What Do I Need To Start Vlogging? 10 Essential Vlogging Tips To Success

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What do I need to start vlogging? Such a query is common among aspiring vloggers. This blog is all about the step-by-step guide to vlogging for beginners and some essential vlogging tips for success.

Vlog Ideas For Beginners

If you are following the social trends, you shouldn’t have missed that Vlogging or video version of blogging is creating buzz across the social platforms. They are the new genre in expressing one’s thoughts. Video blogs or Vlogs are becoming so popular that has already created a great viewer base on various social platforms and video publishing sites. Now the question is how to start a successful vlog and how it can be a money-making venture?

In this blog, I will be sharing some facts and a step-by-step guide to vlogging for building vlog ideas for beginners. Besides that, I will also share the prospects of vlogging and the name of the successful YouTubers who created milestones in vlogging.

What is Vlogging?

Well, the concept of Vlogging is pretty simple. What I am writing in a blog, if I would have said the same thing in a video format, then it is called Vlogging. It can be anything from an amateurish video at a to professionally directed cinematic vlogs, from a product demonstration to exotic travel video, anything.

Off late, companies and individuals are taking vlogs as a video marketing tool and in fact, their results are astonishing too. As per Wordstrem, an online advertisement manager, about 87% of the online marketers use video content.

What Do I Need To Start Vlogging?

Video blogging or vlogging don’t require the skills of a professional filmmaker. Some simple strategies and techniques can lead you to be a popular vlogger (of course your vlog needs to be an interesting one). Here are the basic steps, by following which you can produce some really awesome video blogs.

How To Start A Successful Vlog? Step-by-Step Guide To Vlogging

Step 1: Make A Strategy For Vlogging

A written strategy works best for you. Before starting your vlog, consider your actions, skills and knowledge you possess and how best they can be presented to the audience. Try to be natural in your actions. Because if you indulge in acting, it may be tiring for you and visitors may not enjoy your works. A written script in most of the occasions works best for your vlogs. So, prepare it, at least for the points that you won’t like to miss.

Step 2: Consider Your Audience

This is a part of your greater strategy, still, I think this topic should be given due emphasis so that you can reach out to the right audience. The audience can be bifurcated into age-specific, gender-specific, industry-specific or country specific. A detailed analysis of your audience can have a better conversion rate than others. For example, use of terms and vocabularies can be adjusted in your vlog considering the age factors of your audience and so on.

Step 3: Choose The Vlogging Platform

Once you think about videos, the first name that pops up in your mind is undoubtedly YouTube. And why not? It has such a big viewer base. According to some reports, YouTube has a user base of more than 1 billion, almost one-third of the total internet users. So, as a newbie or an experienced one everybody likes to be with the giant. But you will be pleased to know that there are also some other reputed sites with a considerable user base. Some of them are Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Tinypic and Veoh. So, you can choose the suitable one or two for your vlogs.

Step 4: Prepare For Recording

Though it’s not the necessity to have hi-tech equipments for your vlogging, yet recording with a good camera preferably high definition would certainly draw more viewers than the basic one. Lighting is also important especially when you are doing an indoor video shoot. And when you are under the Sun shooting in between 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. produces the best results.

Some of the gears that you need to start vlogging are:

  1. DSLR with autofocus, flip screen and wide-angle lens. Canon 700D is a good choice.
  2. A unidirectional mike that catches your voice and reduces background noise.
  3. A tripod to mount the camera. Gorillapod is a special tripod meant for outdoor shooting on which camera can be mounted on uneven surfaces.
  4. SD card with adequate memory and that has a writing speed of minimum 80mbps.
  5. A drone if somebody wants to woo viewers with thrills and cinematic aerial footage.

Step 5: Edit Your Video

This is vital. Even an ordinary footage looks highly engaging if you have good video editing skills. Synchronisation of video and audio with a perfect mix would surely add some extra subscribers to your channel. Try to magnet viewers with catchy headlines. Use of sub-titles in the footage makes even more attractive and professional. It’s your editing skills that can differentiate your works with others despite the mediocre content.

