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Launching a site and writing hundreds of blogs a month won’t only help in generating traffic, instead of writing a limited number of quality articles can generate far more traffic than expected. You may wonder how? It’s called Repurposing content.

“Repurposing Content” is about taking the content that you’ve already worked hard to create and then distributing it to millions of people, in the format they like.
The most effective ways of repurposing your content are:-

Make them listen

Everybody doesn’t have the time to read blogs. So why not make them listen and that can be done through podcasts. Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the web. Research states nearly 20% person people who log on to the internet listen to audio podcasts.

How can it be done?
i) You require one computer, headphone with mic and an audio recording and editing software like Audacity.
ii) Choose a topic.
iii) Prepare your content and speak at a consistent pace and thank people for being a part of the show.
iv) Save the file in MP3 format and upload it to the site.
v) Go for your site listing in various podcast directories like itunes.
vi) Also place subscription button on your website so that people can subscribe RSS podcast feed.

Go for video marketing

People remember audio-visual things 70% more than any other medium. Video marketing is the newest and most widely spread marketing instrument used on a mass scale. You can create videos in the following ways:
a) Get in front of the camera and explain the key points from the article. For better performance, you may prepare a script and practice the same a few times before recording. Publish your video on youtube and other video hosting sites, alongside promote it on your blog and social media.
b) Make powerpoint or other similar software presentation as video and publish it on the web.
c) Use screen recording software to create videos. Record a slide show presentation programme or record your actions over the screen with voiceover or background music. Few softwares for this purpose are Camtasia, Ezvid, TinyTake, Camstudio etc.

A few points to remember in this regard are:
i) The video should be short and precise
ii) Sound quality should be maintained throughout the video
iii) The viewer should be conveyed a clear message about what they should do after watching the video like subscribe, visit a site etc.
iv) Don’t forget to put videos on social media sites Facebook, Google+ etc. and video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.

Publish in document sharing sites

By sharing your document files over various document sharing sites you can popularise your articles many folds. Document sharing also increases the keyword ranking of your website. But in this case, a few tricks are to be applied. Such as
i) Copy just first half of your article into a document format
ii) At the end of it, insert a link pointing to your site stating “ …to continue reading rest of the article, please click here”
iii) Save the document in .pdf format to make it acceptable by the doc sharing sites.
Some of the top docs sharing sites are:

Multiply publicity with infographics

Infographics make the content quickly transferable, coherent and visually interesting. Infographics help you share complex information with your audience in an easy to understand, an image-based format which is why it is very popular.
A few sites that provide infographic solutions:


The means stated above prove to be very effective and are frequently used by large as well as by individual professionals to popularise their content. Spreading blogs over multiple mediums can fetch good traffic to the site rather than writing content in black and white format. It’s always appreciable to find out new and innovative ways to publish content and create interest among viewers.

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Deep Sikder

Deep Sikder

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