How To Succeed In Marketing With Facebook

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Facebook being a social networking site it doesn’t contain itself merely in networking- It comes out with various features like business account/page creation, photo strip, page statistics, paid advertisement services etc in order to assist business groups to expand and explore throughout markets. At the moment, Facebook has a massive number of users and the figures are more encouraging in terms of new users joining everyday. This incredible statistics makes Facebook a formidable marketing tool for business owners.

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1. Personalised Facebook Business page:

Create a page under an appropriate category from the list –
a) Entertainment
b) Artist, Band and Public figure
c) Cause or community
d) Brand or product
e) Company, organisation or institution
f) Local business or place
One should consider the option which suits them most and also the market opportunities one would like to exploit. The business or company name should be clearly written along with address and contact details. Detailed business description, business hours, list of products and services offered by the business add extra flavour to the business page.

2. Online marketing objectives:

One should be well versed about the objectives behind opening a facebook account. The business owners have to decide clear headedly what they want to market through Facebook. Do they want to promote their company? Do they want to inform people about the location of their shop? Or do they want to promote their company’s product? etc. etc.

3. Unique and consistent brand name:

The Company should select names that are attractive and unique in style for their products and services. One needs to be consistent with the branding for a particular line of products/services. The brands with short names are more attractive and people find it easier to remember. The Company should put effort while creating a connection between the product and the significance of the brand name.

4. Relevant logo:

This is crucial to the success of a business page. Company logo represents the company. This means that whenever people see your logo, they will immediately associate that image with the products and/ or the quality or satisfaction they experienced when they did business with your company. As such, it is important that your logo or picture is catchy, and is designed in a manner that best represents the products and/ or services that your business offers.

5. Business strategies:

A business should prepare a strategy beforehand. A clear-cut plan should be there how to enter the market, which segment or class to approach, how to layout investments in marketing both in terms of men and money and so on. Identify groups or pages that are relevant to your industry. The advertisement or marketing campaign through facebook page target audience systematically and pre-planned way.

6. Engaging and high-value content:

You also have to make sure that your posts are interesting to read. Try to make your content engaging and entertaining. You can do this by designing fun games, promos and other interactive activities. You can lure more customers when you ask questions, and encourage them to provide feedback, comments, suggestions or testimonials. Finally, remember that the timing of your page posts will have a profound impact on the general acceptance of your posts. Consider your target audience and plan out the times when they are usually online. If your business caters to the general audience, the best time to post your articles and other updates is during the night or on weekends, and holidays. Make sure that you do not post too much content.

7. Regular updates:

The Facebook business page that you have created will serve as a means of posting news or as a means of posting information regarding your business. It can also serve as a link to your customers to the content of your other websites or features and news articles from other article portals such as your business eZine pages. When posting articles or news updates, make sure that each post is created with careful thought and has a clear-cut purpose. Is it to inform? To solicit for ideas? To share advice? Or, to inform the public about recent developments in your business. Posting meaningful and relevant information escalates the value of your Facebook business page. It gives your business a good image, making consumers turn to you whenever they have related issues or problems. Your business will earn the trust and respect of your customers, effectively establishing yourself and your business as an expert in your respective field.

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8. Numerous likes and friends:

Making a facebook business page is not enough one has to manage it and have to find various ways to get people visit and be interested in your business page. Some of the tested and effective ways are:
a) Place a facebook like button on the official company website
b) Mentioning facebook business page in business cards, billboards
c) Print it on products packaging, invoices and receipts
d) Stick it to the shop’s front door or back of the car
e) Make it a part of your email signature
f) Place it at the bottom of your blogs and articles
g) Incentivise people for logging in and liking facebook business pages
Not all people who are interested in your business are your Facebook friends. Doing any of these gives other prospective customers access to your business via your Facebook business page, and again, this will generate more web traffic and thereby attract more customers or even expand your market share.

9. Attractive product album:

Some of the most successful campaigns, online or otherwise do not necessarily involve pricey photos featuring models and/ or celebrities. What actually draws people to purchase your products will be how engaging your product album is. Rich media tends to draw more attention than just simple texts, captions, or taglines. Putting together an engaging product album will make your product stand out from other competitors, and create a buzz about your product, optimizing the probability of your page to be found when doing a social media query. It really is all about eye candy. This will also give them a little reassurance that your product really is all that it promises to be.


Maintaining a Facebook business page in this modern scenario is not optional rather a must-have marketing tool. Facebook marketing is much easier and effective in comparison to the traditional techniques. In fact its superior to other forms and avenues of internet marketing. With such a large member base there is no match to Facebook in terms of marketing module. But points to be remembered that inefficiently handled facebook pages may contribute to demeaning company’s reputation too, so act responsibly.

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