DesignEvo Review: Best or Worst Online Logo Making Software?

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DesignEvo Review - Best or Worst Online Logo Maker_

Looking for a logo making software that doesn’t require professional design expertise?

Does a leading design-software like Adobe Illustrator gives you a nightmare?

Well, then I must say that you ended up in the right place. In this post, I’ll be introducing you to DesignEvo by making a super detail review on it.

Before starting the review, I would like to ask you a simple question?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘Apple’?

Apple Logo Vs Apple Fruit

Exactly !!

8 out of 10 will end up imagining the image of Apple, which is the Logo of the Apple company. This is the example of how strong a brand can be.

And the most important and integral part of a brand is the logo.

If you mess up with your logo at the very beginning, you will end up making your brand a pretty ordinary one. And after that, it will be really difficult for you in order to establish your company at a greater level.

So should you go with a cheap online logo making software like DesignEvo or rather hire some professional logo designer who may charge you Hundreds of Dollars?

Difficult isn’t it? Let’s find out what’s best for you…

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online logo making software that you can use for making logos, depending on the industry you belong to.

It’s a cloud-based software that lets you create minimalistic logos over the internet.  Their interface is quite user-friendly and helps you design a logo within 30 minutes.

Features that DesignEvo has:

  • A Huge library of never-ending icons.
  • Drag and drop logo making platform.
  • Easy to use user-interface.
  • 6000+ prebuilt templates for you to edit.
  • Hundreds of Fonts to style up your logo name.

How to Make Online Logos with DesignEvo:

#Step 1:

Log on to DesignEvo or download their app and simply start with “Make Free Logos”. Though it’s not “FREE”

DesignEvo - Screenshot 1

#Step 2:

After following step 1, you will land on the Template section where you’ll be allowed to choose a template from their 6000+ collection.

DesignEvo - Screenshot 2

There are several categories listed on the left-hand side section. Choose as per your requirement.

#Step 3:

After choosing your desired category, choose your desired logo template.

DesignEvo - Screenshot 3

#Step 4:

After completing step 3, you’ll land on the canvas section, where you can edit your chosen design logo template as you like.

DesignEvo - Screenshot 4

On the extreme left, there is a tab that lets you choose whatever design you want to add on your logo template.

Next to that is the Font styling section where you get various fonts to style up your logo name.

And after that when you are finished with the designing, just go to the top-right corner and tap the download button.

DesignEvo Pricing:

I had been screaming out loud that you can create logos for free and yes you can but to a certain extent.

Every application is free to a certain extent, and DesignEvo is no exception which is good in my opinion.

DesignEvo - Screenshot 4

If you are using the logo on commercial websites than it’s recommended to buy the copy of your logo by paying for it one time.

Free Version:

In the free plan, you can download unlimited logos, but you’ll get low-resolution images and PNG files with no transparent background. I don’t know why they are not providing even the basic logo features in their free version.

Basic Version:

The Basic plan comes with a one time charge of $19.99 wherein you get super high quality 5000 x 5000 pixels logo, PNG logos with a transparent background, unlimited revisions, and lifetime support.

Plus Version:

The Plus plan comes with a price tag of $39.99/one time. Trust me it’s the best value for money. I personally used their plus plan, and it’s good. But $40 for such OK-ish looking logos? Not worth it !!

Yes, you get super high-quality 5000 x 5000 pixel images, lifetime support, unlimited revisions, copyright free image, vector and SVG files, but still, it’s not even near the software like Adobe Illustrator or any of its kind.

The Final Verdict:

1. 6000+ Logo Templets:

In terms of variety, they are really good. 6000+ templates are enough for you to start designing your logo

2. Easy to Use Interface:

The user interface is a simple Drag and Drop, hence making it super easy for you, if you are not equipped with creative design skills.

3. Hundreds of Fonts and Icons:

Their huge collection of icons and font styles makes it really easy for you to design a super cool logo starting from scratch.

4. Not so reasonable Pricing:

The one thing that disappointed me the most is their pricing. Their Free version doesn’t even include transparent background PNG images.

And I fell that even after charging $20 and $40 for their Basic and Plus versions respectively, they are not providing enough features.

5. Major Problems:

One of the most important features of an online logo making software is to let your customers upload their own designs if they have one. DesignEvo doesn’t have that single most important feature.

Suppose you have a pre-made logo design which you want to edit further in order to make it more appealing.

Well, guess what, the developers of DesignEvo somehow forgot to include this very important feature on their online logo maker.

Not only that. When you compare such online logo making software with the other leading software like Adobe Illustrator, you miss out the functionality of tools like ‘pen-tool’

Pen-tool is one of the most versatile tools in the logo making industry that gives you enough freedom to take your logo design to the next level.

If you are not so familiar with pen-tool, visit how to use a pen tool in photoshop for more details.


Before starting my review on DesignEvo – Logo Maker, I asked you a simple question that…

Whether you should go with a cheap online logo making software like DesignEvo or rather hire some professional logo designer who may charge you Hundreds of Dollars?

The answer is; if you are serious about your Business and want to develop a Brand name for your company, go and hire a Professional Logo Maker.

It may initially cost you $200-$300 but trust me, it’s worth the future of your company’s Brand.

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