There is a famous quote that dad used to tell me when I was a kid. “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. It was very simple and easy to remember for almost every child like me. We used to recite it for hundreds and thousand times before our parents, our relatives, our teachers and so on; without understanding the thought behind it.

As we grew up we realised the connection between health and early rising from bed. But people still wonder about the connection between wealth creation and early rising. On a careful observation, I realized that there are few points which will help in altering things towards a more fulfilling life and which gives a proper investment of the time and energy to make things happen.

1. Spend Quality Time With Yourself

Waking up at 5 am gives you a great opportunity to spend quality time with yourself. You will not be bothered by phone calls, emails, texts etc. This quality time rejuvenates your metabolism. It will make you feel fresh even in chaos working conditions.

2. Best Time To Make Strategy

This is the best time to do strategic planning for your business. You are open to new ideas when you feel relaxed and early morning hours are the best times to kick-start your day. While returning late from your job or existing business place, you would be so tired that your brain will not allow you to concentrate and focus on new things which require brainstorming.

3. Best Time Reading Books

New ideas or techniques have vital roles in effectively delivering duties, be it in your business or jobs. Doing research and reading books gives you an edge in this regard and early morning hours are the perfect time for that. Other times in a day don’t give you that luxury of experimenting with your works.

4. Best Time For Daily Planning

Waking up early helps you in planning your priorities and makes it easier to rank your jobs according to their importance. Prioritising works gives you a scope for finishing your job faster and accumulate free time for your own will.

5. Work Without Interruption

You will be spending 2 extra productive hours of working for your company without being interrupted and this allows you to double your efficiency. In this manner, you get to complete 25 to 50% of your daily tasks. You will feel much more relaxed and confident knowing that you will finish everything you had planned for that day.

6. Gives You A Healthy Family Life

For doing business you need peace of mind as regards your family matters so that you can think more innovative and more effective ways of performing your jobs. Now if you wake up early in the morning, you can choose to make breakfast for your spouse and family. This is incredibly effective in making your family happy. After all, they matter the most.

7. Best Time For Meditation

Waking up at 5 am is the best time for doing meditation and exercises in comparison to the other times of the day. As the ambient is cool and calm, you can feel the natural surroundings. Meditation in the early morning hours is 50% more effective and gives you natural oxygen supplies to the brain cells and helps you take decisions proactively.

8. Time To Sattle Complexity

5 am to 7 am is the best time in a day to understand complex matters, be it technical or non-technical. After a day-long hard work, your brain gets jammed and you stuck. But in the morning hours, your brain is fresh after a few hours of sleep and you are open to things those are normally clumsy to understand.

9. Quality Time For Writing

If you are writing your book or blog, morning hours gives you an extra mileage, this is because you are not disturbed by anyone. Secondly, your brain is relaxed to create fresh ideas for your writings. You can easily get at least 2 hours for your writings. Publishing blogs in the social media during early morning hours have a better chance that people may read it as very few people are awake, your blog will not be heaped down by their posts.

10. Have A Quality Time For Yourself

Finally, what important is, you can start your day the way you like. You’ll not be interfered by others. You can play with your silly hobbies, no one is going to laugh at you. These are very important in our lives. They create a positive vibe in our day to day business. Remember if you are happy, only then you can make things happy for others.

The points mentioned are illustrative and not must do things in our life. It’s our own perspective that gives direction to our life. It cannot be methodical, nor it can be fitted in a rigid routine program, it moves with the demand. But some habits, which are though not essential, practicing them may greet us with positive results. It is about time-tested conditions and strategies you can use to achieve your best.