The Andrew Yule Group

The Andrew Yule Group

Andrew Yule celebrated its centenary year in 1963. However, the post-1963 era had been a period of dramatic change both in the structural fabric and fortunes of the Company. The managing agency system was abolished in 1969, coal and insurance were nationalized, jute business was sold in the early 70s and the Group shrunk considerably. There was a great deal of uncertainty about the future of the Company. It was in this background that the Government of India decided to acquire its 49% foreign shareholdings to provide stability to the organization. The government subsequently acquired another 2% from the market and thus, Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. became a public sector enterprise in 1979.

The present business of the Andrew Yule Group includes Tea, Electrical, Engineering, Lubricant, Printing, Digital Communication, etc. Various changes in the economic situation as well as socio-economic conditions for 150 years could never dampen the tradition and heritage of the Company.

Industry: Manufacturing

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