Publications Division of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (India)

Publications Division of Min. of I & B

Publications Division is a repository of books and journals highlighting subjects of national importance and India’s rich cultural heritage. Established in 1941, Publications Division has emerged as a premier publishing house of the Government of India.

Besides books, the Publications Division also publishes 17 monthly journals, which include Yojana in English, Hindi and 11 other languages, Kurukshetra (English and Hindi), Bal Bharati (Hindi) and Aajkal (Hindi and Urdu).

Employment news is the flagship weekly job journal of Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It was launched in 1976 with a view to providing information on employment and career guidance opportunities to the youth of the country who are seeking jobs or better career options. The job journal is published in English, Hindi (Rozgar Samachar) and Urdu (Rozgar Samachar).


Industry: Information Media & Telecommunication

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