HomeworkMarket Review: A Way To Earn Money By Doing Homework

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When I was evaluating various money making opportunities, I found doing online homework or assignments are quite worthy opportunities to cash out. There are a good number of websites engaged in these activities. And one of them is HomeworkMarket.com. In this blog, we will review the pros and cons of the website as a money-making opportunity.

Among the sites providing online homework or assignment services and online tutoring, HomeworkMarket.com is a popular one both for service receiver or service provider. In this review blog, our target is to assess the opportunities created by the site for the people who are interested to earn money by freelance homework jobs. Here’s what I have gathered while reviewing the site.

About The Website

Let’s start with a brief introduction of the website. HomeworkMarket.com is an online marketplace for homework services. The site acts as a mediator connecting the school, colleges and university level students with experts or tutors knowledgeable in their respective fields, to answer questions or to do their assignments. Started in 2011, the site is not very old, yet it managed to capture a great chunk of visitors/customers.

The feature of the site is pretty simple. They are very straightforward in their subject. The home page itself tells everything about the site. A student registers himself on the site and posts a question asking for help. Once a question is posted, it will be answered by more than one teacher and will be treated as reference answers. A student will be able to see the preview of the answer and based upon that he/she can purchase the full answer.

Opportunity For Tutors

HomeworkMarket.com offer answer services in different subjects ranging from Mathematics to Political Science, History to Biology. So, the site provides a good opportunity for teachers having expertise in different fields.

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Students give start ratings to freelance teachers, depending on the level of satisfaction experienced by them. So, as a teacher, you should always be up to date and deliver the best out of you. A teacher having more stars have a brighter chance that a student selects his/her answers.

Ease Of Access: (5/5)

The graphical interface is very clean. On clicking the ‘Go here’ link the interface changes for the teachers. If you want to get registered as a tutor, you may find the link button on the upper right-hand corner of the site.

The signup process is pretty simple. You can register yourself with your social accounts like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, as well as with your Email ID.

The signup page.

You have to create two profiles on the site. One is private for site’s internal purpose and the other is for public viewing. To get registered on the site you need atleast two Govt Ids. In the public profile, you can upload your profile picture, write taglines etc. Your academic degrees, as well as your field of expertise, should also be mentioned as you would be judged by those by the students.

The site provides a good facility to chat with students whenever required. This makes things easier both for students and teachers to sort out things that hinder delivery of answers. There is also a scope for a teacher to promote himself through this chatting. Moreover, it shows the members who are online.

Authenticity: (4/5)

The site is operating in the homework service domain since 2011. Till date, no scam has yet been reported against this website. Based on previous experiences of the tutors, though a few delay in payments has been noticed, there is no record for non-payment.

Remuneration & Payouts: (3/5)

HomeworkMarket has a large student base, so it’s a good opportunity for a tutor to exhibit his knowledge and expertise and make a good money. Though it has not been clearly mentioned on the Site, it is deduced that the tutor himself fixes the price of the answer. If a student finds the answer as well as the price appropriate for his/her purpose, he/she will buy it. The payments are made through online mediums like PayPal, Payoneer and prepaid MasterCard through Payoneer.

The Company makes an upfront deduction of 20 percent as a commission from the fees paid by the students to the teachers along with handling charges for paying through online medium. This is a quite high rate of commission charged by any site so far as homework service is concerned. The Company is also silent about payout periods. But it has been witnessed in many reviews that the Site holds the payment for 45 days which is not very lucrative.

Overall Impression:

The usability of HomeworkMarket is not very complex, but the site lacks in providing some vital information regarding bidding process, dispute resolution process, payout periods etc. The Faq section of the site doesn’t serve the purpose of a student as well as a tutor. It seems very unprofessional as far as addressing the key points in its service. A video representation could have been better for conveying the focus points of the site to its visitors.

Feel free to share your experiences and reviews below in the comments section.

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Deep Sikder

Deep Sikder

The author is the founder of Bihog.com. He is passionate about blogging that uplifts the social and financial life of the people. He is especially interested in blogs nurturing money making ideas, the website SEO works and digital marketing for a better tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “HomeworkMarket Review: A Way To Earn Money By Doing Homework”

  1. The site has helped me greatly with my assignments and specifically, I’ve had my work done by a lady tutor going by the name – mywriter360 –
    She has delivered to me high grades I could not imagine. Great site

  2. Homework market is a great site. I have used it more than once and it offers great services. Try a tutor there called Bethuel Best

  3. Homework market writers are thieves. I worked with their writers and they failed to pay me. They equally don’t respond to emails

  4. There is a part in connection of homewormarkert and payoneer which says update. Have tried to update so many times but in vain.what could be the problem?


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