Nabinchandra College, Badarpur

Nabinchandra College, Badarpur


The beautiful and well-built Nabinchandra College, Badarpur that stands impressively in the heart of Badarpur town had its beginning in the late 1960s. The people of those years faced many a problem in sending their children for higher education to Karimganj or Silchar as there was no college between these two towns lying fifty-five kilometers apart. Distance, money, wastage of time, and poor communication facilities were the chief hurdles that made them think about an alternative arrangement. The result was the unanimous decision of setting up a college at Badarpur. This noble idea soon acquired flesh and bones through the selfless and untiring efforts of the people of all walks of life in the form of a college in 1969. The sweat and blood of the then staff, students, and the general public helped in laying a strong foundation and in nurturing the newborn educational institution.

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