Odisha Public Service Commission

Odisha Public Service Commission


The Origin of the Public Service Commission in India is found in the First Dispatch of the Government of India on Indian Constitutional Reforms on March 5, 1919 which referred to the need for setting up some permanent office charged with the regulation of service matters. The functions of the Public Service Commission were not laid down in the Government of India Act, 1919, but were regulated by the Public Service Commission (Functions).

Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) was constituted on 1 April, 1949 after its bifurcation from the former Bihar and Odisha Joint Public Service Commission. At the time of creation, the OPSC had three Members, including a Chairman. The membership increased to five in 1979 and further increased to six in 1996. The Commission building consists of ground floor and three upper floors, as at present. Subsequently, Guest Room cum Library building has been built and added to the complex in 2010. Existing cycle stand behind the main building has been renovated and converted into Record Room. On top of the Record Room, an Evaluation Hall has been created on 18th October 2017 to accommodate all examiners for centralized evaluation process within the Commission.

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