Planning And Development Department, Bihar

Planning And Development Department, Bihar


Planning & Development Department is one of the most important and key departments for the Plan Formulation, Implementation, and Policy Determination. The scope of duties & responsibilities has been increased significantly in the present scenario of the development.

Bihar State Planning Board, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Directorate of Evaluation, Local Area Engineering Organization, Bihar Apda Punarwas Evam Punarnirman Society (BAPEPS), Bihar Local Area Development Agency, and Bihar Statistical System Development Agency are the important wings of this department.

For the all-round development of the state, formulation of Five Years Plans and Annual Plans, the sectoral and department wise distribution of Financial Outlay, to get the approval on the Proposal received from the various department through “Lok Vitt Samiti” and monitoring of the physical & financial progress of various schemes are some important duties of this department.

Industry: Public Administration

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