Odisha Civil Service exam is conducted by the Odisha Public Service Commission to recruit candidates in various posts of civil service. Lakhs of aspirants prepare for one of the most coveted exams in the state. The Odisha Civil Service exam is conducted in three stages. These are the Preliminary exam, Mains exam and Interview. A candidate has to successfully get qualified in all three stages to getting recruitment.

Preparation Tips

Due to the higher level of difficulty, smart preparation increases the success rate in this exam. Proper planning of preparation always helps as an added advantage. Some of the important preparation tips have been mentioned below to crack the exam:

1. Be Familiar with the Exam

Before starting to prepare for the exam, you should be well aware of the pattern and other important aspects of the exam. To know the exam very well, you should first go through the previous year’s question paper and the syllabus. Secondly, you can take ideas from the candidates who appeared in the previous years. 

2. Haste Makes Waste

It is important to take every decision carefully. Even a small mistake may spoil the whole preparation. Therefore it is very important to take the right decision regarding whether to choose an optional subject or planning a proper timetable etc. Deciding in haste makes the whole preparation go to waste.

3. Make Your Foundation Strong

Before going to compete in an exam, your basic knowledge regarding a subject should be clear. To strengthen your foundation you should read the NCERT books. By reading these books, you will be able to grasp the basic ideas in a subject.


4. Choose the Standard Books

You will find many books in the market. But, it is essential to take such a book that helps you make the concept clear and sheds light on the particular topic. A good book is always helpful, it doesn’t matter how many other resources are available to you. No other resource can replace a good book. 

5. Try to Follow One Book

Many successful candidates reiterate one important thing that it is far more beneficial to read one book again and again rather than reading more than one book once. Reading more than one book makes a candidate confused. Because every book is written differently with a different purpose. 

6. Make Notes

While reading a subject, try to make a note of an important topic. One thing should be kept in mind that the purpose of a note is to revise the important topics before a few days of the exam. Therefore you don’t have to make notes of every topic. Make notes of those topics which are important and relevant in the context of the exam. While making the notes, keep the sentence short and comprehensible so that it does not take much time to revise the topic.

Preparation for Various Stages

The Odisha Civil Service exam is conducted in three stages. These are the Preliminary exam, Main exam and Interview. The tips of preparation for each stage has been mentioned below.

1. Preliminary Exam

In the Odisha Civil Service exam, the preliminary exam consists of two papers of objective type questions. Each paper carries a total of 200 marks and the duration is 120 minutes. To prepare for the Preliminary exam, you should practice mock tests and try to solve the previous year’s question papers before a few weeks of the exam. It would be better if you practice the question on an OMR sheet. Although it is always recommended to prepare for the mains exam along with the preparation of prelims, candidates should focus only on the Preliminary exam before one month of the Preliminary exam. Because the importance of the preliminary exam is tantamount to the mains exam.


2. Mains Exam

The mains exam of Odisha Civil Service exam consists of a total of seven papers of descriptive nature. This is a challenging stage for a candidate. A candidate has to go through a hard battle to get through this stage successfully. Candidates are often appalled at the level of competition at this stage. Although many candidates can clear the preliminary exams with flying colours and leave no stone unturned to get qualified in the mains exam, most of them fail in this stage. 

To clear the mains exam, one should have an organised plan. While preparing for the main exam, you should make notes and revise the topics already studied besides going through the new topic. Focus on the concepts rather than mugging up the topic. Practice writing the answers to increase the speed of writing. 

3. Interview

An interview is a final stage in the Odisha Civil Service exam. Basically, the interview is conducted to test the personality,  to judge the mental calibre, intellectual qualities as well as social traits and interest in current affairs. To crack the interview, you should try to improve your communication skills, body language etc.


The most important thing while preparing for a highly competitive exam like this is to enjoy the journey of the preparation. If you don’t enjoy the journey of your preparation and don’t let off the steam, the chance of getting success reduce drastically.

You should also take care of your physical as well as mental health. Do regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet.