Obstacles & Advantages of Facing Experience Job Seekers

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High Experience Job Seekers

Job hunting is a worldwide issue that occupies the thinking of most people. It is not only monopolized for fresh graduates or a few years of experience only.

But also a wide variety of highly experienced employees who are seeking a better job opportunity than the ones they are currently employed at or recently left from. Challenges are everywhere and for everyone.

Some are struggling with a lack of experience years and some are simply overqualified. Jobs recruiters are being very selective for the employees they choose. A lot of points which you might not take into consideration are sometimes a huge issue for the recruiters.

Let us dig down for the main high experienced people advantages and disadvantages that can be encountered while searching for a new job.

1. HIGH experience means HIGH salary

You have worked so hard in the past years, and your resume is now full of achievements and efficiencies, the main question is that is this a positive thing or a negative thing?

It’s “a double-edged sword” because recruiters surely know that putting someone high skilled and experienced will distract concerns about that the work will flow smoothly between the hands of an eligible experienced worker and without complications.

But in return, they have to pay a high salary for this experienced employee, so sometimes, they switch plans by putting a low experienced employee with a lower salary and he can Learn by the time the development of the work position he is involved in.

Not all companies and recruiters use this lower salary plan, some companies prefer to pay more in order to get the work done perfectly especially if the job title is sensitive and substantial which can’t handle any possible mistakes.

2. Old Fashioned Social Networking Style

This is one of the major challenges older job seekers may face, as we all know time changes, now everything is attached to social media and electronically linked which is somehow hard for older employees to deal with; most of the recruiters these days check the social media profile of the employee before after they read the resume.

Because it can give them more information and sometimes a little amount of personal information about the employee’s attitude and overall lifestyle.

If you are still attached to the old fashioned networking style it’s time for you to spice it up a little bit but starting to be active on social media in some easy simple steps, make a LinkedIn account for example and apply your resume on secured employment sites like Joblang.

*Example: if you want to search for jobs in the UK, You can look it up in websites which post jobs in the UK and the USA like Joblang.

3. Long Experience means Long Commitment

When you hire a mature, experienced employee, then you have to take into consideration that they have a real commitment to their work, which is something we struggle to find these days with fresh graduates, because most of them are not as patient as the mature old employees.

Fresh graduates might have a breakdown from a simple issue which might face them in work because they don’t know how to deal with it like the experienced people! they have a wiser perspective to deal with these kinds of struggles throughout their long work journey.

Nothing can beat an invaluable experience in working years! You can surf some of the secured employment sites (Joblang.com) to see the preferable experience years recruiters often pay attention to.

4. Who’s more Discipline? The Mature Team or the Fresh Graduate?

Discipline is the jewel of the shining personality among the employees because respecting the rules is not a secondary priority, it comes first.

Old workers already know the rules! So this is not a struggle for them, on the contrary, it’s an easy advantage which they own sharply. On the other side, Fresh Graduates are less discipline because they are still not used obeys serious legal laws like Labor Law for example.

Discipline is one of the main character qualities which may let your recruiters decide to hire you or not, and it starts from the very beginning like if you obeyed the right time of the interview, the dress code and your style of speech, The more discipline you show the more you get closer to your target.

5. High Experience Less Training

Training the employees sometimes takes a lot of time and money as well, so when you choose a mature, experienced employee, then be sure that you will not need a lot of training for the basics of employment, rules, laws or even building skills to equip with tools.

The good news is that They Already KNOW! Fresh graduates will need even the very basic training courses so they can get started slowly.

You will not struggle with High experienced employees in basic training courses but you might face an electronic gap, which is the difficulty in dealing with the newly developed electronic devices.

Author Details: Aya Silawi, an employee in the Reach Immigration Company. Holding the position of a content writer in Joblang. She practices and serves useful essays assistance to a wide range of clients both locally and internationally.

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