As someone who just graduated from law school, you may have a question about how to choose a law firm. If so, you should keep a few things in your mind. These will ensure that you find the best firm to work in. Luckily for you, we went through them in the article below. Here are certain yardsticks you must consider before jumping into a law firm.

How Large Is The Firm?

When you’re on the hunt, you have to be mindful of the type of firm you’re interested in. As you want the best-looking CV, you might want to work for a larger firm. They’re going to have a bigger name, which would get you a more prestigious reference on your resume. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best move.

Large firms are very busy, so you won’t learn much. Let’s not forget that being a lawyer is not easy. Although you would have passed all your exams, there’s a lot more you’ll have to learn. So, you will need the assistance of your colleagues as well. This can be hard to do in a large firm as everyone has their hands full.

So, while choosing a law firm a balance is a must. The stature, as well as the room to explore, should be considered at the time you join a firm. Even if you have a big tag, working knowledge plays a pivotal role.

Can You Study?

Being a law graduate is not the end of the road. You’re probably taking time off before you sit for the bar exam. The firm may be very competitive, not giving you enough time to study. Whether you’re prepping for the UBE bar exam review or the considerably harder state bar exam, ensure you find a place that lets you study, and most importantly, ace your exams.

This is where being a smaller firm helps. The people around you would be more encouraging of you sitting at the bar, which would influence how well you do.

Not only you should find a place that doesn’t eat up all your time, but a firm that provides you with resources for the exam. The very best provide their clerks with coaching and guidance, but this isn’t as important.

Can You Rise In Rank?

With any job, you would want to rise in rank. Unfortunately, this can be hard to do in a law firm as you’re working with thousands of other lawyers. By speaking to people in the field, you’ll know how easy it is to rise up in the firms you’re interested in.

These are those that are most worth your time. This is especially true if you haven’t done your bar exams yet. Once you have, you should be offered a good position and not just that of a clerk. Otherwise, the effort you put in, instead of completing your studies would be wasted.

How Much Will You Make?

At the end of the day, you don’t just want job experience, but a good salary as well. This is why you went through law school, after all. The thing is, the salary you get depends on the firm you’re interested in. Some of them may offer you internships while others offer well-paying positions. To save yourself time, see what employees have said about the firm’s pay. This can be done with a quick search online.

If it’s easy to rise in rank, an average salary is acceptable as you’ll be able to make double, even triple in a couple of years.

What Will You Be Doing?

There is a range of fields and specialities to choose from when it comes to law. At the end of the day,  you need to choose a firm that will allow you to work on what you find interesting. If you dislike property law, working in a property law firm is not the right move. What’s more, it won’t give you the proper experience to excel in your career.

Preferably, the firm should let you dabble in several fields. You’ll be able to experience everything and have a more rounded CV.

If the firm you’re interested in deals with areas that you’re interested in, great! However, the cases they may be working on may not be the most fulfilling. This would affect your drive to complete your projects considerably.

How Prestigious Is It?

A large firm does not always equal prestige. Smaller ones may also have quite a good reputation as well. This is where the internet comes in. You can search for the firms you’re interested in, and read the reviews about them. What’s more, the internet will help you find many firms you didn’t even know existed.

Although this can be helpful, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk to lawyers in real life. They’ll tell you a thing or two about firms you might not see online.

Is it An international Firm?

While on the topic of prestige, the firm you’re interested in should have international connections too. This will result in you working on cases that even experienced lawyers in your area don’t gain exposure to. This is another great advantage to have under your belt.

Since you’re just a law graduate, working in a firm that has international connections would help you get a job abroad. For more esteemed lawyers, this takes a lot of time, so you will have found yourself a short cut.

Is It Convenient?

Although this is the least important factor, it is still noteworthy. You should ensure that the firm is close to you. This is especially true if you’ll be getting a lot of work. You’ll be spending half your time at work and on the road, and not have any time to spend with loved ones. When you have to study for the bar, this can be a hassle.

As a law graduate, taking time off from your studies and getting a job at a law firm is a good move. It comes with many benefits, such as a better CV and a permanent job once you’ve completed the bar. However, there are several things you’ll have to keep in mind. These will ensure that you work in the best possible firm. For example, finding one that lets you study and ace your exams. All in all, the points we ran through would help you find a firm that is deserving of your time. So, make sure to take them into account.