Deeptie Sethi, a Communications Specialist and Co-Founder of CompliMentors, is helping thousands of students and professionals to succeed in their lives. She tells us more about her newly founded venture in interaction with Priyanka Sharma of Bihog Infomedia.

Please give a brief about the mentorship program you are running?

Imagine a world where every person had access to that life-changing connection, a trusted – advisor who one could lean on, learn from, and rely upon. Learning from more experienced and seasoned professionals who are – passionate to guide the younger generation which helps them to avoid making mistakes early on in their careers and provides an opportunity to fast track their growth.

that unemployment rate due to Covid-19 lockdown in India alone in January 2020 was 6.6 percent, which rose to 26.2 percent by April this year.

CompliMentors was conceived and designed to make this world a better place and help individuals and businesses to thrive by curating meaningful mentoring relationships. We are a purpose-driven technology platform that aims to empower people to help them realize their full potential and achieve greater success through customized mentoring.

A mentee may face situations, where he feels stuck and needs help in his professional or personal journey, looking for relevant solutions to their specific challenges. For example, when one is confused about a career stream choice, or finds challenges in their professional work or is looking to chart a new path as an entrepreneur. At CompliMentors, they are paired up with a mentor to gain personal and professional wisdom, practical guidance to fast forward their learning curve, with advice from real people with real experiences, not often found in textbooks.

It’s been 6 months since the lockdown was implemented. How did you change your program during this time?

People are feeling increasingly overwhelmed and disoriented by things happening around them, upheavals due to the pandemic, unrest due to unemployment and other changes sweeping the world due to Covid-19 outbreak. There is constant fear amidst professionals and students about internships, jobs, layoffs and pay cuts apart from well-being. In their minds, myriads of questions about careers, employment opportunities are rising on how to tackle this uncertainty. A report from Statista, a leading statistics global company, showed that unemployment rate due to Covid-19 lockdown in India alone in January 2020 was 6.6 percent, which rose to 26.2 percent by April this year.

Since the start of the Covid period, confusion was growing multifold, coupled with students feeling more anxious. For example, a lot of news came that some publications have wound or downscaled their operations and that put a question in the minds of students pursuing fields like communications, journalism, marketing. We launched a campaign called TalkItOut inviting hundreds of students and young professionals to ask those burning questions from experts. We brought a career counsellor, PR experts and journalist to talk and share their perspectives. The response was overwhelming.

CompliMentors is not a typical career counselling service or platform, but we have a gold mine of experienced professionals with an average work experience of more than 20 years. We have a diverse pool of over 35 globally accomplished growth mentors with more than 30 different kinds of skills or domain knowledge. These experienced leaders have taken both successes and failures in their stride, seen businesses and economies go through rough patches, witnessed fallouts and rebounds, stress and strengths of employees during times of crisis. Mentors have the experiences you can learn from to prevent making the same mistakes beginners make.

How do you see the future of digital education in India?

Digital education was always there but Covid-19 accentuated both the need and innovation behind it. The situation has brought a new impetus to take the execution of digital education to the grassroots level, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 markets. Out of the chaos, new energy and creativity will be motivating people like never before to push the boundaries to find a solution and make digital literacy a realism. But we must not write-off the significance of physical education. Both these mediums will co-exist as greater normalcy is restored and is legit a right of every Indian student.

What are your future plans?

We are excited about the initial response which is encouraging, and we are bullish about our growth plans. We offer three types of mentoring opportunities, career mentoring program, executive mentoring program and business mentoring program

We are looking to collaborate with schools, universities and corporate houses to share our mission to pass on the knowledge and help fast forward individual’s growth. From exclusive one-on-one mentor time, we offer interesting yet practical concepts about employability skills through workshops, webinars, leadership talks, research projects and shadow the expert programs – making mentoring a tool to accomplish success.

Importantly, formal mentoring is fundamental to sustainable education as a bigger opportunity. We have to change the mindset of parents and children alike. Earlier mentorship or guidance was heavily guided by community choices and influenced by immediate family members or well-wishing teachers.

The youngsters today are much smarter to find their ‘known circles of influence’ but they seem to put up a wall, feign not listening or be outright rebellious when it comes to making well-informed life, career decisions aided by their natural advisors. This is where most conflict arises. And that’s where an experienced and vetted mentor can possibly step in and break the firewall. It also saves valuable time to make a more informed decision with the ‘right confidant’.

Millennials are a very different consumption group. The amount of information this generation has access to is fabulous. They are more opinionated, with a lot more exposure and will accept nothing without first questioning it. Therefore, in matters of mentoring we may have to analyze user demographics and behaviour and inundate them with worthy experiences that they can relate, value and feel comfortable with. The matchmaking, finding the right mentor is as crucial as the overall experience.

Any other information you would like to give?

We feel fortunate that CompliMentors platform is the need of the hour and just in time. The wealth of information, knowledge, expertise and wisdom is our differentiator. It’s about real people from the real world, many of whom have international exposure and hand-on experiences. We offer domain experts with top skills in fields such as Armed Services, Marketing, Digital Media, Public Relations, Sales, Legal Affairs, Information Technology, Human Resources, Advertising, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, Fashion Design and Art.

Besides, academic skills, let’s be cognizant that the Emotional Intelligence (EI) revolution is taking shape and an uncertain future can scare people. There are enough stories about how successful leaders are prioritizing Emotional Intelligence Quotient over Intelligence Quotient to achieve efficiency. Our mentors can be the guide in a mentee’s emotional journey, especially at times like these.

At CompliMentors, we want to democratize mentoring to bring about a positive change. When the intent with which a mentor and mentee approach something like this, it is highly powerful and makes the relationship transformational and not transactional between them.