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How to Place an Assignment Order?

The students can follow the below-mentioned steps that are quite simple to get their assignment done by expert writers.

  1. Go the official website of “Do My Essay,” i.e.,
  2. Place your order by filling the order form. In the form, you can mention your essay requirements and any other detail which you find is important for the writer to know. Once the form is complete, submit the form.
  3. They will choose a suitable writer for you on the basis of parameters like the experience of the writer, the background, availability of the writer, etc. You can be assured of the fact that they will select the best writer for you.
  4. The next step, which is a completely optional step, is that students can ask for sample essays of 3 writers for an affordable amount of $5 wherein the previous work of the writers will be shared with the students. This will help you select the best writer for yourself.
  5. A TAT will be shared with you when the work of writing the essay is in progress. During this time, you can easily communicate with the writers selected for/by you and can share any additional information or idea if you wish to share the same.
  6. The essay will be delivered to you before the deadline, which is not just random content, but high quality and creatively written essay.

Simple! Isn’t it?

What Benefits You Get from “Do My Essay”?

Getting your essays written from an online writing service provider has a lot of benefits. When you choose “Do My Essay” for getting your essays written, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You can be sure about the fact that your essay will have high-quality content, as they do not compromise on the quality of the content they share.
  • It saves you a lot of time for other important activities of your life.
  • Since you get the essays written from experts, you can use their knowledge to improve your writing skills.
  • The essay with high-quality content will be delivered to you before the deadline.
  • Since you know that you are going to get good quality work from expert writers and within the stipulated time, you can stay free of stress.
  • The essays and papers submitted by them are not only of excellent quality but are plagiarism-free as well.
  • They can help you with every kind of academic paper like management essays, cause-effect essay, APA essay, MLA essay, Critical essay, and much more.
  • The delivery of the essays is quick, and also you can have a one-on-one conversation with your writer and can get last-minute changes done by them.
  • The content delivered by the writers meets the highest academic standard, and hence you can be sure of the fact that the essay delivered will be legit.

How are Writers at “Do My Essay” selected?

All the writers at “Do My Essay” are professionals and experts in the field of writing. The students can stay assured of the fact that the writers at “Do My Essay” are capable of meeting even the most complicated deadlines without compromising on the quality of the work. This ensures that you stay completed satisfied with the result being delivered to you.

  • Writers at “Do My Essay” come from all over the world from countries like UK, US, India, Australia, Germany, and many other countries around the world.
  • All the writers need to pass a 4-hour online test, which is conducted to judge their command on the English language and their awareness about different citation styles.
  • The writers are also required to submit sample papers for the purpose of assessment.
  • Not only this, but there is also a monthly check which is conducted twice a month to keep up with the quality of the work.
  • There is regular training that is conducted for the writers so that they stay updated about different writing techniques and skills.
  • Apart from expert writers, there are also proofreading and editing experts to keep a check on the quality of the work done by the writers. This team of proofreaders and editors is selected on the basis of their experience, integrity, qualification, and expertise in the field of generating timely content for the satisfaction of their clients.

Services Offered and Pricing

You can get different types of essays written like Definition essays, psychology essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, and many more based on your requirement.

Apart from essay writing, there are additional services offered by them, which include the following:

  • Book Reports
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Book Review
  • Homework
  • Dissertations
  • Personal Statements
  • Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Speeches
  • Thesis

When talking about the price, the price for academic level essays ranges from $14 to $40, which varies as one moves from high school essays to Ph.D. assignments.

For writing jobs of approximately 30 pages long, the prices can vary from $10 to as high as $72.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

The samples delivered by the writers at “Do My Essay” are original as they are built from scratch and hence are free of any plagiarism.

They use anti-plagiarism software with high accuracy to ensure that the sample shares are of top quality and comprise of original content. They keep a check of the fact that no content or data is a direct copy-paste from a source.

Also, they keep a note and check other forms of plagiarism like a paraphrasing of the content, using synonyms, whether the content is original or rearranged if it is a substitution of voice from active voice to passive voice or vice-versa.

Money-Back Guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with the order delivered to you, you can cancel your order and get your money refunded. Most of the companies in the industry of academic writing either do not offer this facility or use it just as marketing propaganda but fail to keep up to their promises.

“Do My Essay” gives you the right to cancel your request at any point and get your money back irrespective of the stage in which your order happens to be.

The refund requests are processed within a short span of 3-4 business days. However, in case there is a cancellation in the order on the basis of the quality of the work, the refund can take 14 days to get processed.

Revision Policy and Quick Delivery

In case you are not satisfied with the deliverables, you can always get them revised. The writers at “Do My Essay” are always ready to revise their work if it fails to meet your expectations. The best part is that the revision is free of cost, which means you need not pay any extra amount for getting them revised.

However, there are certain terms you need to follow when applying for the revision of the content delivered, which are:

  1. The instructions at the time of revision cannot be changed and should remain similar to the initial instructions conveyed by you.
  2. You should submit your request for revision through the request revision button, which is on your personal order page.
  3. You need to request for the revision either before the order is approved or within a period of 7 days after initial approval of the order. In case you request the revision after 7 days of approval, then you will have to pay an extra amount of money.

The company has also launched progressive delivery for managing large and complex orders. In this case, the clients are also updated about the work in progress from time to time. It has the following advantages:

  • The paper is delivered to you gradually as an when the work is completed.
  • The amount you need to pay can be broken into parts, and hence you need not require paying a lump sum amount.
  • You are assigned a personal manager who is responsible for managing and handling your order.
  • You are given a personal schedule to save your time.
  • The paper is revised free of cost within a period of 21 days from initial approval.
  • It minimizes the risk of getting low-quality paper.

However, this feature of progressive delivery is only available for papers exceeding a total price of $ 600 and a deadline of 7-10 days.


“Do My Essay” provides a variety of services to its clients to choose from based on their needs. The clients get the best quality of work done by the expert writers who are well versed in their writing skills. The company also takes note that the knowledge and skills of writers are updated on a continuous basis for which the writers are trained and reassessed every month.

The best way to get the original and plagiarism free content from the writers is to place the order as early as possible. This gives the writers an ample amount of time to generate good paper/essay for you. The added benefit that the clients get is that they can cancel the order and ask for a refund on sound grounds if they are not satisfied with the deliverables and get their money back.