INFURNIA Review: Most User Friendly Interior Design Software ??

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Before starting the review of this cloud-based interior design software, I would like to let you know that I’m not a professional Interior Designer but a simple graphic designer and hence it’s a totally different experience for me to review this type of software.

Though I have previously reviewed DesignEvo which is a graphic design app, I really enjoyed reviewing this Interior design software.

If you have never tried Infurnia or any similar kind of software before, please go to their training modules which you may access once you log in to Infurnia. This section contains almost everything that one would need to start the design project.

The training module contains almost all the important videos, from creating a project with floor planning to adding utilities and final rendering of your 3D designs.

About Infurnia


Before I start reviewing this awesome looking and indulging Interior Design Software, I would like to give you an overview of it.

Infurnia Interior-Design Software enables users to create Interior designs while giving them a free range of customization, instant virtualization, and augmented reality.

Users can also add or remove furniture like shelves, drawers, chairs, and tables to fine-tune their designs as per customer’s requirement and preferences.

Quick-Start steps to INFURNIA:

Step 1: Login/Sign-up

Login to INFURNIA with your Gmail/Facebook account or Sign-up with your e-mail ID to INFURNIA. You have to go through this step to start creating your Design Project.

Infurnia_Screenshot 1

Step 2: New/Open Projects

Go to New/Open Project to start/modify your Designs. If you are starting for the first time go to new projects.

Infurnia_Screenshot 3

Step 3: Project & Client Details

Write in your Project & Client’s name and submit in order to proceed further.

Infurnia_Screenshot 4

Step 4: Create New Design

Choose to create a new design

Infurnia_Screenshot 5

INFURNIA Features:

  • Design Intelligence
  • Admin Tools
  • Online Design Software
  • Customizable Library
  • Live Pricing and Instant Bill of Materials
  • Real-Time 3D
  • Design to Manufacturing
  • Shareable 3D

Floor Planning Section

Floor Planning is the most vital part of a building/house, and hence it has to be perfect. Well, as it solely depends on the architect or the interior designer for an excellent utilization of the available area there is nothing much to speak about.

But, there are things such as ease of floor planning, which certainly depends upon the software that a designer choose to work on.

Before I start, I would like to remind you that I’m not a professional Architect, and neither I’m an Interior Designer.

Infurnia_Screenshot Floor Planning

Though it was very simple for me to copy the design of my office’s floor plan, there are certain issues that are needed to be fixed in the INFURNIA design platform, so that it works with better ease.

  1. There is no SCROLL option available inside the design environment, making it difficult to see the whole FLOOR PLAN with a zoomed view while you’re designing.
  2. The feet to millimeter toggle button stopped working sometimes. Moreover, if you decide to design with the feet and inch dimensions instead of the millimeter, the software doesn’t respond flawlessly.

Infurnia_Floor Planning_Top View

But, I personally feel that no software is perfect and I would like to repeat the same thing, that it was amazingly easy for me to copy my office’s floor plan designs on INFURNIA, in spite of being a non-professional.

Designing Multi-Story Building

Again if you are designing a multi-story building, you’ll get an option of creating multiple layers of a floor plan, in a single project, making it really easy for the designers to shift from one project to the other, and saving a huge amount of time.

Infurnia_Floor Planning_Bird-Eye View

Room Designing Section

The actual interior designing starts with designing the room and with INFURNIA’s wide range of collections, it’s way lot easier and I bet that any interior designer could have never thought of designing a room with such an ease.

Infurnia_Modular Kitchen 2

All the utilities and particulars that a room needs, are already available in the platform. One can easily find in on the left and top control panels.

List of Utilities in Infurnia

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Utilities
  • Stair Case
  • Pillars & Beams
  • Building Roofs
  • Floo
  • Lighting Equipment, etc.

Kitchen Designing Section

This is the section for which Infurnia is most popular. As they mention on their website, companies like Godrej Interio, Urban Ladder and many others have partnered with them considering their rich modular design solutions.

Infurnia_Modular Kitchen

Whatever does a client wants, this section of Infurnia in very much equipped with those. From creating a beautiful kitchen space to including the right utilities, it also provides a high-resolution rendering of the same.

Kitchen Utilities in Infurnia

  • Refrigerators
  • Chimneys
  • Ovens
  • Hoops
  • Cabinets
  • Slabs, etc.

