Losing a job is one of the most demoralizing stages of life because you need to undergo emotional distresses. Besides, there comes a financial crisis, which is even the worst part. But in between the emotional and financial catastrophes, you need to overcome the troubles and learn to survive in this scenario.

The covid-19 pandemic has recently affected the labour market desperately. According to a Congressional Research Service report, in April 2020, the employment rate reached 14.8% which is said to be the highest rate observed since data collection began in 1948.

So the security of a job is the biggest apprehension in the current date, and this is why it is better to adopt a good plan to survive job loss.

How can you survive a job loss?

Focus on your budget

As you are without a job now, you need to give a grave look at your budget. Evaluate how much you have and how minimum you can spend. Using credit/debit cards in shopping malls and petrol pumps won’t give any idea about how much is spent. As you are habituated to living according to your income, you need to change this practice now. Keep track of your money and expenditure. Rip down unnecessary expenses like entertainment, junk foods, travel, etc.

Spend Less

Carry Less Cash

After analyzing your budget, now it’s time to control spending the money needlessly. Buy only the necessary stuff. Do not go for branded items or eating outside, as they ingest too much of the money. Carry less cash when you go out.

Avoid using credit/debit card

Although our country is much focused and developed towards a cashless economy, being unemployed, you should run with cash in hand. The reason besides this statement is, using a credit/debit card won’t give an indication about how much is spent or the amount left in your account. The tracking gets missed here and usually, you pay high with card payments. Using cash will let you spend only on the necessary stuff.


Dodge luxuries

Dodge Luxuries

Since you are not certain about when you’ll be employed again, you need to cut down buying luxurious items till then. Be very careful about what you spend because the products are very costly nowadays. Branded products and clothing should be strictly avoided.

Do not withdraw from the pension account

When you have zero cash in hand then you might be curious to withdraw cash from your pension account. Hold it. This is the only money you have saved for your family and future. So think twice before withdrawing it which your unemployment period.

Avail Government benefits

Look for Government assistance. You might get luckily eligible for Government benefits, such as the Unemployed Allowance Scheme or the Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana for the Educated Unemployed Youth. Not only this, they can even help you pay your mortgages and provide support for mortgage interest.

Avoid paying debt

Do not take the risk of paying debts at this stage. You might be impatient to pay off the amount overdue and close your accounts, but have you thought, how will you manage after that? Remember, you don’t have a job now so avoid compromising with your credits. Talk to the concerned person and explain them your situation. They will definitely come up with a solution.


Minimize loan interests

Minimize Loan Interest

Thinking about your EMIs? If you have trouble paying your loan, then talk to your lender and explain to them about your condition. Request them to lower the interest rate. They may streamline the entire process or reschedule your EMI payment. In case he is not helping you anyhow, then look for a different lender who offers a better interest rate.

Maintain health insurance

Try maintaining your health insurance anyway, because this is the most vital thing you’d need even at this stage. Health is one of the top priorities that people should consider maintaining, and therefore, they should have a proper mode of savings for that. There might be emergency cases, so having an appropriate health policy will help you cover them in the short term.

Look for additional benefits

Look for other benefits such as contacting a good friend or colleague for advice. They might be aware of the schemes or policies that you are unaware of. It’s a fact that nobody should rely on a single source of income, and when you are unemployed, the other source might help you one way or another.

Deal with your emotions

Emotional Turmoil

Unemployment is the phase when you go through emotional turmoil. Some of you might have faced depression, which is even worse. So keep yourself involved in certain activities that you like. As said, “The empty mind is a devil’s workshop”, your brain would be occupied by negative opinions if you stay idle. So before dealing with such stages, get involved in some activity you are interested in or that helps you in the future.



Seek the support of a counsellor if you are unable to deal with the situation. They will definitely come up with a solution and help you thrive through this unemployment phase. Counsellors know the ‘how-to’ methods and provide a resolution to deal with your emotions. Talking to them will help you regain the positivity in your life and struggle through this employment phase.


If you are not certain about what to do and how to recover from this unwaged phase, then do follow the solutions we have provided. You will definitely regain happiness and get the motivation to continue struggling.

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