GATE Chemical Engineering has literally become the only gateway of almost every PSU now, along with the IITs and NITs for Masters in the Chemical Engineering. While preparing for GATE we often panic, especially the chemical engineers. It is quite obvious also because not many coaching centers are there to provide coaching for GATE chemical engineering. Also, not much information is given on the internet that may prove to be beneficial for us.

Preparation Tips for GATE Chemical Engineering

Being a Chemical Engineering Graduate I have also faced this. Multiple questions used to revolve in my mind like what to study, how to complete the syllabus, how to score a good rank in GATE etc. and I’m sure many have faced the same or are going to face.

Must Read:

1. Know the GATE Chemical Exam Pattern

See cracking GATE Chemical Engineering exam needs just a simple strategy to make and then follow it. The entire syllabus of GATE Chemical Engineering can be divided into three main parts. The division along with the marking scheme is given below (the division of marks may change every year, however, won’t change much from the usual marking scheme):

a. Subjects Common to All

Common Subjects Marks
Engineering Mathematics 15 marks
Aptitude 15 marks

c. Core Subjects (Small Syllabus)

Side Subjects Marks
Mechanical Operations 9-12 marks
Process Dynamics and Control 6-8 marks
Mass Transfer 8-10 marks
Heat Transfer 8-10 marks

2. Take Advantage of Common Subjects

Engineering Mathematics and Aptitude, these two subjects are common to all the GATE papers and covers 30% of it. Chemical Engineers have an advantage here. Mathematics questions for Chemical Engineering paper are comparatively easier than that of the other branches. So, try to score more than 25 marks in this section because this section can really fetch you maximum marks with minimum effort.

3. Divide the Syllabus Into Parts

Now comes the Chemical Section of the paper which can be further divided into two parts. The first part contains the 6 Main Subjects whereas the other part is of the small 4 subjects. All the ten Chemical Subjects need to be studied thoroughly first. You need to have a correct concept of each and every topic in all those ten subjects. There’s no shortcut to it.

4. Strategize a Realistic Goal

After you master them, make a plan. Decide, in what range of marks you want to score. Because frankly speaking, no one scores a 100. So, even if you are scoring 65-70 marks in GATE Chemical Engineering, it is considered as good enough for getting into any PSU. Once my teacher told me that you can’t decide the rank as it depends on how others perform, but you can decide the marks you want to score because that completely depends on your own performance.

5. Adopt a Practical Approach

Mechanical Operations and Plant Design and Economics are two very simple subjects that need to be revised every once a week and that’s enough to score full marks in those subjects. Most of the questions in GATE Chemical Engineering from this section will be formulae based. So, every once in a while, try to go through all the formulae related to this topic.

6. Practice is the Key to Success

Subjects like Process Calculation and Chemical Technology should be practiced every day for half an hour or one, just like Aptitude and Mathematics. Process calculation requires good manipulation skills which can only be acquired by rigorous practice. Questions from the topic of Chemical Technology is generally memory based type.

7. Be Confident, Be Successful

Try to have a firm grip on all these above mentioned four subjects along with Aptitude and Mathematics which altogether sums up to a total of about 50 marks. These are those subjects which are very simple to understand and are easy to score. One can easily score if not full marks at least between 75-80 marks. So, for a good score, you have to be confident enough in these six subjects.

8. Regularly Revise Your Topics

The major portion of the paper is covered by the main six subjects. Therefore, initially choose only three of them which you think you are more comfortable in than the other three. Revise them first thoroughly. Get hold over these subjects and then move on to the next three. In this way, a systematic study will help you help you score good marks.

9. Make a Plan that Suits You

Everybody is free to make their own plans and their own strategies which suit them. You can divide the syllabus on the basis of priorities and then go for it and accordingly, make the plan and strictly follow it. If you can follow these steps, no one can then stop you from achieving your desired GATE score.

10. Never Ever Skip Topics

I would like to say that the strategy that I followed while preparing for GATE Chemical Engineering need not be followed by you. But, one most important point that you should always keep in mind is that never skip any topic or any subject. Most of us often do this mistake. You never know in which year, which question from which topic are going to be tough or easy.


I hope this article on preparation tips for GATE chemical engineering, will give the aspirants a much confidence for appearing in the exam. This article is more or less for the aspirants who have just started preparing for GATE Chemical Engineering. I have tried to provide easiest preparation tips for GATE Chemical Engineering. If you have any other queries regarding GATE, please feel free to share with us in the comments section below.