How to Make Money Selling Food from Home: Be a Chef at Home

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Chef at home

How to make money Selling Food from home

This blog is meant for those homemakers who wish to earn but cannot indulge themselves in outwardly world activities. In this blog, I would like to share effective money making tools that give recognition to the people who are good at their culinary skills.

If you are good at cooking and comfortable in hosting dinner parties, then the next five minutes of reading can open up new avenues for you. Yes, you got it right. Serving dinners or lunch or even breakfast can give you a breakthrough in your cooking career. There are a number of websites/tools that pave your way to earn money by hosting dinner parties or serving lunch even at your own native place.

All about Working as Chef at home

There are a few sites that convergent point for the chef and the foodie. So what? These sites work from both the end. Say you are a Bengali guy and have gone to Paris on a pleasure tour with your family. Will, you not prefer to eat some Bengali or at least some Indian cuisine there in a homely atmosphere? And for a home chef, it would have been best if he/she can earn some bucks by serving some Bengali delights. These websites are the meeting points of both sides. In simple words, the platform works like Uber in food serving.

EatWith is the pioneer in this field. This site gives you the opportunity to register yourself as a host. A host is a person who will be organising some on-demand dinner/lunch parties for a price. And the dining is requested by foodies.

EatWith is an online platform that brings both the side on the same table. If you are a chef and have a comfortable dining space you can give a shot to your hosting business. Gradually the sites and the business formats are becoming popular. Because as a chef you are getting the opportunity to earn with a minimum or no investment and on the other hand, a foodie gets the experience of quality food at a much lower price than the restaurant.

MealSharing is another site growing in the field of serving quality foods to its admirers. This is a website that connects people over home-cooked meals. Though the site is very new, it is gearing up for a bigger competition. Started in 2013, the site has spread across 150 countries.

The site provides great opportunities for home cooks to earn through preparing and serving meals to people on your table. As a cook, you are in sole control of the menu as well as your timing and quantity of people you want to serve. People pay you directly. The best thing about the site is that it is not charging any fees for its service at the moment.

Do You Know That You Can Also Earn Money by Doing Homework For Others?

BonAppetour is also a new website in this arena, it looks more organised than  This website offers a foodie to experience authentic local delicacies in a homely environment. It provides a great opportunity for hosts to earn through home dining. In fact, they offer something more than simply dining.

BonAppetour is a unique website in the sense that it gives you complete food experience. Say, a tourist lands in your town and you take him to food tour to give a glimpse of your local markets or eateries. You can arrange outdoor parties or even take classes on authentic Italian pasta making. Once you get registered with the site you can get round the clock support from the team, experience consultancy and mentorship to establish yourself as a food entrepreneur.

Established in 2011, Feastly is a renowned name in the food industry. It’s a kind social dining experience where the foodie and the chef come on the same platform. The chef gets the opportunity to prepare his/her unique menu as well as fix their prices. is a bit professional in their services and charge nominal fees from both the end. To be a Feastly chef you need to register on their website with full profile details along with your experience. Tell why your food is unique. The site has a special feature. Even if you don’t have a spacious dining area to host, they may provide you a place to host in selected cities.

VizEat is really a good website providing a home dining experience with a professional touch. Their service extends to more than 130 countries of the world. Though a new entrant into the field, they made their presence felt within the industry.

If you want to join the site as a host, you get ample opportunities to earn, not merely with serving dinners, but taking guests to food tour or arranging cooking classes etc. VizEat works in the same way as any other dinner hosting sites. After registering with the site, divulge your culinary uniqueness and experiences. After registering to suggest a meal to be hosted on the site and wait for the first guest to request a booking. The best part is VizEat don’t charge any fees to host a dinner at your place.

Do You Want To Create Your Own Brand in Cooking?


Being a foodie is fine but to be a good cook you need a balance of passion and art. Cooking is a form of expression of happiness and Being a chef at home can really give the homemakers an edge over others. Surely, experience matters but ultimately it is the dedication and determination of the very people that decide the turning point of a career.

I hope you liked this article. If you have any queries, please ask in the comments section below.

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