the feedback score by offering comprehensive answers within the budget of the help seekers.

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Deep Sikder

Deep Sikder

The author is the founder of He is passionate about blogging that uplifts the social and financial life of the people. He is especially interested in blogs nurturing money making ideas, the website SEO works and digital marketing for a better tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “SchoolSolver Review: Excellent Way To Earn By Doing Assignments”

  1. is good for students that want complete there assignment and work is quite friendly and easy to understand.i put lots of questions there and got immediate attention.
    Tutors sound really qualified there.i got 4 cgpa in last examination but after joining schoolsolver my score improved very much.actually I was weak in physics but on school solver physics teacher were quite good and I find my answer subtly and easy to understand at very low cost.

    • Hello Rai, I’m sorry for the experience. I believe everyone is entitled to quality services after paying for them. Next time if you need assistance, please try my services. I am an academic writer with 5 years of experience. You can reply to this

  2. I thought it was a scam as well. I took the english quiz again and I realized its actually really well designed. It is subtle but if your a native english speaker you’ll have no problem. Its intentionally not written well so that a person who learned english but isn’t native wouldn’t do well if they dont pay attention

  3. I just signed up for this. But I can’t pass the english quiz, you need over 94% and I only get 92%. It’s just eating my money. Hope to get started with this site soon.


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