Special Purpose Vehicle Society (SPVS)

Special Purpose Vehicle Society (SPVS)

The Society functions as the apex implementing and coordinating organization for the integrated Development of the Areas affected by the diversion of 116.589 Ha of land in Nongtrai, Shella, East Khasi Hills District and to work on the issues relating to various socio-economic, environmental, skil-based and cultural development. The aims and objectives of the Society can be found here (Memorandum of Association).

The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Society is a Society registered under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act 1983. The Society was created by the Special Purpose Vehicle Committee for implementing development schemes which include education, health, agriculture, irrigation and general economy in the area around the mining area now under operation by the Lafarge–Umiam Mining Pvt. Ltd. The operation of the Society covers those Elakas and villages within a perimeter distance of 50 km from the mining area. The area of operation coincides more or less with the Umiam-Shella river basin bordering Bangladesh. Being a river basin in the hilly area the topography of the area consists of gorges, steep and stony lands with streams and hill ranges criss- crossing it.

Website: http://spvsmeghalaya.org/
Industry: Public Administration

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