World economies are fluctuating to the point where people don’t know if they will lose their jobs or keep them. When an economic downfall hits, people don’t know if or how they will survive. This has made the idea of seeking alternative incomes more desirable just in case things go really bad. And in today’s date, there are a number of ideas to make money online in order to get rich.

Putting money in an investment account and letting the savings build up, is way old fashion these days. As long as you have an internet connection with charging outlets available, the possibilities of earning passive income are endless.

Work from home and make money online

If you are thinking of a job that lets you work remotely from any place over the world, then is the right destination. All you need is just a laptop. This website connects your profile with thousands of startups out there and helps you get hired. Your education and experience is valuable and the start-ups know that. They bring you together and facilitate successful partnerships that last. is unique in its own way. The best part is that it won’t charge any single penny from your salary. This is way better than other mediators which charge almost 20% of the salary that you receive. This saves you a heavy amount of $2000 in 6 months. Just sign up as a remote worker and make a profile that showcases all your skills. So, log onto and make money online today.

Online money making from Transcription

First of all, transcription is the process of converting an audio/video into a text document. That is when you convert all the information that a particular audio/video is providing you into a text format, it is said that you have transcribed the audio/video. is one of the leading websites that helps you make money online by doing transcription tasks. It pays you up to $20/hour of transcription. And in addition, you will receive a $5 bonus after completion of each 3 hours. You just have to sign up as a transcriber and you can start transcribing right away. Therefore, log onto and make the most out of it to get rich.

Get Rich by utilising your Real Estate property

If you own Real Estate property and still not making an astonishing profit out of it, then what you need is just an idea. OYO Rooms is one of the fastest growing startups in India and the best idea is to turn you into their partner.  OYO’s asset manager will turn your real estate into a money generating machine. OYO converts your asset into a staying place which is thereafter branded as OYO Rooms. You may receive an amount of more than $1500 a month by just partnering with OYO. Log onto OYO Rooms and make a Real business out of your Real Estate property.

Make money by buying expired domains

I know you have heard of property reselling. But have you ever heard of domain reselling? Yes, Internet Domain reselling is one of the best-proven methods to make money online. If you buy a domain for $1-$2 and the sell it even for $15-$20 you will get rich. Because you will be making a hefty 1000% profit. You may follow these certain steps which will guide you throughout:

  1. Firstly, you need to find out that which domains are going to get expired. For that, log onto Here you will get almost a hundred thousands of website domains that have expired.
  2. Then go for domain names which end with “.com” because they have been the most on demand category in the Internet business.
  3. Now, once you have chosen your desired domain, check whether the domain name that you bought is going to be a popular one or not. And this an important step to get rich through this. For that go to google keyword planner and type in the domain name. If domain name shows a large amount of search over google receives by people, then you are on the right track. Otherwise, find another domain which is going to get a good amount of search on the internet.
  4. Then after choosing the domain that you are interested in, go to a hosting website. And is one of the leading once. Here, you can buy the domain that you have chosen.
  5. Now, it’s time for the final step. Once you have the domain you wanted, you have to resell it a high profit margin. One of the most important things is to post the domain in many sites, forums, auctions, email marketing etc. is one of the biggest domain selling sites. Moreover, you can try where, you will be receiving the vote for the posted domain and as it goes into the auction, you cannot even imagine how much money you are going to generate.

Make Money by just Clicking on Ads

To make money online, this scheme is absolutely a stunning one. But can it be this easy? Can you imagine that just by clicking on ads also can make you rich? is one of those websites which lets you get rich from ads. You will be getting almost $2 per click!! Isn’t this amazing? All you have to do is just log onto and get register yourself as a member. After subscribing which is totally free, you will be guided through several tasks where you will be clicking the Ads or URLs. You will be receiving emails having affiliated links and ads. The site will also refer you different websites to click on Ads and hence, generating money.


The internet is a tool that will be around forever time, so you have the ability to earn always. It is easy to get discouraged when the market is flooded with so many people trying to make a buck in the same endeavors as you, but don’t let that get you down. If you can find something unique to offer the world, then you are in the money game and you will soon get rich.

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