COVID-19 has been the most discussed topic since the beginning of 2020, also the most debated and covered topic in the parliament and bulletin.

The governments and international organizations such as the UN, WHO, World Bank, and IFM showed their concern about human and economic losses. World Bank and IMF also warned for the recession. COVID-19 did not spare anything; it is infecting people and affecting lives and businesses.

Significant sectors, including aviation, retail, oil and gas industry, and many more, are struck hard and suffer from substantial losses. As one of the world’s most critical sectors, the education sector also suffered due to the ongoing pandemic. Shutting of schools in many countries has either led to postponing of exams or in extreme cases even cancelling it.

COVID-19 made a considerable impact on students’ lives. Many students couldn’t give their exams, many of them were preparing for entrance exams to take admission in foreign universities. But, COVID-19 left them disheartened.

However, many schools and universities came up with a solution. Thanks to the inventors of the internet and technologies like smartphones, laptops, and video calls, students were able to join online classes.

An organization such as GMAC and ETS allowed students to take home test. Here is how GMAT, GRE, TOE FL, and IELTS allowed students to prepare and grow during the COVID-19 lockdown.

GMAT Online Exam

After the governments announced the lockdown in several countries, the GMAT aspirants were hopefully waiting for the good news and updates, and GMAT came with the good news. GMAT brought online examination and started their registration for online test on April 14. Continuation of appointment will go until June 15, 2020, which started since April 20, 2020.

The idea behind introducing the GMAT online test was to help students and schools during the pandemic.

The GMAT online test contains Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning sections, and the number of questions and time is the same as per the current in-person GMAT exam.

Section Structure:

Sections Time Allowed
31 Quantitative 62 minutes
36 verbal 65 minutes
12 Integrated Reasoning 30 minutes

Currently, GMAT is providing 24/7 appointment service to make everything flexible. The GMAT exam is available in every country except Mainland China, Iran, Sudan, Slovenia, and North Korea.


GRE and TOEFL are the parts of ETS (Educational Testing Service), and both are important for taking admission in top universities globally. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both testings suffered.

However, ETS announced the availability for home testing for both TOEFL and GRE. All the test takers are allowed to take the test from their homes until the situation goes back to normal. The home test is available worldwide except Mainland China and Iran.

However, ETS informed that they are closely working with NEEA to accommodate test-takers, and working in Iran to provide home testing. ETS is offering home test facilities for both TOEFL and GRE with maintaining safety and security.

ETS allowed candidates to take home test exams for both GRE and TOEFL. To check availability and eligibility, visit GRE General Test at Home and TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition.


IELTS launched the IELTS indicator as a solution to counter COVID-19 restriction. IELTS indicator is an English online test designed for students who cannot attend test centres.

IELTS indicator evaluates Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening skills of the English language of students, and allows online test from their homes. The format and testing will follow the same guidelines and structure as they are observed at a testing centre. Here is the test format IELTS indicator follows:

Section Time Allowed Total Tasks/Questions
Writing 60 Minutes 2 Tasks
Reading 60 Minutes 40 Questions
Listening 30 Minutes 40 Questions
Speaking 11 to 14 Minutes 3 Tasks over video call

However, not all the organizations are accepting IELTS Indicator as per the admission criteria as it only provides the indicative score. To know which organization is allowing IELTS Indicator, click HERE.

To take the IELTS Indicator test, you must follow these guidelines.

  • A quiet room to take the exam
  • A laptop or computer with mic, headphones, and a camera
  • Stable internet connection
  • Your ID documents to show while speaking test.
  • Your age must be 16 years or older to take the IELTS Indicator test.

You can book your IELTS Indicator test by clicking HERE.


The COVID-19 pandemic halted the world and affected almost everything, but thanks to the innovation, people brought solutions to combat the impacts.

It is no less than a boon for students that they can give their examinations and take classes online without any significant loss of their education. Every international educational organization conducted online courses and tests.

And both ETS and GMAC also took the initiative to help students to focus on their studies. Without the accessibility of the internet and the advancement of technology, it would be a total waste of all the hard work of students.

And we appreciate all the efforts educational organizations are putting to support and encourage students.