25 Best Fiverr Gigs to Make Money: Amazing Fiverr Gig Ideas

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best fiverr gigs to make money

Best Fiverr gigs to make money are meant to give you a marketing advantage, working in your own niche. If you have a skill, any kind of skill that you think you can monetize or you are a wiz when it comes to arts and crafts then you are welcome to try out Fiverr.com and soon after starting to make money on Fiverr.

What Are Fiverr Gig Ideas?

A “gig” is basically your personal advertisement page on Fiverr, it is where you showcase the kind of product and/or services that you can provide. You can choose your gig from the list of all categories available on Fiverr. Basically, your gig should be something you are somewhat of an expert on, like a specific talent or skill.

You must then edit your profile by providing a photo and a bit of description about you and your services. In 150-300 characters, you may introduce yourself to the Fiverr community especially to potential buyers. After everything is set, you can always edit your gig or add a new one. In this article, I’ll provide you with some really cool Fiverr gig ideas that you can cash upon.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr.com is an online community of sorts where the members offer their talents and services to people all over the world, and prices start at five dollars, hence the name of the website. If you want to make money using your own unique and quirky skills, then you should join the Fiverr.com community right now.

How To Join Fiverr?

Setting up a Fiverr account is fast and simple. In less than five minutes, you can join the Fiverr community and start creating your first gig.  You can sign up for a free account in two ways.

You can either join using your Facebook account, or just provide your email, and then choose a unique username and password.

After signing up and providing a unique username, you can now decide what “gig” to launch first and make money on Fiverr.

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What Are The Best Fiverr Gigs To Make Money?

What’s unique about Fiverr.com, compared with other online freelance marketplaces, is that you can offer just any type of skill you can think of. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist for starting to make money on Fiverr.

From highly technical gigs like programming and software testing to fun gigs like impersonating celebrities and doing pranks, there’s an opportunity for everyone to make money.

With Fiverr, you can turn your hobby into money. Here is the list of the best Fiverr gigs to make money that would be the hot favourite in 2018:

1. Viral Promoter:

best fiverr gigs to make money

If you have a ton of Twitter followers or a bunch of Facebook Friends or are a member of Facebook Groups or other online organizations that have a ton of daily viewers, then this can be great for promoting other peoples blogs and videos, or even e-books. Making things viral is all that everyone wants and making it one of the best Fiverr gigs to make money.

2. Making Jewelry:

If you have the passion for making handmade gemstone necklaces or personalized bracelets, you can use it to make money on Fiverr. Sam, a jewelry business owner from the United States, uses her talent in making handmade bangles. You too can sell handmade jewelry without being an award-winning designer.

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3. Creating Gifts Out of Recycled Materials:

You can create magnets out of bottle caps, earrings out of guitar picks, ornaments out of cork, bead bracelet out of paper—there’s so much you can do with your old stuff. Just do it and impress your buyers. It may not be one of the best Fiverr gigs to make money but it is equally an effective Fiverr gig idea.

4. Drawing Cartoons:

If your favorite hobby is drawing or sketching, you can earn bucks out of it by selling it on Fiverr. Just make it extra creative, like drawing a caricature from a photo or creating a cute custom doodle for your buyer.

5. Designing Flyers, Leaflets and Postcards:

Fiverr gig ideas

If you are good in photoshop and illustrator, you can earn an instant $5 by creating an awesome flyer. You can also design a brochure for your buyer’s products. You may use Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher to create flyers, leaflets, and greeting cards.

6. Making Attractive Book Cover:

With the right tools and skills, you can earn bucks by designing book covers. Now that eBooks are very popular, you don’t have to print book covers anymore. Just learn about Photoshop and send your designs to a buyer.

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7. Getting More Likes And Followers For A Buyer:

Some people aim to increase their followers on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. Some also want to be popular on Facebook by getting more likes. If you know the strategies for increasing likes and followers, you can help them and get instant money in return.

8. WordPress Troubleshooter:

WordPress can be complicated for many, although it can come naturally and very easily to others. If you are one of these people, this could be an excellent opportunity to help others and make some extra cash for yourself. Best gig to make money on Fiverr cause expertise in this field is not everyone’s cup of tea.

9. Giving Tips To New Parents:

It is an advantage if you’re a family counselor by profession. But if you think you have a knack for giving advice about daycare safety for infants or toddlers, answering questions about breastfeeding, or creating a behavior plan for children, you can earn money out of it.

10. Impersonating Celebrities:

Think about mimicking Marilyn Monroe or Harry Potter for a personalized birthday e-greeting. If you also have the talent in doing character voices for greetings, you can use it to make money on Fiverr. You can make voice recordings using simple audio software and deliver the recording in MP3 format.

