Golden Rule Of Maintaining A Facebook Business Page

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As we are heading towards an age of technology and sophistication we will be outrun in the business competition if we merely stick to our traditional marketing strategies. It’s a need of the hour to mould ourselves in the latest techno-savvy business environment. Facebook has taken a dominant role not only in social networking, but in strategising business marketing too. Facebook is such a platform that gives us an opportunity to penetrate large masses of people with lesser amount of resources in comparison to other modes of marketing. Hence we ought to be particular in our facebook business pages, so that it can be utilised as an effective business tool.

Facebook is able to provide the two premises that businesses need in order to succeed in electronic commerce. First, it enables companies to increase their reach, which means that with facebook, business owners are able to connect to more potential customers to whom the company can promote their products and/ or services. This strategic benefit can be exploited by both large- and small-scale businesses. Secondly, facebook removes most of the barriers that prevent companies from expanding their businesses. Companies can use facebook to attract customers living in other locations, even finding customers from other countries.

Here are the basic rules of maintaining facebook business pages.

What to do?

1. Interact with page visitors on daily basis: Keep a cordial relation with your visitors. Answer their queries on daily basis. Don’t keep them pending for a long time. This builds up the trustworthy relationship between visitors and you.

2. Create an avenue to discuss and exchange ideas: Create a group with discussion forum. Keep it open for public to watch and share. Encourage people to share and exchange business and social ideas. It facilitates people to participate in decision making and they start feeling to be a part of the company.

3. Create an attractive landing page: Make your business page attractive. Post visually attractive photos and videos. The contents of the business page should be simple but equally presentable

4. Make your page easy to find (choose an easy to use URL): Find url with a name easy to remember and which reflects and resembles with your business name. It looks like ‘’.

5. Post articles that have substance:Always post articles that are relevant and are substantially rich. Use proper photographs. Writing irrelevant and materially sub-standard contents may take your viewers away from your business page.

6. Focus on your customers’ needs:Create a discussion forum in your facebook business page and accept suggestions and comments constructively. Analyse customer needs from their reactions and try to address those issues at the earliest.

7. Respond to comments:Act promptly. Procrastination in responding to the comments of the viewers may detract them from visiting your business pages.

8. Give favourable offers: Announce offers to the subscribers of your business page like generating coupons on visiting your business page, allowing cashback on purchase etc. These will augment interest of the visitors in your business page and in turn for your products.

9. Update the look and features of your page regularly: Keep your pages’ looks changing and try to infuse new features at regular intervals to draw attention of the existing as well as new visitors. It makes your page interesting and gives a new look everytime someone visits your page.

What not to do?

1. Creating a dormant page: After creating a facebook business page, regularly update it. If your page is dormant and hasn’t been updated for a long time it gives a bad impression of your image and takes you out of the league.

2. Being anti social: Your facebook business pages should never cover or encourage any anti-social elements. Promoting thoughts about communalism, cheatings, falsehood, women and child abuse, corruption etc. are detrimental to your business.

3. Focusing too much on yourself: In your business page you should speak about your products and services. But concentrating purely on your business profit motive may harm you. The page should address issues related to the problems and interest of the visitors. It gives your pages a social outlook rather than a commercial stature.

4. Spamming: Spamming means sending unsolicited messages especially advertisements. Avoid doing this to the visitors of your business page.

5. Demeaning rival companies: Always focus on your activities rather than criticising rival company’s products and services. Demeaning others on your facebook pages are of no use in increasing its customer or client base.

6. Being boring or predictable: Your business page should be interesting. Boring and predictable contents in the business pages fails to draw attention of your visitors and take your business out of arena.

  • Average advert click-through rate on Facebook is 0.9%. Although adding a CTA button can lift click-through-rate by 2.85 times
  • Videos earn the highest rate of engagement
  • Posts published on Thursday and Friday receive the highest engagement


Maintaining a Facebook business page is far more important than creating one. In-fact a poorly handled page detracts more customers than by not creating a page. Well-organised business institutions tap the member base of Facebook and redirect them to their commercial arena. It’s because of the facebook the businesses are growing fast and spreading furthest in comparison to the traditional marketing techniques. Facebook has proved its relevance both in commercial and non-commercial disciplines in terms of reach, availability and affordability.