10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Do Online Homework For Others

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Online assignment jobs have created a new dimension for the tech-savvy community especially the youngsters to earn money by doing assignment or homework for money for others through online.

Those who have a writing passion and have expertise in the given fields online assignment websites extends freelancing opportunity to earn money by solving assignments.

Online homework websites pay you to do homework jobs or academic assignment writing jobs raised by students or other help seekers. Although these freelance online writing jobs are much suitable for the teachers, even non-teaching persons can try their skills in online homework jobs too.

I think doing homework for money is one of the best paid online jobs I have come up with so far. Hence I thought of sharing some of the websites that offer good earning opportunities through online assignment jobs from home as well as freelance writing.

Head Start Your Freelance Career With Online Homework Jobs

Niharika is a Science Graduate, working as a teacher in a school. She helps her students in doing their homework and assignments, not merely out of her professional duties, but has a passion for doing so.

She pursues a normal teaching career and earns a moderate salary. As she has always a knack for interacting with the students, helping them with their homework and assignments, sitting ideally at home during the non-schooling hours are monotonous.

In fact, she gets bored when there is a vacation in the school. She wonders how great it would be if she could utilize those non-productive hours into some kind of productive works in her niche like- online mathematics assignment solving jobs.

10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Do Online Homework For Others 1

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Online Homework Has Added A New Dimension To Online Writing Jobs

Just like Niharika, there are lots of people who strongly believe in utilizing those unproductive hours, otherwise which would have been wasted. But now in this ultra-modern age, you have plenty of options to optimally utilize those non-productive hours.

In Asian countries like India, the freelancing profession is not that popular as it is in Europe or the U.S. According to a survey conducted by Upwork, approximately 36% of the U.S. workforce is engaged in freelancing jobs contributing about $1.4 trillion annually to the economy as on 2017.

It is estimated that by 2027 the freelancer community would contribute the majority to the U.S. economy compared to the regular workforce. Hence, I think the world people should take freelancing seriously to stake a claim on such an untapped opportunity and to lead a prosperous life.

In this article, I am going to share a few websites that provide job opportunities (both part-time and full-time) to them who have a passion for writing, especially in doing assignments and homework for the students.

And the best thing is that you can have very good earnings from such sources, sitting at home only. For this, you simply need a computer, a good internet connection and good knowledge about the subject.

Online assignment solving jobs are a part of the freelance writing profession. It includes academic assignment writing, solving mathematical problems, essay writing etc. all from sitting at your home. So, why should you stick to 9 to 5 jobs?

Websites That Provide Online Assignment Jobs From Home

Although there are numbers of websites that offer you freelance opportunities by doing online homework for others, I picked a few of them. Here are the 10 fabulous websites that pay you for online homework jobs.

1. Homework Market

Homeworkmarket.com is a website that gives you an earning opportunity by helping others to do their homework. In simple words, they provide online homework jobs or freelance writing jobs to job seekers.

The process here is pretty simple- help seekers post their queries on the site and in return they receive a handshake request from the teacher with the price and lead time to do the homework.

The student will have to pay only if he is ready to buy the answer. For an online assignment work, you can generate anywhere around $5 – $9 per student buying your answer.

Homework Market - Online Homework

To become an online homework helper, you need to register yourself on the site. You have to update your profile with a short description of yourself and the degrees you hold, for being chosen by the students.

You can also get email notifications for homework posted on the site based on your field of study and a student’s willingness to pay threshold.

There are two payment systems work here- individual payment system and aggregate payment system.

In individual payment system, your part of the payment will automatically be sent to your PayPal account on payment received of the individual project. But in the case of the aggregate payment system, you have to manually withdraw funds from your credit.

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2. Study Bay

StudyBay.com is another site that helps students in doing their writing assignments. The site is meant for freelance writing for those who like to do online assignment jobs from home.

It works as an online academic exchange platform, where a freelancer submits his bid for doing an assignment submitted by the students.

The site hires freelance writers in a variety of subjects ranging from Arts to Statistics. Their services include essay writing, term paper writing, research paper writing, dissertation writing etc.

StudyBay- Online Writing Jobs

The good thing about the site is that the freelance writer can himself decide what work to do and when to do. As a writer one will get a vast geographical exposure through this site.

A freelance writer at StudyBay.com gets a remuneration minimum $6 per page.

The registration process is also simple. You have to update your profile details and upload the copy of the certificate of your highest degree.

It’s worth mentioning that the site has automated messaging facilities for its writers whenever a job is available in your areas of specialization.

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3. Help With Assignment

Helpwithassignment.com (HWA) is a great site for online writing jobs. The site provides assignments writing services and online tutoring to its clients.

The site provides email based and live assignment help and online homework help in a variety of subjects ranging from Human Resource Management to Marketing; from Chemical Engineering to Accountancy and so on.

A person who has a knack for freelance writing can go online assignment jobs from home through this site. HWA provides a wide range of subjects for online tutoring including English, Maths, Economics and much more.

Help With Assignment- Freelance Writing

To become an online tutor or assignment expert one should fulfill at least the following criteria:

  • Masters or Ph.D. Degree holder in the subject.
  • Work/Teaching Experience of over 2 years.
  • Excellent communication and articulation skills along with good writing skills.
  • Proficiency in English as per American and British standards.

