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Freelance Graphic Design Jobs: 5 Sites To Start A Creative Career

By Gaurab Singha Roy
Last updated on 1st Oct 2017

Freelance graphic design jobs have opened up new opportunities to pursue a creative career. Nowadays, you can even make money by designing t-shirts with zero out-of-pocket cost. Most of us are going to end up designing custom t-shirts for ourselves and at max, for our friends.

Now, what if I tell you that you can make thousands of bucks out of online graphic designing jobs? And, not only the t-shirt, you can design anything and everything. Starting from mugs to cell phone covers to t-shirts, you can get into anything and everything.

Online Graphic Design Jobs

In this article, I’ll be sharing 5 websites that will help you start your creative career, giving you an exposure to millions of potential consumers throughout the globe. Along with that, I’ll be sharing the firsthand experience of using those platforms which will help you to choose a better creative career. is one of the oldest and well-developed of all websites providing freelance graphic design jobs. They allow you to sell and make money by designing t-shirts in a variety of ways. You can link your designed shirts straight to their selling interface or you can open up an exclusive digital storefront on their website only. Not only t-shirts but you can also design a variety of other things available on their website. For example, handbags, pillow covers and lot more.spreadshirt - creative career

Points to note:

  • Log onto and on the top right corner, you would see a login button. Then sign up and set up your seller profile and transaction options.
  • Finally, you can create your own virtual shop on their portal or you can release your products directly into their marketplace.
  • The virtual shop is an exclusive window that will only bear your own products. You can integrate it with your own website if you have one.
  • The instructions for integrating the shop are provided on their website. Otherwise, you can directly avail your products in their virtual marketplace where thousands of customers come to buy from their huge collection.

Authenticity: 5/5
Being one of the oldest, there is no doubt whether they are authentic or not. They will provide you with a large customer base to sell and if you are skilled enough to attract them your product sales will definitely see an astonishing height.

Ease of Access: 3.5/5
According to me, the interface and the design of the site are not properly structured. You can’t easily find something that you are looking for. They ask for too much personal information to get registered under their seller domain which was a bit annoying for me. But despite this, it can’t be said that it’s too clumsy. Once you get fully registered you can go for selling by directly uploading your vector designs.

Payout: 3.5/5
Starting a creative career is a challenging task. But has opened up a new dimension in freelance graphic design jobs. If your designs are good enough and follow a niche, you can get payouts of around $10-$15. And the minimum payout balance of $25 is pretty high in my opinion. It may seem good to you but the payout stays pending for days. And if you are thinking to make money by designing a t-shirt with, please be realistic. And to get anywhere, you will need to invest a lot of time and energy.

Also Read: Where To Find Online Jobs? is even older than This site was actually founded in 1999 and since then it is serving a large community by providing online graphic design jobs. They also offer designs on a variety of different products in addition to regular shirts. helps businesses to connect with customers and features several high-end clients. Hence it gives your creative career a flying start.Zazzle - online graphic design jobs

Points to note:

  • Log onto and on the top right corner, you would see a sell button on Then sign up and set up your seller profile and transaction options.
  • Finally, you can create your own virtual shop on their portal.
  • After registration, you will be able to sell right away. My first sale was as low as 35 cents but yet I would say that back then it was a better start for an amateur.
  • Your design should be unique and enough trendy in order to get your customer’s attention.
  • If you want to make money by designing a t-shirt, try to follow current events and trends. And the designs should be edgy and thought-provoking to sell the best.

Authenticity:5/5 is even older than The customer base is huge and always seems to expand in number and so as your creative career. If you can stir up the emotions within your consumers your sales are going to see a huge boom. And if you got expertise in a designing niche, you can even start your own brand out of it.

Ease of Access: 4/5 has a quite user-friendly interface. As soon as you click on the sell button you are provided with 3 different criteria such as designing, marketing or associates. If you are a designer and aspire to get online graphic design jobs with better ease then is the best option.

Payout: 4/5
Well, my first product got overall sales of $200 for a duration of around 6 months. But soon it started rising. To be specific, if you can follow a niche market such as designing Christmas holiday cards or t-shirts, you can earn a massive total of around $1500-$2000 in a single season.

Also Read: Online Jobs From Home: 5 Sites That Can Make You An Internet Entrepreneur presents itself in a slightly trendier way and has a different focus. In addition to providing freelance graphic design jobs, they also hold design contests and the winner gets as much as a $1000 cash prize. Then they reserve the rights to the design and sell them afterwards. They are doing it in a nice and simple way. You can also open virtual shops. They will provide you with a link for your shop bearing their URL extension. It’s quite easy and simple to start your creative career. Just upload and sell.Threadless - freelance graphic design jobs

Points to note:

  • You can open your own virtual shop and start uploading your products right away. Or you can participate in their designing challenges and earn cash prizes if you get to a winning position.
  • Follow their sales and marketing section in order to get a peek at their pricing.
  • You can also check out your payment info in this section and see the orders for your shop.
  • The design challenge of is one of the most interesting things offered by the website. It is the best way to showcase your talent and know your worth at the same time.
  • The decisions of whether to reject or approve a design are not based on viewer votes. It solely depends on the expert team of

Authenticity: 5/5
The business model that they have is quite impressive and you don’t have to worry about whether they are authentic or not. They are good at their service (from the point of view of both buyers and contributors). As the customer base is good, starting a creative career with is a lucrative option. And the platform is quite nice if you are looking to start a designing profession.

