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12 Preparation Tips For West Bengal Civil Service Exam

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 1st Sep 2021

The West Bengal Civil Service exam is conducted by the West Bengal Public Service Commission to recruit eligible candidates to various posts of civil services in the state of West Bengal. The West Bengal Civil Service exam is conducted in three stages. These are the Preliminary exam, Mains exam and Interview. After being successfully qualified in each stage a candidate is recruited in the various civil services posts.

Preparation Tips

To get a successful result in such a highly competitive exam you need perseverance, patience and persistence. Good preparation always helps you to get a good outcome in this exam. As the West Bengal Public Service Commission has released the date of the exam like the previous years some of the important preparation tips have been mentioned below

1. Never Make a Quick Decision

While taking a decision regarding an exam, you should be very careful. The decision may be related to a book or some other aspects like timetable or coaching classes. Before taking a decision you should analyse all the aspects carefully. Making a decision hastily may put you in danger.

2. Make a Proper Time Table

A timetable always helps you to stay on track. You should decide how much time you want to devote to a particular subject.  Thus a timetable helps you to devote your time to every subject equally. You should prepare a timetable from the day you decide to appear for the exam.

3. Know the Exam Well

Whenever you are going to prepare for an exam you should try to know the exam very well. To know the exam, you should go through the syllabus and the previous years question paper. By going through the previous years question paper, you can get an idea about the pattern of the exam. Then only you should start preparing accordingly.


4. Clear Your Basic Concept

After going through the syllabus and previous years question paper, you should try to clear the basic concept of a topic. When you will do that you will be able to understand a topic easily and it will also help you to retain the information without much difficulty. To clear the concept, you should read the school level books. For example, if you are a student of science background and you need to understand economics, you should first read a book minimum from class VIII.

5. Follow Only One or Two Books

Many candidates make mistakes while following three to four books only for one subject which makes them confused regarding the topic. Those who have successfully cleared the exam often advise about following only one or two books for a particular subject. It will help you to get the information correctly and you will also not be confused.

6.  Make Notes

While reading a subject, try to make a note of an important topic. One thing should be kept in mind that the purpose of a note is to revise the important topics before a few days of the exam. Therefore you don’t have to make notes of every topic. Make notes of those topics which are important and relevant in the context of the exam. While making the notes, keep the sentence short and comprehensible so that it does not take much time to revise the topic.

A Few Days Before the Exam

A candidate should know how they will make themselves ready before a few days of the exam.  It will be beneficial if you follow the tips mentioned below a few days before the exam.

1. Do Not Read a New Topic

Never study any new topic a few days before the exam. Instead, you should focus on revising the topics you have studied before. if you pick up a new topic a few days before the exam, there is a full chance that you will get confused and forget the topics you have studied before.


2. Solve Previous Years Paper

A good way to revise a few days before the exam is to solve the previous years’ paper. It will help you to test yourself and revise the topics accordingly. It will also give you an idea to manage the time in the exam. When you solve the paper you should try to create an environment of an examination hall and try to solve the paper within a stipulated time. It will help you to prepare and give you an idea to manage the time.

3. Revise As Much As You Can

Revise the topics you have read before. Try to revise as much as possible. It will remind you of the topics you have read before. Revision is key to being successful in such a highly competitive exam.

Take Care of Your Health

To get a successful result in anything, our health plays an important role. Both physical and mental health are important to climb the ladder of success. Therefore to keep your mind and body healthy, you should do the following things:

1. Meditate

Meditation relaxes our minds and reduces stress. When you meditate, you will be relaxed and it will also help you to retain the information you fed to your brain.

2. Do Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps us to get rid of any kind of disease and also makes us happy. When you exercise dopamine releases and make you feel good. A regular exercise of a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes helps you to maintain good health.


3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Always eat healthy food and try to avoid junk food as much as possible. Eat fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water. By maintaining a healthy diet will help you to keep the disease at bay.


Perhaps you have heard the quote, “When you want something from all your heart, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” If you really have the true desire and tried enough, nothing can stop you from achieving it.  The only important thing is to never let your hope die.

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