How To Create Backlinks For Blog: 12 Best Blog Directory For Starters

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The success of a blog depends on multiple factors. There’s no doubt about the content quality that primarily effects your blog popularity. But, what’s the use, if not properly optimised for search engines. Backlinks work great for SEO. Learn how to create backlinks for blog. Find the list of best blog directory.

How to Create Backlinks For Blog

In one of my previous blogs, I shared my blogging experience with the readers. Off late blogging as a profession has earned its recognition. Every day new bloggers are emerging, thanks to our technological ease, like WordPress, Blogspot etc. But do you know how many blogs persist? Mostly it is seen that a blog dies midway before it starts earning.

Though there are many factors responsible for such a failure, today I will be highlighting the backlinking aspects of a blog SEO. In next five minutes of reading, you will learn why backlinking is important and where from you can achieve those backlinks.

Why is Backlinking Important?

Say, you have gone for a job interview. And as usual, other candidates are also in the queue and are at the same stature. What is the percentage that you will be selected? Obviously, you don’t know. But what if you have had a reference from a person of a good repute. In such a scenario, the chances of getting your job are higher than other candidates.

The same logic works in SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) too. These backlinks work as your reference. The more good quality backlinks you have, your chances of getting high rank in the search engine results page are prominent. It took me time to understand the things. Hence I would advise the newbie bloggers to devote their quality time in gathering backlinks from the very first day.

Study Conducted by MOZ

In its study conducted by Moz, some amazing facts came into notice. Out of the top results in Google search, it was found that 99.2% websites had at least one external link. It was vivid from the study that there was hardly any website without an external link, ranked in Google search results.

Moreover, 77.8% of the top results had at least one external link pointed to the page appearing in the searched results. To cut the long story short, external links or backlinks are vital to the SEO success of the site.

What Are The Sources of Backlinks?

You’ll find writers suggest you accumulate backlinks from other good quality sites. Now how to judge the good quality? Generally, what I do, I check the ranks in Alexa Ranking Tool and Domain Authority (DA) by Moz. The higher the rank, the higher the DA, the good the website is.

But believe me, I also judge things based on my common sense. A site may not have that high rank or high DA today, does not vouch that it wouldn’t outperform in the future. In fact, a backlink from a low ranking but a promising site, have chances of adding great value to the site in the future.

Moreover, it is not always easy to get backlinks (do-follow) from high ranked sites. At best you can get some backlinks from their comments section which are 99.99% no-follow backlinks. That means even if you managed to get those comments backlinks, they will not add up your value. Coz, search engines like Google, Bing etc. are instructed not to follow those links.

How to Write A Blog?

Content is the king. No SEO will work if your blog is dull and unattractive. Learn the essential tips to attracts blog visitors.

How to Get Backlinks?

Accumulating backlinks from high ranked websites is not an easy job, but not an impossible job either. If you are a newbie in the blogging universe, it would take time for you acquire knowledge and experience in blog writing and presentation. At that stage getting selected by the high ranked sites are quite dim. So, better you should try some alternative sources that will give you good and credible external links or backlinks.

12 Best Blog Directories

Here I would like to cite some Blog Directories where you can index your blog and get some quality traffic and backlinks. Gathering such a list requires considerable hours of browsing. Here’s the list:

Well, this is not an exhaustive list. There are many more directories providing such type of services across the platform.

Be Careful

The list cited above is quite a reliable source of accumulating backlinks or external links to your blog. But there are many directories or sites, linking to which may be penalised by the search engines. In most of the cases, such sites are involved in activities like spamming the net or routing malicious links.

Before dropping your link on any website, it is aptly advisable to see its credibility, primarily by Alexa Ranking and DA Score by MOZ. In different situations, you’ll find some websites that are selling links for money, it is better to avoid them (even if they have high ranks).


The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), say for Google doesn’t solely depend on backlinks or external links. The algorithm is certainly developed in such a way that not a single factor overshadows other factors. Every element has its influence within a specified limit. But as studied by MOZ, external links certainly has more correlation with Google ranks than any other factors.

Remember, quality backlinks or external links has two-way benefits. One, better search ranking (though some people try to belittle this factor) and number two get ample traffic from such links. So whatever be your reason is good external links always add values to the site.

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