Ease of access: 4/5
Their website has a really impressive interface. Everything is systematic and well structured. You don’t have to search too much through their website to choose your appropriate destination. They will literally guide you step by step. They have divided each and every section in a proper way, making it quite user-friendly.

Payout: 3/5
When I was starting out, I put a handful of design on It’s a fun experience, but overall it kept me waiting for too long. You need to have a high voted shirt, as well as a thought-provoking idea to make money by designing t-shirts. Then only there might be a chance of getting it printed.

Advertisements is little more dedicated in the area of online graphic design jobs. They want you to set up a digital storefront and then sell as much as you can. There is no penalty for selling too little, but if you sell a lot, then you’ll get a bonus each month. This might be anywhere from 10% to a 30% bonus, and the rewards can actually get pretty huge.Cafepress

Points to note:

  • First, sign up and then set up your virtual shop here for free. Or as in and others, you can also sell your designs directly into their marketplace.
  • It’s important to create a themed shop that fits into a particular niche. Upload designs that are unique.
  • It is definitely your designing skills that are going to make you survive through your creative career. But if you are opting for a virtual shop, I’ll recommend you to learn some promoting skills as well.
  • has a lot of training schemes on how to promote your store. The key is having a targeted niche and getting your products/store in front of them.
  • If you sell $100 or more of base price items, you’ll earn an additional 10% of your total monthly sales. They offer multiple tiers of volume bonus which is the most convincing part for sellers.

Authenticity: 5/5
As mentioned, you get to set the markup on all of your products. lets you retain 100% of the markup per sale. They also offer bonuses for volume sales. Suppose you sell over $100 in a month ($100+ of base price only/not including markup) then you’ll receive a 10% bonus on your sales. Hence, there is no question about its authenticity.

Ease of access: 4/5
Those who are looking for online graphic design jobs may directly click on the “start selling” button at the top right corner of the site. The site is built in a well-organized way. Features are really good and attractive. For a new user, accessibility is the biggest question. And their interface lets you access your requirements in a quite guided manner. They are carrying a really well-planned web interface.

Payout: 4.5/5
It’s up to you to choose the markup ( the amount you make per sale) of your product. Suppose, a t-shirt may cost $20 to make, you can choose your markup, let’s say $5. The t-shirt sells in your store for $25. Every time your shirt sells, you’ll earn $5. The best part is their multiple tier volume bonus system on sales. The more you sell, the larger is the percentage of sales that you receive. is another site that does design contests. The rewards tend to be slightly less than, but still quite good for a person searching for freelance graphic design jobs. If you are a graphic designer and want to kick-start your creative career, then this could be a great platform for you. They ask you to submit a written idea for a design and will handle the rest. You’ll get paid a flat $100 if your idea is accepted.Design by Humans

Points to note:

  • It will give you a marketplace to sell your products and also let you open a storefront on their website.
  • They don’t do the printing job for you. I will suggest you go to a local printing partner for your designs and artworks.
  • The contests they hold for the designers are really awesome and a great place to showcase your talent.
  • The cash prize paid by is a bit less than

Authenticity: 4.5/5
They are not that old but they carry a lot of experience. Their customers are very happy with the product quality and service. They offer a large customer base that appreciates out of the box and classy designs. One thing that I didn’t like is, they will make you wait for days till they verify your designs and PayPal account. Only then you would be allowed to sell in their marketplace.

Ease of access: 3/5
The website interface is not user-friendly at all. It’s quite confusing for new visitors who are searching for online graphic design jobs to sell their work on this site. The website is structured from the point of view of buyers only. If you are a designer then go to the top right corner saying “Open A Store“. I guess it is because of the congested interface that they lack in dedicated freelance designers.

Payout: 3.5/5
Well, to be honest, I haven’t ever sold anything in their portal. But as I heard, the payouts that they offer are not too bad. But also not enough to get your bills paid. Though I have rated both and same the previous one is a bit better than this.


For any kind of business, the most important part is creating a customer base. And in freelance graphic design jobs being creative is always appreciated, but whether your creativity is good enough for the market, is a million-dollar question. There are thousands of websites and applications that provide a creative career and lets you make money by designing t-shirts. So if you are looking for genuine online graphic design jobs then these websites are some of the best platforms to showcase your talent.

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