Learn the art of how to choose interview outfit, because the appropriate clothes to wear to in a job interview can either make or break your chances of getting hired.

Some companies mandate employees wear suits every day. At others, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone wearing an appropriate attire – billionaire CEOs included. Given all the different standards and information out there, do you know how to choose your outfit for an interview?

How to Choose Interview Outfit

There is a renowned saying that the ‘first impression is the last impression.’ Well, the statement makes a lot of sense when it comes to the first day of the job interview.

You must be intrigued to know that your attire has a considerable influence on the interviewer’s psyche. A lot about the decision making depends on the very first impression you leave about yourself.

Hence, when it comes to an interview morning, fitting in the right physical outlook is as essential as the mental preparation.

Listed below are some of the vital tips and tactics to help you make your first impression worthy and add an extra layer of luck to it by choosing an appropriate outfit for an interview!

1. Perform a certain level of research on current dress codes

Interview dress codes have broken the barriers of sticking to the mainstream conventional formal look. Today’s workplace fashion statement is all about feeling confident and comfortable.

However, you cannot completely wipe away the tinge of a traditional formal look. This is precisely where extensive research comes into the frame.

You will be amazed to see how the fashion industry has introduced some of the unique trends when it comes to formal attire. You will find plenty of cool sites on the web that will load your mind with dressing ideas.

2. Consider the job type because it makes a lot of difference

Well, this part really matters as a lot of it depends on which category of the job are you interviewing for. Your interviewer will expect your first impression to be slightly aligned to that.

So, say you are going for an interview as a gallery curator, you are not entirely restricted to incorporate your artistry and creativity in your dressing style.

Instead, pepping-up your formal look with some elegant pieces of jewels will just reflect your true personality. In contrary, if you are going for a hardcore corporate job interview, you know what to wear!

3. Even if you are a casual dresser switch the professional button on

The third significant aspect that you will need to focus on is professional dressing. Well, do not be in the wrong assumption that dressing creatively will cut off on the professional look.

That is far from true as both the aspects are poles apart. Even if you did not pick a shirt and blazer, make sure that the replacement looks decent and neat. All you need to do is balance the elements carefully, and you are good to go!

4. Consider the weather and leave the blazer alone if not required

A job interview does not have to always determine by a typical blazer. They definitely look sophisticated and reflect that ideal impression, but then again you should feel comfortable in what you wear.

Moreover, if the weather is not permitting, you can simply do with a full-sleeve shirt. Other than that, you do not have to force your style statement, and you can always compliment your attire with a shrug, short jacket or scarf.

5. Shoes are the key to descent and proper interview dressing

Now comes the most noticeable part. Though we tend to give our feet the least of attention, footwear really makes a significant mark on how we look irrespective of any occasion.

Ladies often prefer to wear heels with their stunning formals; however, it is crucial that you carry them comfortably. If you are more comfortable in flats, choose the cap-toed shoes as they really go with formal attire.

6. What is the best color to wear to an interview? this is a biggy!

Well, there is a huge reason that this part is a biggy. This is precisely where you will be making a significant mark on the mind of your interviewer. An easy way to infuse a good impression among the interviewers is by having the best color to wear to an interview.

There is no hard and fast rule about which is the best color to wear to an interview, but people still follow a particular trend. Try to wear a light solid color top wear and a contrasting lower wear. Studies suggest that colors make a massive mark on the interviewers.

7. Be particular about how you mix and match

Another key to the right dressing style when attending an interview is smart mixing and matching. Mixing and matching for a job interview is quite different from mixing up outfits and accessories for a casual occasion.

Use elegance your as strongest weapon in case of any formal occasion and that is how you always look better than the person next to you even with the simplest of outfits!

8. Definitely avoid creases and limit your accessories

This point requires least of description as maximum individuals follow the criteria as mentioned above. Even if crease is a new fashion statement, it is a bog no for interview dress codes irrespective of how casual the job category is.

Also note that you use simple accessories like, chain necklace, watch, etc. and choose subtle fragrances.

9. Go for a hairstyle that suits your interview attire the best

Only because you are attending an interview, you do not have to tie up your hair forcefully. Ladies often feel uncomfortable in neatly tied up hairstyles as some of them are not really used to it.

In that case, just focus on one thing and that is tidiness. Even if your hair is completely open, make sure that you get rid of all the fizzes and split ends and uneven locks that make you look clumsy.

You can also use some hair serum to keep the locks at the place.

10. Prioritize comfort above all!

Well, last but never the least; it is essential that you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

Whether it is an accessory, blazer, trousers, footwear or even a whiff of perfume, make sure that you do not choose a piece that is completely opposite to your taste.

You can definitely align something new to your existing attire but then make sure that you can carry it well and focus on your entire performance.

Following are some of the important topics that you may look into:


To wrap up, you can always personalize your interview dress code according to your distinctive tastes and preferences.

But the catch lies in paying heed to the traditional norms of formal dress code along with your personal dressing trend to maintain a perfect balance. Hope this helps. Good luck!