11. Proofreading and Editing:

If you have a talent for spotting errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation, you can use it to earn some money on Fiverr. To make yourself more convincing, you may provide a sample of your writing so a buyer could check out for your credentials.

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12. Virtual Assistant:

One of my all-time favorite Fiverr gig ideas is virtual Assistants. These jobs are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for them is growing each year. If you choose to do this gig it could include things such as data entry, creating emails, and research, or any other related task.

13. Transcribing Audio Files:

For $5, you can transcribe a 10-minute audio or video file into a text document. You can also add a table of your rates depending on the length of an audio or a video in your gig description.

For example, a 30 to 40-minute audio file is equivalent to four gigs (or gig-extras – which can be added after 30 days). That’s an easy $20 and it is one of the best Fiverr gigs to make money.

14. Song Writing:

Write a melody, record a song, or just help a buyer finish his own composition can earn you instant money. Just ready your instrument and your talent in composing original music.

15. Article Writing:

best fiverr gigs to make money

If you want some real best Fiverr to make money upon, then you should definitely try article writing. This has become very popular recently – especially for people who are trying to attract more people to their website (e.g. affiliate marketers). If writing comes naturally to you, this could be a good one for you. See the killer blog writing tips for better performance.

16. Making Custom Ringtones:

If you can create a one of a kind iPhone ringtone or record a ringtone as a celebrity or in a foreign accent, you can sell them on Fiverr. A 45-second personalized ringtone with music and vocals can fetch $5. Such Fiverr gig ideas are great to cash upon.

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17. Financial Consulting:

Give professional accounting advice, help a buyer draft his budget for two months, or give advice for alternative business funding options. If you want to make money on Fiverr, this is the best gig in the house for you.

Marty, a top rated seller on Fiverr uses his business expertise in helping people start and build the company of their dreams. If you also know a thing or two about business or financial management, you can use it as an advantage in making a sale on Fiverr.

18. Logo Designing:

If you are skilled at making logo’s or designs, then this is a huge opportunity for you every business needs a logo – and if you can offer one inexpensively and top-quality, you can make a lot of money (especially once you pass the 30-day make and add Gig-Extras). This very skill is the all-time highly rated best Fiverr gigs to make money.

19. Fortune Telling:

Give a personal horoscope report for 2014, a tarot card reading, or answer one psychic question. You may use your good predictive knowledge on different aspects such as love, marriage, and career. If you have done a certified course only then go for this. Otherwise, it won’t be a great decision to for this Fiverr gig idea to make money on Fiverr.

20. Social Marketing:

Fiverr gig Ideas

You can help a buyer to promote his link worldwide or help monetize his LinkedIn for 10 minutes a day. You can help a buyer to get more traffic for his website. Social marketing also covers mentioning a blog on your own blog, doing web analytics, and creating fan pages for a buyer.

21. Photoshop Editing:

Use Photoshop in removing backgrounds in images, retouching a picture, or giving photos a digital makeover. A free version of Photoshop can be downloaded online but you can buy a full version of Photoshop if you want to use it for your freelancing business.

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22. Creating Video Greetings:

Sing happy birthday in a sexy voice, create a happy birthday video featuring a puppet, or act like a knight for Valentine’s video message. Even these simple techniques can attract the buyers and will shoot up your sale.Creating videos is always one of the best Fiverr gigs to make money because they are more engaging to the audience.

23. Producing Video Tutorials:

Make a step-by-step video tutorial about a certain topic like applying makeup for specific occasions. Through video, you can also give advice on how to find instant from stress or ideas for modeling and acting. If you want to make money on fiver, again this is one of the great Fiverr gig ideas.

24. Advertising:

It can be as simple as wearing a company shirt and taking a photograph of you wearing it. Or, act like a model while holding a fan sign for a certain company. Just think of creative ways to endorse a product and you’re all set. Advertising is that section that attracts the marketers from all different field and hence one of the best Fiverr gigs to make money.

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25. Writing Reviews:

This is one of the most interesting gigs there is. Just give your opinion on a certain topic and get paid. At Fiverr, you can offer to review a client’s book, app, or just any kind of product you can think of. Aside from writing you can also take a video of you sharing your opinion on a certain topic or subject.


There is something for everybody. Whatever your talent is, go ahead and get started today with it and I recommend doing something you are not only good at but enjoy doing as well because then it won’t even feel like work. Right?

Setting up a gig is essential but make sure that you are good at what you are offering. Take yourself to the point where you will be able to talk about like an expert. While Fiverr is all about micro jobs where you can sell any possible skill you can think of, remember that you’re still in a big marketplace and the competition here is tight so you need to make yourself stand apart from the others.

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