Starting Out as a Freelancer? Here are the Few Key Aspects to Consider

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How to start as a freelancer

If you want to know that how to start as a freelancer? then these 5 important aspects would take you to the top level in a freelance career.

How to Start as a Freelancer?

Starting your freelance career can be a bit daunting yet refreshing for many!

You may have left your full-time job and must be entering this new territory or may want to make a few quick bucks on the side, and hence are venturing into this option.

Either way, freelancing is a booming career with more and more number of people getting attracted to its rewarding benefits.

However, like any other business or venture, it comes with its pros and cons. The major one that usually is most feared by many is its uncertainties.

Yes, freelancing can be quite uncertain, there is no fixed salary unless you choose to work with one single company and discuss remote working possibilities with them.

Uncertainties in terms of regular workflow, consistent clients, and payments.

Hence, you need to have a proper plan in place. Your approach has to be clean and clear from day one!

If you just start randomly with no proper strategy, there is a high chance that you may not be able to earn enough or make your freelance journey impactful.

Indeed, if you are organized and focused enough, there are endless possibilities and there are loads of people who make a good income regularly from freelance work opportunities.

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Here are the 5 key aspects that shall help you to ‘up your game‘ and ‘become an ace‘ in your freelance career.

1. Planning and Scheduling:

This may seem cliched yet once you start implementing it, you will realize the power of planning and scheduling in no time.

According to the renowned entrepreneur and life coach Marie Forleo,

“we must plan our day in advance and make our to-do list one night prior.”

Imagine how easy it would be if you have the plan of the day ready one night before and do not have to think about what to do next.

This simple act can multiply your productivity!

Similarly schedule your meetings, important birthdays and outings well in advance so there will be less spontaneous plans to disrupt your regular workflow.

2. Client Deals:

It is an art to deal with clients appropriately. Managing clients can be huge if you are just starting out.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while dealing with your clients:

  • Have a standard format and be ready with the set of responses when it comes to questions like deadlines, time frames, monetary matters and so on.
  • Be clear in your approach and be transparent in your dealings.
  • Maintain data and deal professionally keeping everything, especially money matters in a written format, including all documents and important discussions.

The above-mentioned points will help you to deal with your clients in a much better way.

These tips will also make sure that you are safe from the top level freelance exploiters.

3. Money Matters:

Money flow is not consistent in freelance business ventures.

One needs to choose to work with any company in order to mitigate this problem.

Therefore, while choosing your company, carefully analyze every aspect of their monetary dealings, spending habits, and investments and so on.

Have a fixed fee or charges for your freelance services and make the clients understand the value of your contribution.

Do not underrate yourself nor settle for less

However, you can make an exception if the opportunity or the benefits are lucrative.

Many freelancers are confused regarding their fee structure. I would suggest, one must charge according to the value provided, time and effort included to work on the project.

There are standard industry rates for freelance writers, graphic designers, data entry operators and web developers among others.

One must keep a track of the industry standards if you want to get established as a freelancer. Learn these tips to earn more than other freelancers.

4. Work-Life Balance:

Working from home or remotely without a finite office setting and timeframe is fascinating.

However, it can also take a major toll on your work-life balance as now there are no restrictions of a 9 to 5 job.

There can be times when you work up until night and forget to take breaks due to the workload.

Your home becomes your office and there is no distinction between the two. Despite working from home, it is vital that you do not mix the two and have a fixed Woking schedule to enjoy a smooth balance.

Especially for women and new mothers who have so much to look after at home as well, mixing up the responsibilities can add to the chaos.

It is intelligent to keep the two separate and balance these two with good planning and giving both of them an equal priority. Follow these steps to increase your productivity level

5. Keeping a check on procrastination:

Remember, there is no boss to constantly keep a check on you and you have no senior to report to! This may be good news as well as a red flag!

As of now, you need to be super disciplined and keep a check on your procrastination habits.

Here, planning your work and clients will be of a big help. There are deadlines to all projects and delivering on time is of utmost importance if you want to sustain that client for long-term.

Also, you have to build your reputation on the online front and hence, be committed to your work no matter how lazy you feel.

Some Hand-picked tips for newbie freelancers:

  • Get yourself a work desk/ workstation.
  • Limit your social media usage/ be away from distraction during working hours.
  • Take timely breaks and take care of your eating schedule as well.
  • Take out time for networking and socializing.
  • Maintain a good social presence and have an impressive profile on all important social handles that can bring lucrative business.


So, as a freelancer, I would say that you have to hustle a lot in order to establish yourself in the market, especially if you consider it in terms of money.

Don’t take it lightly just because it is not like the other mainstream jobs.

And again you may say that why should you choose to be a freelancer rather than being in a 9-5 job, which gives you a more stable income?

Then my would like to quote, “I will choose to hustle 24 hrs for myself rather than working 9-5 for someone else.”

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