Psychometric tests form an integral part of the recruitment process, and thus the candidates must be fully acquainted with the format, structure, and pattern of the test. There are many websites that offer free online psychometric tests and we listed a few of them.

What are the Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests are assessments or activities that are exclusively designed and conducted to evaluate the performance of a potential candidate and include skills, knowledge, attitudes, personality traits, abilities, and job or academic potential. However, they are not solely limited to these factors alone, in fact, they can improve your productivity too.

Employers usually use the information collected from the psychometric test to identify and recognize the hidden or lesser-known aspects of the candidates, which are difficult to derive from a face-to-face interview. These types of tests are reliable in extracting the candidate’s performance, and the test results usually produce an accurate assessment of the applicant.

Psychometric tests have different styles and formats with three main areas: aptitude tests, behavioral tests, and assessment centers. While taking the tests, one of the primary challenges that candidates come across is the constraint of time. Both aptitude tests and assessment exercises have specific time frames that evaluate the candidate’s ability to cope with time pressure.

Aptitude tests assess the cognitive abilities of the candidate, from numerical and literary skills to spatial awareness. Behavioral tests usually come in the form of a personality questionnaire, leadership tests, situational judgment tests, and motivation tests. On the other hand, assessment centres are based on human interaction.

Types of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are of various types that allow different companies and employers to measure a variety of skills needed to fulfill the requirements of the jobs they are connected with. They are:

Numerical Tests: These tests evaluate the ability to answer questions that are accompanied by graphs, number sequences, tables, and word problems. These have two levels- numeracy tests and numerical reasoning tests.

Verbal Tests: These tests measure the ability to comprehend the information and tone through written text. The questions are mostly in the form of text analysis and linguistics.

Logical Tests: These tests are mainly non-verbal in nature and include abstract reasoning, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning.

Technical Tests: These tests evaluate the numerical, visual, mechanical, and spatial skills and are mainly administered for technically oriented jobs such as mechanics, machine operators, etc.

Spatial reasoning Tests: These tests assess the ability to navigate 2D and 3D images. They are meant to evaluate spatial visualization, mental rotation abilities, mental folding, as well as spatial and visuospatial functions.

Mechanical and Electrical reasoning Tests: These tests assess the primary understanding of electrical and mechanical concepts and terminologies.

Error-Checking Tests: These tests scrutinize the candidate’s ability to spot errors and his/her attention to detail.

Concentration Tests: Candidates are required to perform specific tasks quickly and accurately as part of these tests. These are necessary for the recruitment process of various roles such as pilots, train drivers, administrative, and clerical.

Websites that Offer Free Psychometric Tests:

We have compiled a list of the ten best websites. They are:

1. Job Test Prep

Job Test Prep is an ideal choice for individuals seeking to take free psychometric tests. The curators and the developers of the test are trained psychologists, and therefore they claim to give the candidates the perfect preparation for the upcoming tests. Moreover, it provides free test samples for each type of psychometric test. It does not require the candidates to sign in or subscribe. The website is available for various countries and, therefore, in different languages too. Some of them are Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, and Norway.

2. Practice Reasoning

The website Practice Reasoning provides free practice aptitude tests, which include numerical, verbal, abstract, cognitive, inductive, deductive, logical, mechanical, and Watson Graser. Each of the tests also includes fully explained solutions to the questions. Each test comprises of ten questions with answers.

3. Assessment Day- Practice Test Experts

Assessment Day is a London based company that provides opportunities for candidates to take free psychometric tests. It has a relatively large bank of questions that are updated regularly with solutions. The online access lets you practice 24/7 anytime and anywhere. Some of their most popular practice tests include numerical reasoning tests and verbal reasoning tests. The reviews look convincing too.


4. Practice Aptitude Tests

As the name suggests, the website lets the candidates take free aptitude tests. Practice Aptitude Tests has around 195 tests, and the question bank contains about 2770 questions. Moreover, it has a broad spectrum of questions that covers numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment, and much more. The questions are curated by industrial experts and are exclusively designed to prepare you for the main test. Each question is accompanied by a fully worked solution.

5. Psych Press- Talent Management Psychologists

Psych Press aims to provide free online psychometric tests on its secured testing platform, Careering Ahead. The assessments will help the candidates to have a real-life experience and will enable them to have a proper understanding of the test. It also helps with having an idea about the performance against a comparison group. Before starting the tests, the candidate will be asked to provide his/her basic details such as age, educational achievement, etc. This will allow the website to produce a result benchmarked against a comparison of the choice of the candidate. For further details regarding the free online psychometric tests, you can contact one of their consultants.

6. Institute of Psychometric Coaching

IPC is an Australian company that provides professional preparation solutions online as well as face-to-face for Aptitude and Personality tests. The website has an option for a free psychometric test that is not tailored to job requirements but generic assimilation of test questions. Moreover, it also has a psychometric test practice guide that lets you build a thorough understanding of the pattern, format, and expectations of each of the tests.

7. Career Gym- Serious Job Test Prep

Career Gym offers free online psychometric tests that assist candidates with their job interviews. They also have a wide range of web-based exams. The sample psychometric tests cover questions from graduate positions to civil service. The free test has different options, such as exam mode and practice mode. The exam mode will require the candidate to work against the clock, and the practice mode lets you take as much time as you want and make personal notes so that you can improve your weak points. The test comes with detailed explanations and solutions, and it also gives you a percentile score that helps you measure your performance.


8. Psychometric- Success

If you are looking to take free online psychometric tests, Psychometric- Success will be your go-to website. The test packs are easy to use and are exclusively designed to give you the most comprehensive preparation. They also provide useful insights into the outcomes, along with various traits and measures. It has over 4000+ questions, and the rating looks pretty promising at the same time.

9. How2become

How2become is a UK based company offers hundreds of free psychometric tests to aspiring candidates. It has free access to the ELITE psychometric online testing suite. The question bank is abundant with hundreds of questions on aptitude, spatial reasoning, and numerical reasoning, checking tests, non-verbal reasoning, and more. Moreover, it also provides detailed answers and solutions to all the questions and keeps track of your score so you may know what and where to improve. You can also get hold of hundreds of sample psychometric questions for free.

10. Psychometrica- Online Psychometric Assessment Portal

This Mumbai based company has a team of trained and experienced psychologists who are responsible for developing the range of psychometric assessments. Candidates can take the free psychometric test that covers a variety of subjects such as assertiveness, creativity, self-esteem, anger management, stress management, conflict management, change management, and relationship test. For more information, you can drop a mail at


There is no denying that practice makes things perfect. Therefore, as much as the psychometric tests appear daunting to candidates, with the right amount of practice, one can easily ace it. The above list of online websites lets you take the tests for free which will help you to get in the right mental shape. Moreover, the difficulty level keeps varying according to the job. Thus, read the websites carefully and go for the one that best suits your requirements.