Since the last decade, the Education Industry has witnessed a sea change at least in terms of technology usage. And with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the transformation is becoming more visible.

The change is not confined to a place or community, but visible around the world. Like all people, students had to adapt to a new way of daily functioning. Depending on the country, more or less rigorous protocols and rules are established to be followed.

For the past couple of months, the way of life has dramatically changed. Now, as an adaptable species, we have to reorganize ourselves, our habits, and our routines. The same is with the students, of course. It can be said they have forgotten how it is to get up early and go to school.

Instead, they are having online classes to stay up to date with the lessons. Such new rules brought some new trends. So, let’s see what are those trends and how they will transform education in the upcoming months.

1. The Use Of Virtual Reality

One of the trends that will surely be used to transform education systems is the use of virtual reality. Days, when teachers are writing all the valuable data on the blackboard, are slowly but certainly coming to an end.

The use of virtual reality implies the use of artificial intelligence. It has proven to be a truly beneficial way of learning for the students. It can encourage them to go and search beyond their limits and learn things they thought that never will be able to master.

Another part of an education that will be changed by an AI is the testing and getting grades. This technology provides a much quicker checking of the assignments than the human brain ever could. It uses different algorithms that process the data in a few seconds.

Also, it must not be forgotten that AI can help in solving the students’ possible issues much faster. The process of identification of those problems is on a totally different level than before. That’s why it can be so useful for the students’ improvement and faster development of their skills.

2. Blockchains

Since the growth of cryptocurrencies has become noticeable, the use of blockchains did too. It represents a sort of register that is connected by utilizing the cryptocurrency. You probably wonder how it can be useful for educational purposes, right?

Well, it can be, even more than you could possibly imagine. How? The use of the blockchains can be related to the diplomas mostly. The characters that can be equipped on each blockchain provides a much better solution than a simple duplicate of diplomas. The best use of the blockchain in education can be seen in the fast evaluation of grades.

Simply put, students can send the link of their works and get an almost immediate reply and grade on it. It is especially beneficial for students who are about to graduate. They can send the link of their data to the person who can hire them. By the use of blockchains, they can easily check whether the student has all the suitable qualifications or not.

3. The Use Of Robots

Unfortunately, almost every school or college in the world has students with special needs. They are often limited in terms of providing a social impact, learning, and the use of motoric functions in general. Besides, some of the students can have mental disorders and not physical ones. But luckily, with the help of technology and its features, robots can be extremely useful for students of this kind.

The best example of the robots that have found their purpose in education is probably Siri, made by Apple Inc. It is a smart robotic system that is programmed to use voice orders. Students who are struggling with sight or have some illness that affected their functioning of the hand fingers can find their salvation in the use of such smart robots.

4. Online Assignment Writing

Though not a very old one, but online assignment writing services has seen a sharp rise in recent years. Students are remotely seeking help from online tutors or freelancers school or college assignments, university research papers, homework etc. There are hundreds of websites or application providing these services across multiple disciplines. Expertwriting is one of such online assignment writing websites doing it for a couple of years.

In the coming years, this would see some new peaks extending supports to newer fields. The credit for such popularity goes not only to the students but the tutors and freelancers who find a legitimate source of earning through their online jobs.

5. Watching Education Videos

As the EdTech has become more involved in students’ lives, the way they are collecting the data has transformed. In 2021, watching video streams and clips will be a part of the learning for the students. It is fair to say that YouTube became an application without which many people can’t live. Now it represents a part of their everyday routines.

Students got bored of reading the sentences that often can be hard to understand because of their length or complexity. It is a very useful way of getting the appropriate information for the students to watch the video on a big screen and write down all they think is important.

Watching those videos implies the use of smart devices like TVs, phones, or screens that can backup such technology. However, the truth is that many schools are keeping the steps with the technology and trying to ensure all the necessary devices to their students.

6. Learning Online

If some of the trends stand out amongst all the ones that will be used in 2021, it is probably online learning. All students need to do in order to attend some online course is meeting the deadline.

Nowadays, students have the luxury of having a flexible time of learning by using this method. They are oftentimes struggling with communication and interaction with their teachers. All of that can be improved and brought to a much higher level just by learning online.

Students can arrange a meeting with their teachers through applications that can offer video chats like Skype or any other social media. This way, they will lose a well-known stage fright which they usually get when they stand in front of the blackboard too.


All in all, EdTech will undoubtedly bring something new and exciting to the educational system. Everything in life gets to the point when a change is inevitable and necessary to maintain high quality. Technology sometimes reminds us of the relationship between a man and a woman. It is full of surprises and unpredictable things. The most important thing is that it is useful and surely can improve the way of learning and development of students’ personalities.