Rendering Designs on INFURNIA

Infurnia comes with both online and offline rendering feature:

Online Rendering:

Online rendering is more convenient than the offline one. The rendering takes place on Infurnia’s own server and hence it’s easy to access from anywhere and any device.

Infurnia_Rendered Image

A 360-degree Panoramic imaging and 360-degree Virtual Reality view take the rendering to the next level.

There are 3 quality of rendering available as per your requirements

  1. Medium Quality: 480p rendered images. You can use this while you are perfecting your design, in order to see whether the room is properly set up.
  2. High Quality: 720p HD quality rendered images. You can use this images while you are presenting your interiors to the clients. This will surely create an impact.
  3. Presentation Quality: 1080p Full HD quality rendered images. You can view these images on any display that supports HD imaging and can enjoy the detailed artwork. You use these images if you offer any catalog presentation to your clients

Well, all these are features were awesome, until I saw the pricing. Though the basic medium quality image rendering is free, all the other features are chargeable.

  • Medium (480×240): Free
  • High Quality (1280×720): ₹40/- per render
  • Presentation Quality (1920×1080): ₹80/- per render
  • 360 Panoramic Quality (1920×1080): ₹200/- per render
  • 360 VR view (1920×1080): ₹400/- per render

Offline Rendering:

I feel, that this added feature is beneficiary for the newbies, cause. For doing offline rendering, one has to export the 3D image of the design and download it to the respective system. Then after that, you may use any other software that servers rendering of 3D designs.

Infurnia_Rendered Image 2


Infurnia is designed for Small to Medium scale businesses. Keeping that in mind the charges that Infurnia takes is quite reasonable. Though I feel that the Professional version of Infurnia lacks a lot of features that a full-fledged professional would require.

  1. Professional: ₹800/- p.m. or ₹8000/- per year + Rendering Charges (if applicable)
  2. Business: ₹2000/- p.m. or ₹20,000/- per year + Rendering Charges (if applicable)
  3. Enterprise: ₹3200/- p.m. or 32,000 per year + Rendering Charges (if applicable)

**NOTE: As per my point of view, rather than keeping a cheap version with fewer features, if they could completely remove this version, it would rather be easier for the interior designers to choose a better version.

Final Verdict on INFURNIA

User-friendly Interface (5/5): In spite of being a non-professional, I was totally surprised that it was really a flawless experience while working in Infurnia and creating Interior designs and planning floors.

Pricing (4/5): The Pricing in our sense is quite reasonable and I find it good enough except the extra rendering charges for 1280×720 resolution renders. Common, almost every device these days are HD. If they could cut it down a little bit, I guess it would be awesome.

Feature Richness (4/5): The features available in this interior design platform is quite overwhelming and I can point out almost nothing that they actually lack. Just one thing, FIX THE SCROLLING, and that’s why a 4 out of 5

How Infurnia can Help Designers?

Infurnia can make Interior Designers’s life easier by providing the solution to some of the vital challenges faced an interior designer

1) Catalog and Pricing Management

If you have multiple designers or multiple design centers, it becomes a challenge keeping everyone up to date about any changes in catalog, materials, or pricing of your products.

Infurnia lets you manage your catalogs, as well as your pricing parameters through one central account so that any change you make in there is reflected instantly across all the associated designer accounts.

This even works for desktop application of our software along with the cloud offering.

2) Optimized Cutting List Generation

So much of manpower and material is wasted while manufacturing a kitchen or a wardrobe. With Infurnia, as soon as you finish a design, you not only get a cutting list but also a way to cut the required planks out of ply boards so as to minimize wastage.

3) Client Engagement

Any walk-in clients that a store has are more likely to convert into paying customers if you can instantly create a custom design for them with a very fast, easy to use and visually appealing design tool.

Your clients don’t need to wait for a day to hear from you with your design presentation.

In the same vein, Infurnia’s 3d sharing option allows a designer to get real-time feedback on their design and allow the customer to see the design in 3d rather than a static 2d image.


The platform lets you build 3D replicas of your Interior designs that are tailored to your exact specifications and requirements.

Developed specifically for professional interior designers, decorators, and renovators, Infurnia provides them with a customization technology that lets them tweak and change designs, play with design elements including laminate, colors, shapes and sizes.

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Neil Kumar

Neil Kumar

The author is a professional graphics designer. He has 6 years of experience in logo and banner designing. He also reviews software and applications in his space.

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