How I Survived Job Scams? 8 Warning Signs To Tackle Fraud Jobs

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Job scams nowadays have shaken the confidence and faith of the youngsters. Fraud jobs, work from home scams are becoming so common in our society that we can’t even discriminate the genuine one. Hence I thought of sharing my real life experiences of scam job offers through this awareness blog and figure out some points to identify the fraud jobs.

How I Survived Job Scams?

I often write blogs about money making ideas– the ideas to earn some extra money through conventional methods or ways of a new genre. It’s a never-ending search. It’s the human ingenuity that ignites him to find out new ways to earn money. I find this job quite socialising. As I see youngsters are wondering here and there for jobs, for earning money, so why not contributes a little bit to ease their efforts. I am not claiming we are the only one. There are hundreds of sites doing this. But can you claim what are the real one that gives you real money and no false promises?

There are many phone calls come to you, lots of emails, advertisements to lure you with a lucrative career, lots of money and what not. Every day millions of people fall prey to them. So, I have decided to do a reality check on them. I have personally verified some of the money making options including jobs through online portals and like to share my experiences in this article.

Job Phone Calls: Scam Job Offers

First, let me start with phone calls that I receive. I registered with 2-3 reputed job portals and submitted my contact details (phone no. and email id) as instructed by the sites. There I mentioned my academic qualification and working experience along with the present salary I draw. The sites also asked me to choose the functional areas I would like to be hired by. After completing the profile building and uploading the Resume, I was redirected to jobs list page.

There are varieties of job openings enlisted in the site search results, matching my criteria. For the time being, I thought of avoiding those search results and decided to wait for the one I aspire to have. As usual, the job portals keep on dumping my inbox with hundreds of job offerings. But very soon I started getting calls from different sources. Most of the callers introduced themselves as bankers and some even claimed to be calling from the job sites itself.

The Reality Check

One fine morning, I received such a call and the caller introduced himself as an executive of the job site. He asked me whether I would like to work in a well-known bank at my locality As I was eager to know the reality, I affirmed. On my affirmation, he told me to pay a sum for registration, so that my CV can be forwarded to the mentioned bank and assured me that a senior official would contact me. I objected and told them that I would pay only when I get the job. I knew that was not the end. They wouldn’t leave me.

As everything was orchestrated, the very next day I received a call. The person on the other side of the line was a senior manager from the bank (as claimed) and told me that my resume was forwarded by the portal and I have to go through a telephonic interview with the HR manager. As usual, I have been selected and the manager asked me to pay a hefty amount fees as documents verification charge. Somehow I managed to convince them that I need some time to pay the sum.

Job Scams: Confirmed

Immediately, I called the customer support of the originals job portals where I was registered. They confirmed me; they don’t call their portal members for jobs. The portal collects the job seekers details and forwards them to the interested employer, where from the candidate is selected. All the things work on emails and no phone calls. By then, things were clarified. I was almost in a job scam trap.

So, from next time, while wondering for jobs be sure that you are not going to be the victim of such a job scam. Don’t be too desperate for grabbing jobs. Because your desperation may take a toll on your money and trust and you may commit some extreme career mistakes.

Data Entry Jobs:

Well, this experience is a bit different from the above one. I will not say that the activities here are outright fraudulent, but not very encouraging either. You can see many online portals, newspapers, flyers etc. cite data entry jobs, work from home jobs advertisements. As vows to give you real money making ideas, we thought of doing one reality check for such a data entry job.

Working From Home Scams

Here I choose two alternatives, online and offline. For offline verification, I went to an office address found in a daily newspaper. It was just a usual office, two ladies were on the reception table. I went to one of the receptionists, querying about the advertisement I saw.

The lady (the receptionist), gave me one folder containing the terms and conditions and data entry jobs description. It had a few sample image printout from where I have to do typing in Microsoft Word. She didn’t allow me to take the copy of the terms and conditions, so I glimpsed over them. They offered me a handsome remuneration for the job (out of which they need a share of 25%). But, prior to the appointment, I need to submit a security deposit which is refundable (as told by them).

I was a bit hesitant it taking up the job. Besides paying the security deposit, I found the job borne a high amount of penalty and the completion period was such a short that I couldn’t afford to lose the money and the man-hour.

Next, I went for the online version. It has also the same storyline. But this time I made my mind to take up the job as the registration fee was lower to the previous one and has much longer time duration to complete the project. After a due process, they send me the mail containing the terms and conditions and manuals of writing and the image files from which I have to type.

The Reality Check

The image file that I was offered to type on MS Word

I was very excited to explore such a money making means. But soon, my excitement ended up with disappointment. The font, as well as its size used in the images, was utterly impossible to read. Even if I decode it with a magnifying glass, very soon I would lose my eyesight. And the writing instructions were so rigid and the penalties levied even for no reasons made me feel this is not my cup of tea.

The notion I deduced about data entry jobs is that the people who are engaging you for the jobs are no way interested in paying you. Rather they are interested in collecting registration money. Though there may be some exceptional cases, the quantum of fraudulent employers is far bigger than our imagination.

8 Warning Signs To Tackle Fraud Jobs

The reason I am sharing my experience is no way to demoralise the job seeker fraternity but to caution them with the fraudulent practices going on within the industry. So, here I would like to share a few points that may help a job seeker in identifying the fraud jobs and stay out of the job scams.

  1. When you didn’t contact the employer, but employer contact to offer jobs
  2. The pay is exceptionally good, even if you are fresher without any experience
  3. The selection process is utterly simple and make you feel that you are made for the job
  4. Job descriptions are not clear and the interviewer are least bothered about your knowledge
  5. Asking for money for registration, document verification, medical examination etc.
  6. The structure of the job email is unprofessional, contact details are missing and sent from personal email IDs.
  7. When the information about the employer is not available on the internet
  8. The employer asks for bank details to remit salaries even before your appointment


If you minutely go through the points above, you will notice that in all the cases the employer itself takes the first step in offering you jobs and make you feel that they are obliged to do so. Whenever you go for a job, be it on pay-roll or freelancing jobs always try to verify the employer’s identity and don’t indulge yourself in bribery practices to acquire the job.

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