The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has halted the world in an abrupt. From airlines to schools and colleges to daily lifestyle, everything is shut, and according to the WHO, the worst is yet to come. China originated virus struck the world very hard as the U.N. and other organizations, including WHO, I.M.F., and W.T.O., have warned for a recession.

Irrespectively, education is also suffering badly. Several countries closed their schools, colleges, postpended exams, promoted students, and started online tutions for selected classes and groups.

However, In the middle of the crisis, a lot of students and their parents are worried about the international examination and are looking for the updates. A lot of tests for higher education and entrance exams that were scheduled for 2020 either have been postponed or cancelled.

Here is the list of international examination which is affecting due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus Impact on Higher Education Worldwide

Coronavirus is crushing higher education worldwide after the closure of universities. A lot of students are affected as the coronavirus broke out in the mid of fall 2020. Students who applied for the admission were waiting for the response, but the crisis gave them worries about the delayed admission process.

It is not known yet how long will it take for everything to stable and get back to normal. The cases of infected people and deaths are still on the rise, and the countries are extending lockdown and restrictions.

The top universities of the U.S.A. and the U.K. have already confirmed that the application outcomes are going to be smooth. However, the admission process might get delayed, and the sessions can be scheduled at the end of 2020, but everything heavily depends on the crisis.

Some of the widely known destinations for higher education are significantly seeing bigger problems. As per the data, about a million international students enrol each year for higher education in the U.S.A., nearly 500,000 students in the U.K., and about 400,000 students in Germany.

Now with the universities and libraries closed, admissions, classes, and the exams are pending. Universities and both domestic and international students are advised to stay home as much as possible. However, universities are dealing with the problem, and most of them have started online tuitions, and this is the best practice they can do now.

Covid-19 Impact on International Tests


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, IELTS suspended testing in most of the locations. In the United Kingdom and the U.S.A., all the examination are suspended until further notice. To know about the status of your testing location, can click here.

IELTS launched IELTS Indicator in order to help students who are not able to take the exam due to COVID-19. It is an online English language test developed for the students who are not able to visit IELTS test venues due to lockdown or any COVID-19 restrictions.

IELTS Indicator is designed to assess reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of the English language. The timing, content, and test format will be of the same standard as the in-person IELTS test, and the official IELTS Examiner will mark the tests.

To take the IELTS Indicator test, there are some necessary requirements you should have:

  • A quiet and comfortable place where you can take the exam easily.
  • A desktop or laptop with minimum system requirements, IELTS Indicator text, cannot be taken on mobile or tablet.
  • Your laptop/desktop must have a camera, speaker/headphones, and a microphone
  • Your registered I.D. documents.
  • A stable internet connection.

IELTS suggested some precautions and safety measures for all the test takers.

  • According to the IELTS officials, they are closely monitoring all the corvid-19 situation, and thoroughly sanitizing all the testing locations before every test.
  • There are some important notes for all the IELTS exam takers:
    • All the test takers are advised to wear masks during the test. However, to confirm identity, they will have to remove it during registration, I.D. checks, and after the toilet breaks.
    • All the test takers are advised not to come for the test id they are feeling unwell or seeing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, or respiratory difficulty.
    • Test takers can request a full refund if not in the condition to take the exam.
    • All the test takers will get a notification if any change in schedule or location happens.


Owned by Educational Testing Service (E.T.S.), TOEFL is an alternative to IELTS, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, TOEFL also expanded the online testing availability. TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test is available in every TOEFL testing location globally except the Mainland China and Iran.

E.T.S. is using ProctorU technology to monitor the tests. Artificial Technology and live remote proctors are being used to conduct the TOEFL iBT testing.

E.T.S. closed its TOEFL testing centres in most of the countries, to know about the status of your location, click here.


GMAT alternative, Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is yet another widely preferred M.B.A. admission test, which affected due to coronavirus pandemic. Both GRE and GMAT are very popular admission tests meant for MBA in global B-schools.

But you should know what should you for? As per the Educational Testing Service (E.T.S.), owner and administrator of the GRE test, they are currently closing all the test centres and suspending GRE testing in the affected countries.

However, as per the news updates, E.T.S. started an online GRE test online worldwide, excluding Mainland China and Iran. The online GRE test might not be available for everyone as the candidates must have a computer, internet connection, and some other requirements for the test.

In Mainland China, E.T.S. and NEEA, both are working together to help candidates who are affected due to test cancellation. In Iran, E.T.C. to start home testing soon.

In case your GRE test gets cancelled or postponed, you will get the notification via mail. E.T.S. suggested all the candidates to check their mail for further updates about their test status.



Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is one of the most taken and shout-out exams for M.B.A. More than 2,300 graduate business schools globally accept the GMAT as the selection criteria for the recruitment of M.B.A. students, and about 2,00,000 students take exams every year.

Due to the COVID-19, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) suspended the test and closed all the test centres. However, GMAC launched a temporary at-home testing program recently where the testing appointments are available from April 20 to June 15 for all the students globally, excluding few countries such as Mainland China, Sudan, Slovenia, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea.

All the exam takers will get a full refund of their cancelled appointments. All the cancelled exams will have to schedule by the exam takers manually.

To know about the closed and suspended GMAT test centres click here.

Impact on Summer Internships

The fall in the summer internships is the hardest thing that can happen to a student. A lot of students were gearing up for the summer internship, but the crisis cancelled the plan.

Summer internships around the world either are cancelled or delayed, reports say, a number of new internships posted on LinkedIn went down by 60% since March 1.

However, luck favoured numbers of students as internships at some organizations moved virtually. Tech giants like Apple and Facebook also switched to online internships.

But, a lot of companies are not able to provide remote internships; hence they either are suspending their internship programs or scheduling them till further notice.


The COVID-19 pandemic struck the world very hard, and the impacts are everywhere. About 90 per cent of the student population is suffering due to the closures of the educational institutes. But, thanks to the technology as most of the institutes are providing online classes and test to help students.

Whereas students and parents were worried about their M.B.A., IELTS, TOEFL, and other tests, the owners of the institutes came with the good news. Now, students can take the test online without worries. However, for some students, it is difficult and unavailable, but the institutes are working closely to provide every possible assistance to the candidates.