One can apply at HWA with his/her resume to [email protected] for online writing jobs.

The site is silent about the remuneration paid to the writers and reveal things only on joining their team. As an industry average, you can expect a payment of $6-$10 per page of the assignment depending on the scope of work.

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4. School Solver

SchoolSolver.com is a great site where the requirements of the help seekers and the help providers converge. In this site, everybody can ask questions and answer questions.

The best thing about the site is that the freelance writer will be paid repetitively for a single answer if it is bought more than once by the answer seekers.

School Solver - online assignment jobs from home

To become an associate writer of SchoolSolver.com you need to register and answer a quiz regarding the site rules. On updating your profile and selecting your niche, you will receive notifications as per your convenience.

Normally the site charges 20% of the fees as the commission. The site also has a prepayment facility which means the person who seeks an answer can make an upfront payment as he is agreed to buy the answer when it will be posted on/before the due date.

The assignment helpers are paid as per the rates proposed by the help seekers. It can be anything between $5 to $1000 or more depending on the project.

Online chatting facility is also available to communicate with the answer-seekers and hence preparing answers and assignments become easier.

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5. 24 Hour Answers

24houranswer.com is a good website providing educational assistance to the college and university level students. Their service includes online homework writing solutions as well as online tutoring.

For being a tutor at 24houranswer.com you need to be at least a master degree holder. But a student with a Bachelor degree having exceptional track record may also apply.

24 Hour Answer- freelance writing

They hire tutors on an as-needed basis and an aspirant needs to upload his/her required details along with his/her mark sheets or transcripts for verification.

After shortlisting, the candidate will be contacted for an interview. For doing assignments and online tutoring you are free to quote prices keeping the industrial standards and scope of work in mind. Normally the tutors are paid at the beginning of the month through various online payment modes.

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6. Homework For You

Homework For You is pretty straightforward in its service. It works like a homework marketplace. A student can ask for a service like writing an essay or solving an statistical problem.

As a tutor or homework helper, you pick up the suitable project and offer a bid for doing the same.

10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Do Online Homework For Others 2

It is the student who chooses the bid as per his/her requirement and pays for doing the assignment. Once the bid is accepted, your time starts. Meeting the homework or assignments deadline improves your credibility as well as the chances to get more projects.

Your payment would be made only after due approval by the project assignor i.e. the student. The site is no way bothered about the rates charged by the freelancer for doing the homework.

In lieu of providing the assignment Homework For You charges a commission amount to 25 percent of the total fees charged.

7. Studypool

There’s a website called StudyPool.com engaged in homework doing business with its freelancer fraternity. The site deals in 30 odd subjects to provide services like answering questions, doing homework or online tutoring.

10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Do Online Homework For Others 3

Though I haven’t verified, the site claims that a freelance writer can earn about $5000 per month.

A student posts his question on the site for the specified subjects along with the budget and expected delivery date. The student can choose his preferred tutor or may get suggested by Studypool.com.

Studypool is an open platform where the students can post questions and the tutors can submit their bids for doing the homework or answering the question.

The tutors registered with the site are segregated into three categories based on the level of satisfaction enjoyed by the students. The site charges 20-30 percent of the remuneration as commission.

8. EduBoard

EduBoard is comparatively a new site started working in the homework service sector since 2012. It provides an online platform where both the students and the tutors can meet all together to solve their academic queries or do their assignments.


EduBoard caters three types of services- live tutoring, on-demand homework help and one to one test preparation assistance.

The work process is as usual. A student posts his/her questions on the site along with the prices and the deadline to complete the assignment.

As a tutor, you can put your own prices for doing assignments. The price starts from $2 to $25 per question. A student picks up a tutor as per his requirement for the assignment help. EduBoard charges 20 percent of the price charged by the tutor as commission.

9. Yup

Well, this is the one that I found different from the list above. Why? Yup is an exclusive online tutoring site where you can earn money by doing maths homework.

The subjects covered are Pre-algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus etc.

10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Do Online Homework For Others 4

A tutor who is interested to enroll on the site has to pass each subject exam he/she wants to work on. As a tutor, you can have the flexibility to choose the working hours. Yup creates schedules based on those hours. Of course, you can change those hours whenever required.

Yup pays their tutors based on their experiences, communication skills and content mastery. The payments are generally made on monthly basis through PayPal or direct deposit.

10. GeeklyLab

Although a very new entrant into the arena, GeeklyLab sounds promising in delivering value in the industry. As the homework market is growing fast, GeeklyLab has come up with good opportunities for freelancers to earn by online tutoring and homework solutions.

As a freelancer, you are free to work on academic solutions as per your convenience. GeeklyLab covers nearly 350+ courses extending a good opportunity for tutors to choose from the wide variety of subjects.

Though the site doesn’t give mention of the pay rates to their tutors, there is an opportunity to earn up to $20/hour.


Online assignment jobs from home or other online writing jobs are becoming an effective source of passive income. But before jumping into the freelance writing profession, it’s utterly important that you judge the credibility of the site from multiple sources.

Moreover, I would say rather than registering with one site, it’s better you work with multiple sites. That way you can have sufficient jobs to continue your profession.


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