Step 6: Build Your Own Vlogging Brand

Uploading an isolated video is not enough. It is the first step for a bigger show. The key to success in vlogging depends on building your brand. Let people know what you serve. It is suggested that you select a topic you are at home in and go by your niche. At least, a viewer should feel that he/she would receive the right content what he/she is expecting. This, in turn, helps you build a vlogging brand bigger than an isolated vlog.

Step 7: Build A Vlogging Community

Indulge yourself in a bigger vlogging community. Comment on vlogs of other vloggers that address the same topics of yours. Subscribe to their channels and make friendship with the fellow vloggers. You may invite other vloggers to watch your content. This will give you more exposure and a larger network.

Earning Opportunities

With our gradual progression towards internet economy, has unfolded several modern ways to make money. One research shows that about one-third of our online activities is spent on watching videos. This internet engagement gives you some excellent earning opportunity as a Vlogger. Vlog marketing is the recent trend, exploited by the marketers heavily.

But before jumping on the bandwagon, make yourself prepared to face the reality. It true that it may take months or years to build up a dedicated viewer base. So, don’t expect the success overnight. YouTube pays to its contributors based on the number of views of the vlog. So, the popular your vlog is, the better you will be paid off.

Apart from YouTube payments, there is an also scope for earning through sponsored videos, referral videos and shoutouts. Product reviews tend to give you handsome earning opportunities based on your viewers count. Off late big corporate houses are tying up with popular vloggers to merchandise their brands for a larger customer base. Marketers are proactively involved in collaborating with vloggers, knowing the video is the most popular medium amongst all.

Do You Know?

Submitting photographs to stock photography websites is a good source to earn money. If you have a passion for photography and ideas about light and camera focus, then this will really deliver you great yields. Learn how.

Success Stories

The dominance of YouTube has created success stories not merely for itself, but for its thousands of contributors popularly known as ‘Youtubers’. You will be astonished to learn that some of them have millions of viewers and every day millions and thousands of people watch their videos. They work in the different genre and have excelled in their respective niche. Some of the popular YouTube channels are:

1. PewDiePie
Subscriber count: 58.4 million

2. elrubiusOMG
Subscriber count: 26.6 million

3. Fernanfloo
Subscriber count: 25.1 million

4. Smosh
Subscriber count: 22.8 million

5. VanossGaming
Subscriber count: 21.9 million

10 Essential Vlogging Tips To Be A Successful

Being a successful Vlogger you need to be natural before the camera. It makes your works less tiring and much enjoyable for your viewers. Bear in mind that viewing your vlogs should never push your viewers in a state of monotony. Engaging viewers is a great skill that you have to inculcate. Here are some simple but effective vlogging tips and tricks to win over the viewer’s heart.

  1. Do your research before publishing your content. Wrong or false information definitely harm your viewership.
  2. Be cautious about using copyrighted contents. As a good gesture take permission of the owners.
  3. Don’t try to hide your emotions in the videos. Natural emotions add great synergy to your viewership.
  4. Don’t compare yourself with the successful YouTubers on the first day of your vlogging. That will give you nothing but depression.
  5. Indulge in vlogging if you are passionate about it. If you are there for the money and returned empty-handed, you would be upset.
  6. Be realistic. At the early stages, despite you have done an excellent job, your subscriber counts may not change much.
  7. At the end of the video, always appeal to your viewers to like, share and subscribe to your videos.
  8. Respond to your audience comments. Be polite even they criticize you.
  9. Take care your viewer’s choice or request. It creates a friendly relationship between you and your audience.
  10. Don’t listen to haters. Be focused on what are you doing. Paying heed to their comments may heavily hamper your works.


Hope this blog has delivered basic vlogs ideas for beginners. Though vlogging is a lucrative earning opportunity, yet the road to success is not even. Carry your works with utmost care and passion. Rather than copying other’s content try to create your original story. If your content is engaging, it would surely draw the attention.

If you have any query in this regard please feel free submit them below in the comments box.

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