UGC NET, as all knows, is one of the most popular exams if you want to pursue higher studies.

Hence, in order to help our viewers, we thought of doing an Interview with Miss Tamalika, who qualified UGC NET (Commerce).

How to Prepare for UGC-NET(Commerce)?

Let me ask you a question !!

What’s the first thing that you would do if you are thinking to prepare for UGC-NET Exam?

You will go an ask someone who has some experience with UGC-NET and has qualified the exam for at least once, isn’t it?

So, we thought of interviewing Miss Tamalika, who qualified UGC NET 2018. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. and working as a guest lecturer in Gauhati University as well.

_The following Interview Session has been kept as it was originally taken. We haven’t modified a single sentence so that you can understand the complete mindset of the interviewee_

When I asked Miss Tamalika for an Interview regarding her success in UGC NET 2018, she was quite nervous.

But later on, when we convinced her that the interview would be very helpful for the students who are currently preparing for UGC-NET, she went at it without wasting any single moment.

Hi, I am Tamalika and I don’t know whether I would be able to help you or not, but I’ll try my level best to answer all the questions as honestly as I can. 🙂

_The interview has been taken by me, who is your very own career blogger, Gaurab Singha Roy_

Q1. Could you tell us your preparation strategy for paper 1, 2 and 3 that helped you crack UGC NET exam?

To start with, you need to be clear about the question pattern followed over the years.

I specifically referred to R. Gupta’s (Ramesh Publishing House, New Delhi) solved papers.

The book helped me find the faults I had been making previously.

For the 1st two attempts of UGC- NET, I studied without any particular plan as I had no clue regarding the topics that needed more focus.

There was no smart work. For clearing NET, you have to work really smart. For Paper 2, you can refer to your old Graduation and Post Graduation books along with the Internet.

The focus has to be on concept clarity so much so that you develop the ability for better analysis and interpretation of the questions that you would have to face during the exam.

Reference books by Arihant/ Trueman’s are also of great help particularly for Paper 1. Overall, it can be concluded that clearing UGC NET requires more intensive than extensive study.

It requires an application of the knowledge that you have extensively gathered over your life as a student in a particular college/ university.

Q2. What Study plan did you follow during for this examination?

I had started to prepare for UGC-NET in the 2nd semester of my M.Com Course. Over my first two attempts, I had a hard time figuring out the demands of this particular exam.

But I did not lose hope as my ambition was stronger than my doubts.

I couldn’t give up. I started by reading the reference books of Arihant that helped me to brush over the topics included in the syllabus.

During this process, I realized that NET was not only about studying the huge syllabus but choosing the topics of your interest and going deep.

This way you can keep your interest alive and enjoy the process.

As I had a specialization in Business Management, I concentrated on the topics related to the subject and studied as much as I could.

As far as the other areas of Commerce were concerned, I studied and practiced only the topics that repeated themselves over the previous year question papers.

I adjusted my study hours according to my convenience and had no fixed timing. At the end of the day, it is all your patience and the attitude you have while being patient.

Q3. How did you deal with your strengths and weaknesses while you were preparing for the exam?

To deal with a particular strength or weakness, you have to identify those at first.

My strength was my good hold over the subject. And my weakness was my low confidence while I sat for the exam.

In a way, my weakness was overpowering my strength. I had to do away with this weakness if I were to succeed. To build confidence, you have to make a choice.

The choice is to be fearless and not worry about the results. The more you try to control the results, the greater you lose your peace of mind.

A calm mind leads to better analysis and interpretation ability. And this philosophy worked for me in cracking NET in my third attempt.

Give your 100% and leave the rest to destiny.


Q4. According to you, what are the mistakes that one should avoid while preparing for the exam?

The gravest mistake that one can commit while preparing for UGC NET is to study without a plan.

The student should understand the syllabus well along with the topics that need particular focus.

He should jot down the topics that he plans to cover along with the extent of effort he wishes to put into each of them.

Each student can plan it according to his own individual strengths after a thorough and unbiased understanding of the previous exam patterns.

This way he can make a better utilization of his time and energy and prevent wastage of the same.

Q5. As per you, which was the most difficult part of this exam?

The most difficult part of UGC NET is molding your mind according to the requirements of the exam. It is important to look at the exam as it is and not with preconceived notions.

The exam consists of the syllabus that you have been studying for many years but still, excellent students fail to crack it.

The main reason is that students tend to approach this exam in the same way they had approached their graduation and post graduation exams.

They need to understand the basic fact that UGC NET is not about ‘how much you study’ but ‘how you study’.

The greater you mold yourself for the exam, greater the probability of you cracking it.

Q6. What were the standard books that you followed for paper 1, 2 and 3?

I followed Arihant’s reference books along with the books that I had followed during my B.Com and M.Com years that provided me with the basic concepts.

But the most important book that helped me crack UGC NET was R. Gupta’s “CBSE UGC-NET Previous Years’ Papers (Solved)”.

Q7. What important things should a candidate keep in mind while attempting the question?

A focused, stable and peaceful mind is the most important requirement while attempting the questions.

As the questions are multiple choice, the exam tests the ability of a student to correctly comprehend the question and give an answer to the same. It is here that the students falter.

Due to the pressure of cracking the exam, they tend to lose the ability to correctly comprehend the questions and mark the right answer.

The student should find ways and means to keep him calm during the exam.

In my case, not studying much a few days prior to the exam and meditation helped.


Q8. Any tips for the students who are planning to give the UGC NET exam this year?

According to me, the three most important things that had helped me crack UGC NET were:

  • Determination and patience to sort out what the exam actually comprised of
  • Working smart and not hard, as it is a competitive and result oriented exam
  • Keeping your mind concentrated and calm while attempting the different questions

Q9. What are your future plans regarding your career?

I am presently pursuing Ph.D. and also working as a guest lecturer in Gauhati University.

Apart from teaching, I have a zest for social welfare. So, in future, I would like to make a mark as a Professor and also contribute for the greater social good.


If you have gone through this interview, you must have felt that it’s not that difficult to crack UGC NET Exam if you are persistent enough and have a passion for higher studies.

Yes definitely !! You have to be consistent and sincere with your studies and follow certain techniques that Miss Tamalika has mentioned above.

If you have any doubt regarding anything about UGC NET exam, please as in the comments section below. Miss Tamalika will be answering all your queries.

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