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How To Fight Procrastination? 5 Causes And Their Remedies

By Deep Sikder
Last updated on 21st Jan 2018

I think all the rational human being understands how procrastination works as a deterrent to our success. Many will agree with me that it is the most affecting factor in our productivity. Knowing such an evil thing who doesn’t want to get rid of this? In fact, people try hard to fight procrastination with all means, but can you say how many succeeds.

Let’s Fight Procrastination

At the initial stage, a person casually defers his tasks at a later date which gradually turns out to be a habit that he cannot reverse even with a strong will. Because he fails to address those basic reasons that instil the habit of procrastination in him. In this blog, I’ll cover up those points that cause procrastination and the solutions to get rid of it.

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What Is Procrastination?

Though you know what procrastination is, let me reiterate it once again. It is nothing but deferment of actions or tasks at a later time. Another concept of procrastination is doing the non-essential works, setting aside the most critical ones. Usually, the behaviour of a person procrastinating is delaying, unnecessary and counterproductive.

Causes of Procrastination

Procrastination is a (bad) habit, but the good thing is, this is not unbreakable. But, persons suffering from deep procrastination habit often find it challenging to crack it. This is purely due to the ignorance of the reason and improper application of remedial measures. Let’s first know what the causes of procrastination are.

1. Lack of Organisational Skills

This is the vital reason behind any procrastination. A person deficient in organisational skills cannot prioritise works. He/she finds it hard to identify the tasks that are urgent and that are not so urgent. A vital reason for being unorganised is that they never plan their works beforehand or treasure their plans in the mind rather than expressing them on a paper.

Preparing a To Do list or scheduling tasks can make things a lot easier. It helps you to prioritise the jobs on the basis of their urgency and critical features.

2. Lack of Decision-Making Skills

This is one of the causes of procrastination. Delay in taking a decision at one job, may have a cumulative effect on the succeeding jobs. As a result, the whole work process gets delayed. This is primarily due to lack of knowledge and experience- a person hesitates or takes much longer time to take a decision.

Decision making skill is a virtue that develops with one’s knowledge and experience.  If you have knowledge and working experience in respective fields, it would be a lot easier to make decisions.

3. Overwhelmed By The Task

It is hard to digest such a reason, but researchers found that if you are overwhelmed by a task may cause procrastination. Now let me explain how. Say you are bestowed with a big project by your superior for which you don’t have any previous experience. And the whole decision-making process rests on you. In such a situation, you feel pressured to perform. And your decision making gets delayed due to fear of failure.

Well, this can be handled in a different and effective manner. First, you study the whole project and talk to respective persons to acquire knowledge and experience in this regard. Then you break down the project into smaller tasks. You can complete the task much earlier.

4. Uninteresting Jobs

A major reason behind procrastination is uninterest for a job. See the reason is simple, if you find a job uninteresting, it doesn’t matter to you what its consequences would be. So you feel less energetic to work and have a lackadaisical attitude to complete the task and as a result, the work gets delayed.

If somebody is less interested in a job, it’s better to keep them at bay. And if such a move is not possible, a motivational consultation can be organised to ignite the workers for doing the job.

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5. Being A Perfectionist

Another reason for procrastination is being a perfectionist. Perfectionists procrastinate because they sought for such a perfect outcome that costs for larger resources like time and money which is otherwise not required.

Rather than concentrating on a single task for perfection, you should put stress on completing the entire job on time. You can try improvements and upgradations during the residual time after completing the job.

Steps To Counter Procrastination:

Step 1: Strong Determination

Strong determination is the primary driving force to counter procrastination. Coming out of such a habit is not an easy task unless you prepare your mind to take on any challenge comes midway. Meditate regularly to eliminate distractions and improve your focus. Create a virtual situation in your mind depicting negative consequences that can occur if you don’t get things done on time.

Step 2: Planning

Planning has no alternative to fighting procrastination. It would be easy for you to prioritize works. Job scheduling works great in bringing down the time consumption per work especially in big projects. You can easily identify those jobs where you have the scope for reducing the time. A well maintained ‘To Do’ list is an effective tool to mitigate procrastination.

Step 3: Accountability

If you are serious about fighting procrastination, make yourself accountable. If you are not accountable for your time bound jobs, the work tends to get delayed. There is one fruitful technique you can apply. Appoint someone to hold you accountable. It’s human psychology that we usually attempt to do what we say when we know that someone else is watching us and will hold us accountable.


Procrastination acts as an impediment to your progress. The faster you come out of it, the better your life would be. The measures cited above to combat procrastination are the standard practices followed across the globe. Apart from that, you can have your own studies about your works and habits, intelligent manipulation of which can help you better to fight procrastination.

The most important thing that you should always remember that willpower is of utmost importance to fight procrastination. Whatever the path you follow to get rid of this, strong determination plays a pivotal role. So, while pushing for such combat prepare yourself psychologically to take on any challenges that demand your effort.

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